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During my police days, I came to realize that there is nothing as funny as the look on a citizen’s face when they realize they’ve just run into a marked police car. I was hit three times by hapless citizens. In one incident, I was stopped in a turn lane, waiting for a light to change, when a woman turned far too widely and ran right into my left front fender. As both vehicles settled on their suspensions, I peered through the windshield at the shaken woman, who took a few seconds to return to reality, a completely stunned look settling on her face. Then she focused on me. I smiled and waved; her eyes bugged out, shot up to my lightbar, back down to me, back up to the lightbar, her jaw dropped open, and all the color drained from her face, just as in a cartoon.

People also do incredibly stupid things while driving. One of my favorites was a young woman driving while nursing her baby. Oh, but that’s not all! She was driving 20 miles over the speed limit—during a blizzard—on ice-rutted roads—with worn out wiper blades–in a vehicle with bald tires. I had a heck of a time catching her in a new, 4WD SUV. She was really annoyed I stopped her and couldn’t understand why I was being so unreasonable.

Today’s little story has that lovely element: a citizen running into a stopped police car, but it also includes booze, naked breasts, and a special kind of stupidity. From The New York Post: 

credit: thenewyorkpost

credit: thenewyorkpost

A 19-year-old Texas A&M University student taking a topless selfie while driving slammed into the rear of a stopped police car and was arrested, police said on Thursday.

The student, Miranda Rader, also had an open bottle of wine in a cup holder next to her, the Bryan Police Department said.


The accident on Wednesday, near the university about 100 miles northwest of Houston, caused the airbag to deploy. Police said that when the officer whose car had been hit approached Rader, she was trying to put on her blouse.

‘I asked her why she was not dressed while driving and she stated she was taking a Snapchat photo to send to her boyfriend while she was at a red light,’ the arresting officer wrote in an affidavit.

One can only hope he appreciated it.

Rader did not respond to an email seeking comment.

No kidding? I’d like to be a fly on the wall when Miss Rader tells mommy and daddy.

She was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and released on a bond of $2,000, police said.

These little incidents are the kinds of things that made playing cops and robbers fun.