Matthew Apperson

Matthew Apperson

The bizarre case of Matthew Apperson, who tried to kill George Zimmerman, has come to an apparent end, pending appeals. The Orlando Sentinel reports: 

A Seminole County jury found 37-year-old Matthew Apperson guilty last month of attempted second-degree murder, armed aggravated assault and shooting into a vehicle.

This morning Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson handed down the state-mandated minimum: 20 years for shooting at another person with a gun.

Moments earlier Apperson’s wife, Lisa, stood in front of the judge, accused her of making unfair rulings and allowing an innocent man – her husband – to go to jail.

Seminole County authorities, Lisa Apperson said, have ‘given George Zimmerman a golden ticket to go out and do whatever he wants to do.’

Apperson’s mother, Janet White, asked the judge to throw out the verdict and allow her son to go free.

Her son acted in self-defense, she said, and the real bad man here is Zimmerman.

‘We will hold our collective breaths to see what outrageous acts he (Zimmerman) performs next,’ White said.

Matthew Apperson shot at Zimmerman May 11, 2015. Apperson told police that Zimmerman pointed a gun at him first, but Zimmerman told jurors that that was a lie.

Front passenger door window of Zimmerman's vehicle.

Front passenger door window of Zimmerman’s vehicle.

The Orlando Sentinel was the local paper consistently critical of Zimmerman, and sparing of facts harmful to the narrative and prosecution, during the lead up to the Trayvon Martin trial, during the trial and after. The Trayvon Martin case archive is available here.  In this article, they didn’t bother to mention that Zimmerman’s vehicle had very darkly tinted side windows (see Update 45 and Update 48). It would have been impossible for Apperson to have seen Zimmerman doing anything, which is one significant factor that caused the police to accept Zimmerman’s, and not Apperson’s, account. Another is the bullet points of impact and trajectory proves Zimmerman’s window was fully up.

credit: legal insurrection

credit: legal insurrection

Assistant State Attorney Stewart Stone today said if the bullet had been five inches lower, it would have hit its target. [skip]

In court today Zimmerman described Apperson as dangerous.

‘The crux here is Mr. Apperson’s blatant disregard for my life, any life … anybody driving up and down Lake Mary Boulevard,’ Zimmerman told the judge.

He also said that Apperson ‘joyfully bragged’ that he had killed Zimmerman that day.

The Sentinel also neglected to mention Apperson’s long record of previous contacts with the police for his bizarre and aggressive behavior toward others, including his neighbors. The slight mention of one incident that follows is merely one of many.

Apperson has been in jail since July 31, 2015. He had been free on bond, then prosecutors charged him with urinating on his neighbor’s front door, and the judge ruled that that violated the terms of his pretrial release.

Today she cited that as another reason he should not be released on bail now.

The minimum sentence handed down by Judge Debra Nelson is also significant. Nelson, regular readers may remember, is the incredibly biased judge that ultimately presided over the Zimmerman trial, and dismissed Zimmerman’s lawsuit against NBC. I suspect absent the minimum sentence imposed by state law, she would have given Apperson a far more lenient sentence, perhaps even probation.

While Ms. White may be a bit hyperbolic, I suspect I may never be able to stop writing about this case, until someone succeeds in killing Zimmerman.