coiot8dvmaaxexc-e1469806494741What the hell is going on? Half of America seems to have gone mad. Donald Trump won the election and about half of America, confident the election was conducted in an unremarkable manner, have already gone about their daily lives, but not the progressive half-ish. Oh, they’re also confident it was conducted in an unremarkable manner—not that they’ll ever explicitly admit that—but they will not—cannot—go about their daily lives. They must have recounts that give Trump an even wider winning margin than he had before the recount. They try to damage our republic by subverting the electoral college. They have to have investigations into Russian hacking. Trump might do this, someone who knows Trump might have done that decades ago, or said this, or might be friends with Vladimir Putin. Trump is nominating people for cabinet positions that will actually enforce the law and run their agencies as they were designed and intended to be run. Look! A Squirrel!

What the hell is going on?

Progressivism—leftism, socialism, communism, etc.—is non-falsifiable. Progressive philosophy, policies, thinking, everything even remotely associated with progressivism, is perfect. It is perfect because it is dreamed up by the self-imagined elite, people who, by virtue of where they went to college, their associations, their refined appetites and taste, and their enlightened morality and superior intellects, are uniquely qualified not only to know what is best for others and society in general, but have been chosen to hand down the word and the law and enforce it as they see fit.


They, you see gentle readers, are on the right side of history, which gives them near-divine leave to run the country and the lives of their countrymen. I say “near-divine” because progressivism admits no power greater than itself and its current maximum leader, who is reverently spoken of in terms normally reserved for God. 

What does “non-falsifiable” mean? It’s one of the keys to understanding current Democrat/media behavior. Never-Trumper behavior is easier to understand, but more on that later. Progressive dogma cannot be possibly wrong, therefore it cannot be falsified; it cannot be proved wrong. No amount of evidence can possibly convince progressives their beliefs or policies are wrong, therefore when something goes wrong, when one of their policies appears to be wrong, when it fails, they are merely mistaken, or evil forces are trying to trick the elect. That’s when the blame game begins.

The problem isn’t that the policy or program is a failure, was doomed to fail before it was enacted, the problem is it wasn’t progressive enough, or it wasn’t enforced with sufficient vigor, or not enough money was spent, or there wasn’t enough time for it to work its predestined, inevitable wonders. And of course, the mere fact conservatives were allowed to exist to oppose noble progressives is always a factor. Because progressivism can’t possibly be wrong, something else must explain what appears to be its failure. There must be some malign influence, some dirty trick, some evil influence–evil being defined as opposition to progressivism–something underhanded going on, and if that can’t be found, it must be invented.

Is the current state of affairs a bit clearer now?

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Hillary Clinton was going to win. It was her turn! She was a she! She was on the right side of history! It was destiny! But she didn’t win. Progressives raged, wept, wailed, gnashed their teeth and rent their garments, and many still do. Trump promises to undo all Barack Obama did. His cabinet picks will not only help restore the rule of law, they oppose progressive orthodoxy and will overthrow it. This cannot be!

Many are still in denial; others are more proactive. Perhaps recounts can overturn the impossible? No. That damned Trump got even more votes in the recount. Perhaps electors can be convinced to be faithless? The final word on that one hasn’t been spoken, but it appears that will fail too. To whatever degree they pray, and to whatever deity, some progressives are surely—and surly—praying for a miracle, anything that would prevent Donald Trump from taking the oath of office, an oath he will almost certainly honor.

Maybe they can so disrupt the Inauguration, Trump will just give up and go home?

The more rational in the progressive ranks have begun to suspect the impossible, the horrible, will take place. Despite attempts to disrupt the inauguration—anarchic violence in the streets is always a favored progressive tactic—Donald Trump is going to take office as the next President of the United States. But that’s not the end of it. There is, for progressives, always the political.

The recount, faithless electors, media attacks, congressional threats and moaning, all are certainly standard responses to what appear to the non-elite to be the failure of progressivism, but they are also political tactics. If progressives can’t obtain their goals through intimidation and violence and other dirty tricks, they’ll do everything they can to damage Donald Trump, now and in the future. They’ll use any tactic, no matter how hypocritical. In fact, hypocrisy works well for them because the media, which is also almost entirely progressive, will never call them on it. True, more and more of the American public no longer trusts anything the media says and have turned to alternative news sources, but the legacy media still wields some power and influence, even as Donald Trump runs rings around them every day and threatens to change the media status quo once in the White House.

Potential Russian hacking of the DNC and John Podesta somehow becomes an attempt to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump. Congressional hearings must be done! But then again, the CIA refuses to show up to brief the Congress, so… And of course, communists always have willing useful idiots, including the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and many others more than willing to assist progressives in cutting the throats of Republicans. Despite being one of the greatest legislative disasters in American history, Obamacare remains a battlefield. Republican useful idiots are already backing away from repealing it. To be sure, they wrote and passed several repeal bills in the past, but those were safe. They couldn’t get past an Obama veto. Now that it’s actually possible to repeal Obamacare, things are different.

The list goes on and on, but the tactics never change. Republicans now have more political power than they’ve enjoyed in many decades, but they’re going to quickly discover even that is not enough to allow them to enact conservatism. Progressivism can’t be wrong. And when it is, Republicans are all too happy to help progressives prove their doctrine is the one true faith. The status quo has a powerful allure, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

And now, gentle readers, you know what the hell is going on.