dewey-defeats-truman-pictureWere one to heed the Lamestream Media—and Fox News can easily be included in this at the moment—Donald Trump is toast. The outcome of the election is not in doubt. Hillary Clinton will be the winner, and she will win easily. The Democrats are morally right, intellectually superior, invincible. All the polls reflect that certainty. Trump and all the deplorables supporting him might as well fold their tents and go home. Don’t even bother to vote; it will avail you nothing. In fact, our media betters knew this a year ago, nay, more than a year ago, and pumped Trump up in the Republican primary race merely for the mean-spirited glee of it, like people pushing a stalled car to the top of a hill so it can roll down the other side into a crowd of senior citizens in wheelchairs.

The media have been absolutely corrupt for decades, but until the last few decades, have at least consistently lied about being Democrat operatives with bylines. For the most part, they no longer bother to lie and are unashamedly partisan, suppressing any bad news about Hillary Clinton and trumpeting any bad news about Donald Trump. They exist to put Clinton in the White House, and thereafter, to lie as necessary to laud and protect her.

To accomplish this, they are actively minimizing any and all evidence of vote fraud, and are doing, and will continue to do, all they can to suppress the Trump vote.

With this in mind, consider these issues:

VOTE! Ignore the media and vote for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton may win, but she will absolutely win if Americans become dispirited and fail to vote.


Common media tactics include constantly bombarding the public with negative information about the candidate they hate (Trump). They constantly imply, and often, boldly state Trump will lose. They’ll conduct and report exit polls, knowing full well that Republicans tend not to speak to exit pollsters (we’re not sure why, but public distrust of the media is a likely explanation), and as a result, exit polls virtually always overestimate the totals of Democrats. On election day, they will call states early—and often, wrongly—for Clinton, and will even, as early as possible, claim Clinton has been elected President, long before the polls have closed in many states.

It’s important to ignore the media, understand they are liars and partisans, and vote!


POLLS: The variance in the polls is striking. Clinton is ahead by 15 points; Trump is ahead by two points. There are several consistent trends, however. Media commissioned polls, particularly, and other polls as well, tend to oversample for Democrats. Polls are often done only of registered voters, many of who will not vote. They are also often done only via landline phones, not cell phones, missing significant portions of the electorate. Samples are also often very small, and are often done not nationwide, but in urban areas which almost always favor Democrats. The pools that consistently show Trump ahead by several points are those taken by IBD, Rasmussen, The LA Times, and other independent polling organizations not in the tank for Clinton.

Within the last few days, several trends also give reason to think the media polls are wrong, or at the least, significantly overstate Democrat support. Crowds continue to respond to Trump live rallies in the thousands and tens of thousands, while mere handfuls attend Clinton rallies. A recent Tim Kaine rally saw only about 30 people in attendance and many of them were media. More polls than usual now show Trump leading Clinton in battleground states like Florida and Pennsylavania.

Considering all these, and other factors, it’s reasonable to believe Trump’s portion of the electorate is larger than is being commonly reported, perhaps much larger. It’s commonly considered that the support of the media is worth about 15 points. With that in mind, taking into account the reported five point lead of Clinton in the last week, Trump may well be ahead by three or more points.



Consider this from 

A SUNY professor continues to project Donald Trump as the likely winner of this year’s election and he’s critiquing polls that predict the opposite in a new opinion piece.

Helmut Norpoth has been predicting a Trump victory since early this year. His model currently projects a win for the Republican with a certainty of 87 to 99 percent.

Norpoth is a professor at Stony Brook University on Long Island.

That flies in the face of just about every other major election forecast out there, which mostly give an edge to Democrat Hillary Clinton, notes the Daily Mail.

Norpoth wrote in The Hill that although the race looks decided, current polling methods are ‘bunk.’

The projections for Clinton are all based on opinion polls, which are flawed because they don’t reflect actions, Norpoth wrote. They’re about what voters think of Clinton or Trump, but they can’t tell us exactly how voters will act on those thoughts.

‘It is ingrained in all of us that voting is civic duty,’ he says. ‘So nearly all of us say, oh yes, I’ll vote, and then many will not follow through.’

Instead of opinion polling, Norpoth relies on statistics from candidates’ performances in party primaries and patterns in the electoral cycle to forecast results. The model correctly predicted the victor in every presidential election since 1996, according to the Daily Mail.

Running the model on earlier campaigns comes up with the correct outcome for every race since 1912, except the 1960 election.

Prof. Norpoth’s record is impressive. Let’s add in the response to Donald Trump wherever he goes, compared to that of Hillary Clinton. He turns up huge enthusiastic crowds, while Clinton is straining to attract a few hundred people to her rallies. Does this suggest enhanced turnout for Trump? Prof. Norpoth’s thesis would suggest just that.

PEER PRESSURE: Considering the incredible media scorn heaped on Trump, and the scorn Clinton and her acolytes and supporters have heaped upon anyone supporting Trump, it’s not at all outside the realm of probability that many people planning to vote for Trump are keeping that information to themselves. There is much anecdotal evidence to support this possibility.


VOTE FRAUD: The old maxim—If it’s not close, they can’t cheat—has never been truer. Democrats strenuously resist removing the dead and ineligible from voter lists, and also resist any sort of photo ID for voting. Why? Because without the ability to easily cheat, they would win far fewer elections at every electoral level.

