Jill Stein credit: twitter

Jill Stein
credit: twitter

What the heck is Jill Stein doing with this recount lunacy? What’s that you say? Who is Jill Stein? Stein, a physician, was the Green Party candidate for president. What?! Which election? The one we just had: November 8, 2016.

Stein filed petitions for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, states that will do recounts if the petitioner pays for them. Stein set about raising money, and lo and behold–one may choose to be surprised or not–raised much more than she needed, nearly 7 million dollars at last count.

John Hinderaker at Powerline muses:

If you’re a liberal, anything is better than admitting that you lost. So now, just weeks after cautioning Donald Trump’s supporters that they had better accept the results of the election (unlike the Democrats in 2000 and 2004), Democrats led by Jill Stein are demanding recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Left-wingers have donated millions of dollars, and the Hillary Clinton campaign has announced that it will participate in Stein’s recount efforts.

The presidential election wasn’t particularly close: Trump won, 306-232. Still, if you convert Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to Hillary Clinton victories, she would edge Trump out, 278 to 260. That is obviously the basis on which those states were chosen. However, there is zero chance that a recount will change the result in any of those states, let alone all of them. Trump won Wisconsin by more than 20,000 votes, Michigan by 10,704 votes, and Pennsylvania by more than 70,000 votes. Lots of luck with those recounts.

Jill Stein claims that she isn’t trying to favor one presidential candidate over the other, but only wants to assure a fair process. That is nonsense. The states she and other liberal activists have chosen to challenge are not those where the race was closest. How about New Hampshire, which Hillary Clinton won by around 2,700 votes? Or Nevada, which she won by a little over 26,000? Even Minnesota was a whole lot closer than Pennsylvania; with its notoriously lax ballot security, Minnesota could be fertile territory for questioning election results.

I’m not sure recounts won’t change the results. Recounts, of course, are a standard progressive tactic, and often, particularly in close races, miracles happen. Suddenly, a thousand previously uncounted votes appear in this county, 2000 in that country, several hundred are found under a Big Mac’s bun in a McDonald’s, and lo and behold (again), all of those votes are for the Democrat, or at least most of them are. That’s how Al Franken, one of the least funny and most vicious comedians in existence became a Senator from Minnesota.

In legitimate recounts, history is clear: they virtually never overturn elections, and the vote totals change in double, perhaps triple digits, or not at all. Such changes are never a tidal wave for one party. Recounts do, however, provide one significant advantage for a political party seeking to win by any means necessary: they know precisely how many votes they must have to win, and have the time to arrange a minimally plausible plan for “finding” those votes. Such scheming requires contempt for Democracy, the Constitution, the will of the people, and an endless willingness to break the law and cheat. All such things come easily to Democrats who have long had voting agreements with the dead.

credit: washingtontimes.com

credit: washingtontimes.com

And wasn’t it Hillary Clinton, who, on November 9th, after all the breakage after her screaming rage fit of the previous evening was cleaned up, who said Donald Trump deserved a chance, and who was urging the nation to heal etc.? So what’s up with her campaign getting involved, and why, at this point, does she have a campaign? What difference, at this point, does it make!?

Of course, Clinton’s involvement must be a mere coincidence. I’m sure Ms. Stein, who received, according to various sources, around 1% of the national vote, is doing this for the purest reasons of assuring the purity of the vote. I mean, why else would anyone do this?


True, donations to the Clinton Foundation were dropping like flies before the election, as were the Clinton’s speaking fees, to say nothing of invitations for them to speak anywhere they didn’t have to bring their own soapbox and megaphone. It was almost starting to look as though the Clintons might actually have to descend to running a legitimate charitable foundation, or close the doors. Of course, that would be “legitimate” by Clinton standards. Obviously, the Clintons, and everyone previously riding their gravy train, are desperate.

And in a move that will surprise no one, electors are being cajoled, threatened, wheedled, abused, etc. to change their votes to Clinton. There are reports of severed horse heads appearing in beds, even threats of personal visits from Hillary Clinton! The horror.

Democrats are doing this because they believe they have an opportunity to overturn the election. Republicans better get serious, and fast.

Hinderaker concludes:

Liberals know they aren’t going to overturn the result of the election through recounts, they just want to undermine Trump’s victory by making vague allegations of irregularities, ‘hacking,’ and so on, which will circulate in the fever swamp for the next four years. It is, in other words, just another attempt by liberals to undermine our democracy.

Really? Do they indeed know that? And why would they have to spend millions–I know, it seems pocket change to them, or at least to their billionaire puppet masters–and go to all the trouble of recounts to “make vague allegations” about Trump and the election for as long as they please? They’ve already started, and the media, despite a day or two of self-flagellation with wet noodles, will be more than glad to keep doubt alive. Hinderaker is right about the left’s never-ending goal of undermining the republic.

credit: thetelegraph

credit: thetelegraph

One final thing: Donald Trump has shown a capacity to learn and adapt during the campaign. The most important lesson he can learn now is the progressives can never be trusted. No matter what kindness or consideration they are shown, no matter what they say, or how they play at behaving lawfully and for the good of the nation, when they sense weakness, when they have a chance to win, to seize power or money, they’ll go for the throat, even though they prefer knives in the back. Trump made a gesture of declining to prosecute Hillary Clinton. She’s repaying him, perhaps by seizing the presidency. If he manages to make it to the White House, she’ll keep on repaying him as long, and as cruelly as she can. The Clintons particularly, and Leftists generally, are not kind and forgiving people who operate from a position of good will and patriotism.

credit: whitewolf

credit: whitewolf

One second final thing: Trump and the Republican National Committee would be wise to ensure packs of rabid Republican lawyers, people more vicious and determined than the most vicious Democrat, are present everywhere votes are examined, recounted, sniffed, fondled, bent, folded, spindled or mutilated. No chad should fall to the floor without a Republican lawyer present to hear its impact. The Democrats have already announced they’re sending an armored division of lawyers to make sure everyone is treated fairly. Riiiiight. There are a great many undiscovered Democrat votes to be found mingled with the special sauce, in the backs of closets, beneath bridges, under cheese hats, etc. There are also a great many Republican votes just begging to be disqualified. The only thing Democrats may have learned by this point is their efforts at cheating weren’t quite as effective as they thought they’d be, and they’re working hard to catch up.

Listen carefully Mr. Trump: you’re not president yet, and if Democrats and the media have their way, you never will be.