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credit: chatanoogatimesfreepress

Let us consider the relative credibility and worth of two people. What’s that you say? How dare I suggest some people are more credible and worthy than others? It’s not for privileged white men like me to make such judgments? Actually, all are permitted to judge the value and intentions of others. Mere survival requires it.

I also proceed from the belief, confirmed by a long and adventurous life that some people are better human beings than others, better in every way that matters. Were this not so, why not allow anyone we pass on the street, knowing nothing whatever about them, to babysit our children?

For those prone to play the race card, which was canceled at this Internet ATM many years ago, I speak not of skin color, national origin, gender, etc. I use the criteria espoused by Martin Luther King: character, while throwing in accomplishment, which is a reflection of character, as well. But first, a bit of introduction via The New York Post:

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A decorated US Navy admiral took the time to troll Colin Kaepernick during the 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor Day commemoration ceremony on Wednesday — saying those who died on that fateful day ‘never took a knee and never failed to stand’ during the national anthem.

The remarks were made by US Pacific Command commander Adm. Harry Harris, who had a father and four uncles serve in World War II.

‘You can bet that the men and women we honor today — and those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago — never took a knee and never failed to stand whenever they heard our national anthem being played,’ Harris told the crowd in Hawaii, sparking a lengthy standing ovation.

‘Hearing the words, ‘the land of the free and home of the brave’ means something special for every American, every day,’ he later added. ‘But today, on Dec. 7, it takes on extraordinary significance.

Were I there that day, I’d still be standing and applauding.



Kaepernick made headlines at the start of the NFL season when he began kneeling in protest during the national anthem. He later claimed he wanted to bring attention to the racial injustices and police brutality going on across the country today.

A sampling of commentary on Admiral Harris’ speech:


Pacific Fleet Admiral Harry Harris just punted Colin Kaepernick down the field, and it was absolutely glorious,’ wrote one Twitter user.

‘Watched this from home; I stood up and clapped when I heard this! Adm. Harris was awesome!’ another added.

‘This is disgusting. This is shameful,’ wrote one Twitter user, who blasted the DOD for spotlighting Harris’ comments.

‘You do not get to dictate how civilians protest and use their right to free expression,’ another said.

To which one user replied, ‘No but we can comment about it. We have free speech too.


On to our comparison. Admiral Harris is a four star general officer. This is, in and of itself, one of mankind’s most significant accomplishments. He is a Naval Academy graduate and combat pilot with more than 4,000 hours of flight time and more than 400 combat sorties. His list of citations and decorations is as lengthy and significant as Kaepernick’s are short and trivial. Harris has dedicated his life to the service of his fellow Americans.

Colin Kaepernick is an entirely different sort of person. All of his accomplishments are in sports, and those are of widely varying levels. Performance in a given sport one year might be relatively high, and thereafter, poor. At present, he is a highly paid professional football player whose general performance is currently mediocre. His notoriety comes from the protests that inspired Admiral Harris’ comments.

Admiral Harris, every man and woman that has ever served in our armed forces, and surely every man and woman at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, differ from Colin Kaepernick, and those who support or seek to emulate him because each of them had the character to sign a blank check to America up to and including the cost of their lives. Many have paid in full. Many left limbs, eyes or their intellects on the battlefield.

Colin Kaepernick is paid millions to play a children’s game.

Those men and women have more than earned the right to free speech, to criticize the parasitical and entitled, and to advocate for patriotism, self-sacrifice and to honor the memory and service of those that laid such precious sacrifices on the alter of liberty. Colin Kaepernick: he’s well paid to play football poorly and to behave like a spoiled, self-important child, which is also a right others enjoy, but wisely choose not to exercise.

Admiral Harris risked his life every time he sat the cockpit of a high performance aircraft on behalf of us all. His motives are easy to understand.

Colin Kaepernick risks the disapproval of the progressive left, but only if he should dare to express the slightest approval of America. I suspect his current motive in slighting America and Americans is to make it harder for the San Francisco 49ers to fire him for his bad performance.

I leave it to you, gentle readers, to judge their relative credibility and worth.