witch-hillaryWith the election at long last behind us, I’ve had the time to reflect on our many blessings, and the many things for which I’m grateful:

* Most Democrats lie about their intentions to ignore or destroy the Constitution. I’m grateful Hillary Clinton was so arrogant she felt she could tell the truth about her intention to destroy the First and Second Amendments.

* I’m very grateful enough Americans cared about that.

* Most Democrats lie about the kinds of Supreme Court justices they intend to appoint, and once in office, appoint outrageous leftists who lie during confirmation hearings, and when taking the oath of office to uphold and support the Constitution. I’m grateful Hillary Clinton was arrogant enough to baldly say she intended to nominate people that would ignore the Constitution.

* I’m very grateful enough Americans cared about that.

* I’m grateful the dead of Benghazi will be able to rest more peacefully.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 8.24.29 PM

* I’m grateful Americans affirmed that the survivors to whom Clinton lied over the coffins of their honored dead, were telling the truth in exposing her lies.

* I’m grateful Americans told Clinton exactly what difference, at this point in time, it made.

* I’m grateful Clinton was arrogant enough to tell coal miners and the entire American energy industry she was going to put them out of work.

* I’m worried too many Americans were fine with that.


* I’m glad a woman who lies even when the truth would better serve her, a woman that lied to the Congress, the public, and the FBI, will not be rewarded for her lies.

* I’m worried too many Americans didn’t care.

* I’m grateful a woman who despises our military and police will no longer have the opportunity to harm them–and us.

* I’m worried too many Americans were willing to let her do that.

* I’m grateful a woman who cared nothing for the security of our nation is never again going to be in a position to betray us.


* I’m worried that didn’t matter to too many Americans.

* I’m grateful a criminal that sold her high office for personal gain will no longer be able to profit from that scam.

* I’m worried so many Americans were fine with that, and so many high-ranking Americans knew and did nothing.

* I’m grateful we now have the opportunity to restore the rule of law.

* I’m worried the damage is so great it may never be completely done.

credit: issuehawk.com

credit: issuehawk.com

* I’m grateful American ammunition manufacturers now have an opportunity to catch up, that commonly ammunition, such as .22LR, may once again be found, any day, on retail shelves.

* I worry that Americans now so distrust all government, ammunition shortages may be the new normal.

* I’m grateful most patriotic Americans distrust government. May it every be so, as Thomas Jefferson said, “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

* I’m grateful Hillary Clinton sold only 20% of America’s uranium to Russia.

* I worry that’s 20% too much.

* I’m grateful a woman of such low character and evil intent the founders would be horrified was denied the presidency.

* I worry about what a close thing it was.

* I’m grateful a woman with personal and family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood will not be advising the President and privy to America’s secrets.

credit: westernjournalism.com

credit: westernjournalism.com

* I’m grateful a woman whose only experience was as a Chicago slumlord will not be advising the President of the United States.

* I’m grateful a failed novelist with no experience whatsoever will not be the President’s national security advisor.

* I’m grateful Obamacare, which was built entirely on lies, by people that despise Americans, will soon be history.

* I’m grateful the smug, arrogant, abusive, and plainly evil people running many of America’s federal agencies will soon be out of work.

* I’m grateful we now have the opportunity to do away with the PC insanity that has badly damaged the security of the American people.

* I’m worried far too many Americans were–and still are–OK with that.

* I’m grateful Donald Trump has the opportunity to restore the focus of our military to war fighting instead of social engineering.


* I’m grateful I won’t be seeing those wretched pantsuits in the future.

* I’m grateful the media is eating heaping helpings of crow. No one is more deserving.

* I worry they’ll learn nothing. No. I’m certain they’ll learn nothing.

* I’m grateful the Democrat Party has been exposed as the thinly veiled criminal enterprise it is.

* I’m grateful the Republican Party has a congressional majority.

* I’m worried they’ll continue to behave like Republicans–The Stupid Party.

* I’m grateful Hillary Clinton’s doctor can stop–someday–lying about Clinton’s medical issues.

* I’m worried she, like everyone coming into contact with the Clintons, is irreversibly corrupted.


* I’m grateful there is at least a chance that Clinton and all her minions in the Clinton Foundation and State Department might be properly, professionally investigated.

* I worry Barack Obama will pardon them all.

* I’m grateful we have a chance to turn America around.

* I worry Democrats will fight tooth and nail–as they are promising to do–to drive us more deeply into the toilet.

* I worry Republicans will let them do it.

* I’m grateful we once again have a President that loves America and Americans.

* I’m grateful we once again have a President capable of identifying our allies and our enemies and behaving appropriately toward them.

* I’m grateful we once again have a President that knows what it is to work for a living.

President Obama at Nelson Mandela's Funeral credit: foxnews

President Obama at Nelson Mandela’s Funeral
credit: foxnews

* I’m grateful we have a President-Elect that can speak entire sentences without the word “I”.

* I’m grateful we have a Congress that seems ready to conduct necessary investigations into governmental corruption.

* I worry they’ll lose interest.

* I worry we won’t recognize the rare chance we’ve been given, and we’ll screw it up again.

And you, gentle readers? For what are you grateful, and about what do you worry?