50-shades176The graphic illustrating this brief post asks an important question.  Have you, gentle readers, read romance novels, to say nothing of the writings of Anne Rice,   and works like Fifty Shades of Grey?   If you have, you have little doubt of the desires and nature, perhaps often publicly unexpressed, of a great many women.

I’m been amused at reporters, virtually all progressives–I know; I repeat myself–and not a few sanctimonious Republicans feigning shock and moral indignation at the language of Donald Trump.  Particularly hypocritical is Hillary Clinton, whose foul-mouthed rants, and her obscene abuse of those that serve and protect her is the stuff of legend.

While it is incumbent on all men to treat women with kindness and care, and to deal with everyone with sincerity, it does nothing to further the cause of civility to pretend we are devoid of sexual thoughts and feelings and we do not, upon occasion, coarsely express them.  Politics is not a polite tea in one’s parlor, and politicians are not Miss Manners.

It would be wise, in the time remaining to us before November 8, to focus on the issues of life and death, not excruciatingly polite discourse, that will decide, more quickly than was once imaginable, the course of America and of western civilization.