DOJ Civil Rights Head Vanita Gupta (L) and AG Loretta Lynch (R) credit: nationalreviewonline

DOJ Civil Rights Head Vanita Gupta (L) and AG Loretta Lynch (R)
credit: nationalreviewonline

With only a few days to go before the election, I thought it wise to provide a brief reminder of the kinds of people Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democrats in general have put in charge of our safety and security. Keep in mind it is widely rumored that for the favor of suppressing FBI investigations into her many criminal acts, Hillary Clinton has promised to keep Loretta Lynch on as Attorney General. You don’t, gentle readers, really think Lynch and Bill Clinton were talking about grandchildren and golf on that private jet, do you? This from the Free Beacon in June of 2016:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that love and compassion are the best responses to terrorism during remarks to the media in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday.

Lynch said the Department of Justice stood in solidarity with the LGBT community ‘in the light’ following a Muslim terrorist’s massacre of 49 people at a gay nightclub last week.

‘We stand with you to say that the good in this world far outweighs the evil, that our common humanity transcends our differences, and that our most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, it’s unity, and it’s love,’ Lynch said. ‘We stand with you today as we grieve together, and long after the cameras are gone, we will continue to stand with you as we grow together in commitment, in solidarity, and in equality.

This is, let us not forget, gentle readers, the same administration that thinks the solution to the global Jihad is jobs programs for delinquent jihadists!  Consider too, this from September of 2007, via 

Deval Patrick credit:

Deval Patrick

Governor Deval Patrick tried yesterday to fend off criticism he has received over his Sept. 11 memorial service speech, when he said the terrorist attacks six years ago resulted in part from a failure of human understanding.’

‘Frankly, I was taught in my church that all violent attack is a failure of human understanding,’ he said during an appearance on WTKK-FM radio yesterday. ‘The families, in the time I spent with them that day after the ceremony, were just absolutely lovely and appreciative.’

Presiding over the state’s memorial ceremonies for the first time, Patrick on Tuesday morning called the events of Sept. 11, 2001, ‘a mean and nasty and bitter attack on the United States.

‘But it was also about the failure of human beings to understand each other and to learn to love each other,’ he said. ‘It seems to me that lesson [of] that morning is something that we must carry with us every day.

Yes. We must carry the understanding that Islamists want to kill us all in vile and tortuous ways, and rule the Earth, and wimpy, PC offerings of love and understanding will only get us, and those we love, killed.

Barack Obama

And let us remember the words of the man whose legacy and policies Hillary Clinton is determined to carry on, at his speech to the United Nations in 2012, via Hot Air: 

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

How about the future not belonging to those that wantonly slaughter the innocent, or those that would destroy western civilization, or those that would abolish all human rights and liberty? Isn’t that what the President of the United States is supposed to work for? We’ll find out on Tuesday.