ct6lgbtuaaaowbpThe media have been, of late, featuring “protestors” of color making dark predictions about blacks and other minorities facing certain doom under President Donald Trump. Such predictions are, of necessity, vague, but the narrative–Trump is a racist, so he’s going to do awful things to black people–never varies. Obviously, all of those people in flyover country that voted Trump into office must be racists as well, and there is no state that better typifies flyover country than Texas. It’s southern, there are lots of white people, and it must be a hornet’s nest of racism, bigotry and hatred, right? ABC News reports on the narrative:

Voters in a southeast Texas county elected a black, Democratic woman as sheriff while choosing Republican Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, an unusual result in a year of partisan acrimony.

Some voters in Jefferson County ended up crossing party lines to cast their ballots for who they thought was the best candidate in each of the races — defying the practice of party line voting in an election that showed a deep red-blue political divide.

WHAT?! Those redneck crackers voted for a black woman as sheriff?! Those, those, racists?! It must be some sort of God and gun clinger trick!

When Zena Stephens takes office Jan. 1, she will join Vanessa Crawford in Petersburg, Virginia, as the only black women sheriffs in the U.S., according to the National Sheriff’s Association.

Stephens credited her win in the sheriff’s race to her long history in the community and to relationships she’s built across political party lines. She said it’s likely that there were Democratic voters who cast a ballot for her but who also voted for Trump.

“There are people in our community who had positive past experiences with me who certainly were Republican. Certainly I got some of those votes,’ said Stephens, who defeated retired Beaumont police Lt. Ray Beck.

NO! It’s not possible! All sophisticated people know Americans–other than them, of course–always vote on strict racial lines. Everyone knows all of those barely civilized Texans are racists and long for the days of the Confederacy. Just like Joe Biden said, they all want to put black people back in chains!

One of those GOP voters was D’Ann Riggs, a 53-year-old emergency room nurse from Beaumont, who voted for Stephens and for Trump.

‘I voted for Zena not because she was black or a woman. I voted for her because I felt she was the best person’ for the job, said Riggs.

Erin Landry, 32, an epidemiologist from Beaumont who considers herself a Republican, said she also voted for Stephens as well as for Trump.

Landry said the selection of both Stephens and Trump shows that local voters were able to see past the presidential race and ‘pick the best representatives for the job, regardless of which party they represent.

credit: beumontenterprise

credit: beumontenterprise

Here we see, gentle readers, the reality of life in flyover country, where the hard won gains of the civil rights movement have long been accepted, and where hiring the best person for the job, regardless of race, religion or virtually anything else, is a way of life. Stephens did it the old fashioned way. She got to know people, made her positions clear, got people to trust her and know her abilities, and it paid off. Her race and gender had nothing to do with it. There was no glass ceiling for her.

In the 16 years I’ve lived in Texas, I’ve never found anyone that wasn’t completely comfortable living with, working with, and voting for women, blacks, Hispanics, or anyone else. Texas is a land of opportunity where everyone is welcome, and people are taking advantage of those opportunities.

Support for Clinton wasn’t strong as residents — many who are blue-collar workers in the petrochemical industry — were concerned whether her environmental and energy proposals would ultimately have a negative impact on their jobs, said Brandon Rottinghaus, a political science professor at the University of Houston.

‘The appeal of Donald Trump was significant enough that taking a risk to vote for him for some economic change was reasonable,’ he said.

Mark Jones, a political science professor at Rice University in Houston, said many of the Democrats who voted for Stephens — and who probably also voted for President Barack Obama in the prior two presidential elections— likely decided not to vote for Clinton.

Imagine that: people voting for a candidate likely to provide economic opportunity for them, their families and communities. How common, how pedestrian, how unsophisticated.

Stephens said she wasn’t thinking about making history when she was elected Texas’ first black woman sheriff.

‘Growing up I never saw an African-American sheriff or police chiefs,’ she said. ‘I didn’t think it was a possibility as a kid because I never considered myself to be a police officer or a police chief or a sheriff because I never saw anybody who looked like me in those positions.

I’ve no doubt Texans are proud of her because she is the first black female sheriff in Texas, but that’s not why she got the job, and it surely won’t keep her in it if she doesn’t perform appropriately. Texans are plenty pragmatic as well.

Hmmm. That doesn’t seem to comport well with the few anti-trump protests in Dallas, Austin or Houston, does it? I doubt any of those anarchists will be heading to Jefferson County. Something tells me Sheriff Stephens will be happy to uphold people’s rights, but won’t have any time for criminal misbehavior, and it won’t matter what color the criminals are.

Damn Texans.  They’re always messing up perfectly good progressive narratives.