The Forum, Rome, Italy credit: wikipedia.en

The Forum, Rome, Italy
credit: wikipedia.en

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: OK Trump Won. Now What?


MIKE’S NOTE:  In this space last week, I predicted a Donald Trump win.  Let’s just say I’m very grateful a power far greater than me looks out for the United States, and scruffy little blogs like this.  We dodged a major bullet.  Now it’s time to hold Mr. Trump’s, and the Republican’s feet to the fire.

Don Surber: Trump needs to prosecute the Clintons and RICO the Clinton Foundation. We live in a democratic republic with a Constitution. These people believe they are above the law. Let us show the world that is just not so.

The Razor: I expect Obama to pardon Clinton and her cronies using similar wording Ford used for pardoning Nixon. If he doesn’t, I believe Trump should prosecute the Clintons and investigate their Foundation. If he does I would like to see something along the lines of South Africa’s post-Apartheid Truth Commissions set up to at least fully expose and detail their crimes even if they are beyond punishment. In a similar move I would like to see thorough investigations of the IRS and the Justice Department for their singling out conservative groups for auditing and investigation. Some might take the line that Ford used that it was important to move forward, but unless these crimes are exposed and detailed in an objective manner, the Left will simply revert to using them once they return to power. Is this payback? Nope. It’s justice.

As for moving forward I believe that it’s important to follow the template set forth by Obama after his election in 2008. He immediately elevated the stature of the President-Elect, even using a presidential style seal and podium with the words emblazoned on them. He refused conciliation and compromise, stating that “elections have consequences” and “I won.” Trump should act the same way on issues that are at the top of his agenda. If anyone questions his actions he should state he’s just following Obama’s 2008 precedent.

This is an important point. I’ve seen the MSM criticize the use of the budget reconciliation process to repeal Obamacare to avoid the filibuster. This is the exact same process the Democratic Congress used to pass the legislation. Point that out because honestly, the MSM’s biased memory has forgotten that.

The Press is not going to provide him any honeymoon so he has to hit the ground running. Look for easy pickings that are hard to criticize like a bilateral trade deal with the UK. Other topics that are critical to his base like the Repeal and Replace of Obamacare must be considered carefully. Take time to do that, and focus instead on some quick-hits that make headlines but are relatively easy sells to the People.

Stately McDaniel Manor: I could go on forever, but ten immediate priorities:

  1. Repeal Obamacare entirely and replace it with no more than 50 sheets of paper. This will, of necessity, removed a great many IRS employees.
  2. Repeal every Obama executive order. If any did any good, they can be rewritten as necessary, and in ways that don’t allow cronies to rape the treasury.
  3. Rescind every rule and regulation written during the last eight years.
  4. Abolish the Department of Education.
  5. Professionally and apolitically investigate the Clinton Foundation and each and every crime potentially committed by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and any of their employees and minions. Prosecute as professionally required. Bend over backwards to see they are afforded the due process they denied to others.
  6. Reform–including new legislations–the civil service code to, which still affording everyone due process, make it possible to fire government employees for incompetence or malicious mistreatment of citizens. Anyone so fired forfeits all benefits and pensions.
  7. Fire every arrogant, smug, criminal head and manager of every governmental agency that has been lying to Congress and bedeviling the American public for years. Criminally prosecute them where applicable.
  8. Remove every power of the EPA to in any way harass, fine, or punish any American citizen. All adverse actions must take place only with full due process before any action is taken. And rewrite all applicable laws as required. Reduce it by 70%. Hell, 80%.
  9. Immediately dump the Iran nuclear deal. Tell Iran they will never be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons, and an attack on Israel will be treated as an attack on the United States–pre and post Barack Obama. Follow it up with the appropriate application of high explosives. Rinse and repeat as necessary.
  10. Completely revamp the tax code, reducing it to no more than 50 sheets of paper. Taxes must be able to be submitted on a postcard.

OK, OK, so I have a few more. You can always stop reading (kidding, I’m kidding!):

  1. Sell most federal lands, other than legitimate national parks and monuments, and abolish the Bureau of Land Management.
  2. Open up America to energy exploration and development, and make America entirely energy independent.
  3. Harden America’ vital infrastructure against EMP attack.
  4. Fight back against any cyberattacks in kind–declare all such attacks acts of war, which is what they are–and particularly, with the application of high explosives.
  5. Convince the world, as soon as possible, that just like the Marines, there is no better friend than America, and no worse enemy.
  6. Close the borders, once and for all. Rewrite all immigration laws, but write nothing we’re not willing and able to completely and uniformly enforce.
  7. Make any smug EPA bureaucrat that has ever harassed any American over a stock pond, mud puddle, or anything else relating to their property apologize in person, naked, while wearing a dunce cap. Refund any fines or judgments wrung from innocent Americans.
  8. Fire every employee of the Department of Justice hired in the last eight years.
  9. Enact every pro-Second Amendment measure possible as soon as possible, such things as national concealed carry reciprocity, legalization of suppressors, ending military gun free zones, ending gun free school zones, enabling teachers to carry concealed on school grounds, Update the NICS background check system to actually better catch mentally ill people and criminals, and reinstate the importation of collectible historic firearms.
  10. Fire any IRS employee that in any way willingly participated in denying Americans their rights.

I need to take a break now. My blood pressure is far too high.

Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason: Needless to say I was very happy Trump won. Last week I predicted Trump would win Florida. It didn’t look like he was going to until the results from the panhandle came in since they are an hour behind the rest of the state. It was a nail biter.

Putting myself in Trump’s position, my dream team would be:

Secretary of State – John Bolton or Newt Gingrich

Dept of Health and Human Services – Dr. Ben Carson

Attorney General – Rudy Guiliani

Department of Homeland Security – Jeff Sessions

Veterans Affairs – Florida Governor Rick Scott

Secretary of Treasury – Texas Congressman Jeb Hensarling

Secretary of Defense – Retired General Stanley McCrystal

Secretary of Interior – Sarah Palin

Secretary of Housing and Urban Department – Westchester County, NY Executive Rob Astorino

Whomever Trump chooses for the Departments of HUD, EPA, Energy and Education should be charged with the task of eliminating those departments entirely or at least strip them of any regulatory power.

A good leader surrounds him- or herself with highly skilled and knowledgeable people. Trump has the business acumen and appears to be a good judge of character and competency. He will need to find people who share the same vision for our country as the conservatives who elected him. If he succeeds in getting taxes lowered, puts an end to burdensome regulations ,and repeals Obamacare I believe we would be able to see an improvement in our economy within the first year of his presidency.

We will have to see how quickly he works towards achieving his professed objectives. President Trump must understand we will be watching and we will be calling him out if he fails to deliver on his promises.

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