If the election is close–the Gore/Bush election was won by a bit over 500 votes–it is imperative anyone voting Trump ignore the Media and vote. By the way, anyone wanting to learn the truth about that election, which Democrats still claim was stolen from Al Gore, need only read Bill Sammon’s excellent At Any Cost: How Al Gore Tried To Steal The Election.

In that book is a very pertinent lesson. Early in the evening, the Media called Florida for Gore even though polls in the panhandle were still open for at least another hour. Hearing that and thinking the election over, many simply went home and didn’t vote. The panhandle was a mostly Republican area of Florida and the best estimates are more than ten thousand Republicans did not vote. If they had, it’s highly likely the long constitutional crisis provoked by Gore’s underhanded attempts to steal the election would never have occurred. The margin for Bush would have been too great, and Gore would likely not have retracted his concession.

NEVER TRUMP: Who are the supposed Republicans/Conservatives who loudly, publically and stubbornly refuse to vote for Donald Trump? The loudest and most morally indignant, the pundits and political classes, are, by virtue of their positions, more or less protected from the excrement storm of fundamental transformation, which will be visited on the rest of America if Trump is not elected. They, and particularly those that live in the Washington, DC area, are essentially immune from the financial, regulatory, and other effects of progressive policies. Loss of Second Amendment Rights? They live in gated communities and/or are protected by men and women with guns. Economic and Healthcare depredations? Their salaries are far above the national average, their benefits solid gold regardless of what happens to the God and gun clingers, the deplorables and irredeemables. These are not, for the most part, people who have to worry about their next paycheck, or how to pay all the bills this month.

In their Never Trump conceit, they are like nothing so much as virtue signaling Progressives who care nothing for the effects of their policies on people they don’t know and disdain. All that matters is that their self-esteem matches their matchless intellects and morality. As long as they feel good about themselves, the consequences for the little people of flyover country, the red states, don’t matter.

Some no doubt believe America is indestructible, because it has been to this point in time, and if not, their exalted qualities will render them capable of rising above the chaos. If Liberty falters and dies, their money, connections, and political power will insulate them from its effects. The most cynical of them are more than content to rule the rubble their hubris creates.



Their indignant appeals to honor and faux-patriotism may sound convincing to some, but the reality is stark and simple: not voting means Clintons wins. Not voting for Trump means Clinton wins.

Donald Trump is far from an ideal candidate, but he won the Republican nomination fair and square, in fact, he won against the behind the scenes manipulations of the Never Trumpers, which for them, may be the source of their greatest self-righteous indignation. We do not know precisely what Trump will do as president, but as the campaign goes on, his positions solidify and they are far, far more conservative, far more on the side of liberty and the Constitution than those of Clinton, a woman who cannot bring herself to say “Constitution.” With Trump, we have the possibility, and more and more each day, probability, of at least beginning to repair the Obamite damage, and perhaps, of to some degree rebuilding government as the Founders intended.

On the other hand, we know precisely who and what Hillary Clinton is and what she will do. The mere fact that she intends to destroy political speech—the class of speech most protected under the First Amendment—and that she is running on destroying the Second Amendment—the single freedom that protects the rest of the Bill of Rights—should force any American honoring the Constitution and wishing to preserve liberty and reestablish limited government to vote for a ham sandwich rather than Hillary Clinton. And if that isn’t enough, she has committed hundreds of felonies, consistently lied to the FBI, Congress and the American people, has, and will, abandon national security to enrich herself, and cost innumerable American lives. Everything and everyone she and Bubba touch are corrupted or destroyed. Witness the growing number of her minions taking the Fifth in various judicial and law enforcement proceedings.

With Trump, we now have a probability that America will, at the least, sink no further into the swamp of weakness and totalitarianism. With Clinton, there is no question of continuing and worsening damage to liberty and western civilization.

For the sake of all Americans, for the sake of the future, that western civilization will not crumble and the light of liberty will never be extinguished, VOTE.

UPDATE, 102916, 1310 CST:  As Americans discovered on Friday, 10-28-16, the crimes of Hillary Clinton never cease, or at least the discovery of them never ceases.  The most likely reason for FBI Director James Comey to reopen the Clinton e-mail investigation is not that more incriminating e-mails have been discovered.  He knew plenty of additional incriminating e-mails would be likely to surface before he conducted a faux-investigation and essentially exonerated her by requiring mens rae proof the law does not mention or require.  I suspect–and this is mere supposition–the FBI must have something far more serious, something so destructive to national security and the interests of America Comey had to actually enforce the law lest he be caught up in it.  Or at least, he now has to give a more convincing appearance of enforcing the law.

Well America, and Never Trumpers, it’s in your hands now.  Elect a woman that is and always has been a soulless, hateful criminal, who has already sworn to destroy the Constitution, or a man who occasionally says mean things.  If Clinton gets away with all of this before becoming President, what, pray tell, will restrain her from absolute despotism?  Oh, but if the Congress is Republican, they can impeach her!  That bunch of pajama boys?  Impeach the first woman president?  Hillary Clinton?  Right.

America has a chance, or ends, November 8.