Struggling with a nasty sinus infection, I went to bed last night about 2200, uneasy about America’s future. I awoke to a new reality. Donald Trump? President -Elect Donald J. Trump?! Trump.

For many years now, I’ve been reduced to voting for the candidate I believed would do the least lasting damage to the Constitution. We all can be reasonably sure, not only that no additional damage will be done in the next four years, but the damage inflicted by Barack Obama, and the cowardly neglect of congressional republicans, may be reversed. At the very least, new appointees to the Supreme Court will be men and women dedicated to defending and upholding the Constitution–a rather novel idea. Unless, of course, Mr. Trump is foolish enough to nominate stealth progressives, as has happened all too often in the past.

As I sat, my bacteria-laden head hazy, watching the news this morning, these thoughts came–woozily–to mind:

Trump’s Victory Speech: Gracious, magnanimous. I’ve no doubt what he thinks of Hillary Clinton and her minions, but he went the extra mile to say the right things, and to deliver them with apparent sincerity. This bodes well for the future. Mr. Trump has, during the campaign, demonstrated the ability to adapt, to take good advice, to surround himself with good advisors, and to behave in ways we commonly identify as “presidential.” There is much about which to be concerned, but much about which to be hopeful as well.



Paul Ryan: What a bootlicker. Ryan represents the poltroons that abandoned Trump–and the nation–when we needed them. As he fulsomely praised Trump and his remarkable, historic accomplishment, and talked about the wonders he is going to accomplish with him, I couldn’t help but grimace and think him a pale imitation of a man. I found his repeated claims to have talked with Trump several times in recent hours not comforting, but grating, obsequious. This is a man that spurned Trump’s coattails, and now races to try to leap on them even as they recede in the distance. If memory serves, it was JFK that said one should forgive enemies, but never forget their names. Mr. Trump would do well to never turn his back on Ryan, who has amply demonstrated his lack of character and trustworthiness. Use him for what he’s worth, Mr. Trump, but don’t let him date your daughters. And this political concoction is third in the line of succession. Oh well. It’s better–I suppose–than Nancy Pelosi.



Tim Kaine: What a slimy politico. In his introduction of Hillary Clinton at her concession speech, he claimed that America makes it uniquely hard for women to hold elective office. Sorry Tim, that this particular woman didn’t get to be president says nothing other than that she was absolutely not the person America wanted or needed in 2016. Kaine forgets Democrat Nellie Tayloe Ross, the first female governor of an American state–Wyoming–in 1925. He also ignores all of the female cabinet officers, congresswomen and senators holding office over the years. There will one day be a female president; there is absolutely nothing preventing it. The idea of a glass ceiling is as outmoded as the Democrat “war on women” narrative that failed so utterly in this election cycle.


Hillary Clinton: This is a woman whose verbal warmth, whose smiles, never reach her eyes. Oh, she said the right things, but it was like swallowing poison for her. Wikileaks and the e-mail releases have revealed that she very much has a private and a public position on such matters. They’ve also told America exactly what she and her self-imagined elite toadies think about Americans, and each other, and none of it is complimentary. As she said conciliatory, praiseworthy things about Americans, and even about her own campaign staff, I couldn’t help but mentally replay video of her cruel and nasty comments–and those of her toadies–about irredeemable deplorables, medieval Catholics, each others, you name it. This is a woman that has spewed vile vitriol at half of America, and now we’re to think she loves us all, and loves this country? I was particularly disgusted when she spoke of the sanctity of the Constitution, after repeatedly swearing to destroy the First and Second Amendments, and appoint Supreme Court justices that would “represent” progressive constituencies.


I suspect, thanks to the deluge of e-mails and Wikileaks, Americans finally got to see what a political candidate really thought about them, and they didn’t like it one bit.  One can only hope we’ve seen the last of Hillary and Bill Clinton in our national life.



Barack Obama: The man cannot say a sentence without “I” in it. Everything is all about him. The damage he intends to cause is far from over. He surely sees his idiot legacy collapsing totally and he is not the kind of person to go gracefully into the night. The next two months will be one of the most dangerous passages in American–and world–history. Like Hillary Clinton, this is a man who hates America and Americans–God and gun clingers all–yet claims to care about it and them. Disgusting.



Mike Pence: Finally, a vice president with intelligence, dignity and gravitas. A man that won’t be pawing women and sticking his foot in his mouth.


The Media: Is there any reason, any reason at all, for anyone to ever again believe anything these lying, malicious idiots have to say? It is, I’ll admit, hilarious, to see them, mystified, that they were so entirely wrong on every bit of the holy progressive narrative about this election. Women were absolutely against Trump. Wrong. Hispanics were absolutely against Trump. Wrong. Blacks were absolutely against Trump. Wrong. Millenials were absolutely against Trump. Wrong. The polls were absolutely against Trump. Wrong. Clinton would win in a landslide. Wrong.

It is hard to imagine any group of people more out of touch with the reality of day-to-day life in America than these pitiful wastes of oxygen. They got it wrong because they’re progressives, progressive operatives with bylines. They believed in their own narrative, or as Barack Obama has repeatedly said, they believed their own bullshit. Progressive reality is true because it ought to be true, because they don’t know anyone else that thinks otherwise, and because it feels good to them, it makes them feel morally and intellectually superior, so they don’t have to bother with things like science and facts, and objective reality. Besides, progressive truth is non-falsifiable, so they automatically reject objective reality in any case.

This time, it bit them on their wide, progressive, nose-up-the-pants suit asses, and I can’t say I’m the least bit sympathetic.

James Comey: Resign, Mr. Director, before Trump has to fire you. Demonstrate at least a bit of dignity.

Final Thoughts–For Now: There is so much to be done. The next two months are a very dangerous time. America’s worst enemies are deciding, even now, if they can get away with goals they’ve long coveted. Attacking South Korea, seizing Taiwan, reconstituting large chunks of the old Soviet Union, killing millions of Jews, seizing disputed islands from Japan and Vietnam, mass terror attacks around the world, you name it, they’re weighing the pros and cons, believing Barack Obama to be the weakling fool he has repeatedly proved himself to be. Will he spend his remaining days trying to protect a domestic legacy, pardoning criminals, and otherwise ignoring the world, or would he respond to outrageous provocations?

It is imperative that Donald Trump reestablish the rule of law. He must do this by draining the swamp of leftist radicals currently populating the Department of Justice and every other federal agency. Immigration laws must be enforced or repealed. Criminals must once again fear the police and understand they have the support of the President, every governor and every mayor. And a special prosecutor must be appointed to deal, fairly, honestly and legitimately, with Hillary Clinton and every one of her criminal toadies.

I’ve no doubt Barack Obama will pardon any and everyone that can do him harm, including Hillary and Bill Clinton and all of their minions. If he does, that will be a major blow to American’s trust in government and the rule of law, but if Mr. Trump does what he has promised to do, a blow that might, eventually be absorbed.

Even though we will have complete Republican control of government, I do not, for a moment, expect legislative change to come easy. There are far too many Republicans in Name Only in the Congress, and they will allow their egos and pocketbooks to get in the way of the salvation of the republic. It’s all they know. It’s everything they are. The same will be true of Democrats, regardless of the platitudes of reconciliation and cooperation they robotically mouth in the coming days. They have no intention of allowing everything they’ve destroyed to be rebuilt, and they’ll have some success in beating back the weakling Republicans.

Repeal Obamacare? Don’t count on it. Reduce the size of government? I’ll believe that several years after it’s in effect.

At best, we’ve bought ourselves a respite. Now it’s up to all Americans to hold the bastard’s feet to the flames of liberty, and never let up. Are we up to it?