Well, That’s it. Donald Trump is now officially disqualified. No presidency for him. We know because the Media says so. He wins the prestigious 2016 Louis Renault Award.

Sadly, even some reliably Republican outlets are buying the Democrat scam. 

What horrible, shocking, unimaginable thing did he do? About eleven years ago, someone caught him on an open mic talking about women with stereotypically male, locker room terminology. I’m shocked, shocked! The media wants to convince everyone, particularly women, they should be shocked, shocked too. Women are, after all, a monolithic, protected victim group, entirely beholden to the Democrat party, having no idea men have sexual thoughts about them, and occasionally–OK, often–expressing them aloud, like, well, like men.

credit: nationalreviewonline

credit: nationalreviewonline

However, the media is actually doing America a service, because we now know what disqualifies one from the presidency, at least if “one” happens to be anything other than a far leftist Democrat. A partial list:

*Speaking about women in any sort of sexual manner. The longer ago it happened, the more current it is.

*Suggesting the President, who swears an oath to see that all laws be faithfully enforced, actually enforce the law.

*Suggesting the President–of the United States–really ought to put America and Americans first, particularly in foreign affairs.

*Suggesting America’s military really ought to be–you know–strong enough to fight wars and do other military things if necessary.

*Occasionally saying mean things.

*Occasionally saying things that turn out to be rather stupid.

*Occasionally behaving like a jerk.

*Virtually always behaving like a brash New Yawker.

*Being able to accomplish things others can’t do at any price.

*Paying no income tax because not only did one have no income, one lost about a billion dollars in a single year.

*Daring to have a tall, lean, smart, successful and well-endowed actual fashion model for a wife.

*Daring to be very wealthy, particularly if one amassed that wealth the old fashioned way: by earning it.

*Suggesting people that enter the country illegally ought to be deported, because what they’re doing is, you know, illegal.

*Suggesting that people that overstay their visas ought to go home or be deported.

*Suggesting the Obamacare is an economic disaster, which is neither affordable nor does it provide actual healthcare, and suggesting it ought to be repealed.

*Suggesting trade deals with other countries really ought to be favorable to America.

*Suggesting Global Warming is non-scientific nonsense, and we should not be spending trillions on it.

*Suggesting America shouldn’t abandon its coal, oil and natural gas industries, rather, it should take full advantage of them to make America energy independent of nations inherently hostile to us.

Not being a completely corrupt, insincere, cynical, selfish, stupid professional politician.


I suspect, gentle readers, you get the idea. Now, for your ironic pleasure, a partial list of things that, at least for progressives, well qualify one for the presidency:

*Getting blowjobs under the Resolute desk in the Oval Office.

*Beating, attempting to rape, and actually raping women.

*Having multiple affairs while serving as president.

*Paying an $800,000 dollar settlement to one of the aforementioned women.

*Committing perjury while serving as president, causing the loss of one’s law license.

*Being impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors.

*Hiring private detectives against, and destroying the character, reputations and lives of, women abused by the President.

*Calling those women–“bimbo eruptions”–all manner of cruel and vicious names in the process of destroying their reputations and lives.

*Brutally mistreating White House staff assigned to care for you.

*Badly mistreating military liaisons to the White House.

*Badly mistreating Secret Service Agents assigned to preserve your life.

*Ignoring more than 600 calls for help by an ambassador, resulting in his death and the deaths of three more brave Americans.

*Keeping an American military rescue force on the ground for hours trying to decide whether they would be allowed to fly to the rescue in their uniforms, or whether they should go in civvies and unarmed (they never were allowed to go, but had to change their clothing many times).

*Lying to the American people, and the survivors of the Americans killed, at Benghazi.

*Lying about lying to the American people about Benghazi.

*Operating a pay for play scam out of the Secretary of State’s office.

*Destroying entire nations and enabling the establishment of terrorist armies.

*Illegally obtaining FBI files of political enemies and hiding them in the White House for years.

*Operating an illegal private server to hide one’s criminal acts.

*Destroying evidence under subpoena.

*Lying, repeatedly to the American people, the Congress, and the FBI, about just about everything.

*Lying when the truth would have made far more sense.

*Exposing America’s most sensitive national security secrets to our worst enemies.

*Absolutely corrupting the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Loretta Lynch credit:

Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama

*Weaponizing the IRS.

*Enabling the VA to kill veterans.

*Convincing the Russians they had nothing to fear from America.

*Convincing our allies they absolutely cannot trust America.

*Not only giving Iran political cover to build nuclear weapons, but giving them all the money they need to do that, and to fund terrorism around the globe.

And the list is, tragically, never ending. Obviously, I’m referring not only to Hillary Clinton, but Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and every minion and lackey willingly corrupted by the slightest association with them. How desperately low Democrats have made American’s expectations of the presidency. When a President sees nothing wrong with inviting misogynistic racist felons into the White House, and one of their parole-mandated GPS ankle bracelets goes off, there’s very little water left beneath the presidential keel.

We’re being scammed, gentle readers. This is the same media–and self-imagined elites–that hates each and every one of us out here in flyover country, that thinks us all stupid, uncouth, lacking sophistication, and unable to determine what is best for us, and our families. This is the same media that mocks our faith and our values and morality, yet now lecture us on those same values and morality.  These are the same people that think our support for the Constitution dangerous and foolish, our patriotism laughable.

And this is the same media that praises semi-literate, uneducated “artists” that spout the worst kind of anti-female misogyny, in rhythmic, grotesquely obscene raps. These are people that often do to women what they encourage others to do in their “art.” This, they media believe, is high art. This is the same media that praises movies and literature full of obscenities and blood-drenched violence against women for the sake of violence, with plots that mock all that is good and holy.

This is the same media that worships and abets socialist and communist dictators that slaughter their own people and make war on other peaceful nations. This is the same media that support the narratives of Islamist barbarians that want nothing more than to murder every Jew and every American.

This is the media that gladly gives every lunatic mass murderer as much publicity as they desire, and then blames the Second Amendment and law-abiding gun owners for the copycat carnage their willing assistance of madness and evil makes possible.

And let’s not forget for a moment that most of the media is nothing more than Democrat Party operatives with bylines. They do no more than accurately reflect the policies, philosophies and desires of progressive politicians.

So we have a little, more than a decade old, open mic chat between the boys about women. The women that were the subject of the banter never knew. No one was hurt. National interests and security were not betrayed. Our allies were not betrayed and our enemies were not enriched and encouraged. No law was broken. No one died.

If this disqualifies one from high government office, that’s the end of male participation in politics. As a matter of fact, that’s the end of the participation of most women. I have it on good authority from actual women, the things they say about men, and about other women, behind the scenes are just as mean, disparaging, uncouth, and nasty as anything Donald Trump, or any man, has ever said.


Compare this with one other famous open mic incident between Barack Obama and then Russian President Medvedev, when Obama told Medvedev that after his second election, he would have more “flexibility,” to cave in to Russian demands on missile defense. Medvedev told Obama he would be sure to pass this on to the real Russian power, Vladimir Putin.

An American president caught on an open mic betraying America’s and our allies’ national security, opposed to a bit of locker room banter between two private citizens. If that is truly disqualifying, if that is truly more meaningful and dispositive of a potential president’s policy and fealty to America and the Constitution, we are not seeking to elect presidents, but Saints. Perhaps Mother Theresa will do, but Progressives hate faith, and she’s dead, as are all the rest of the Saints.

This however, may not be a problem for Progressives. After all, they have an active vote fraud agreement with the dead, so why should dead saints be a problem?

Actually, it is a problem. They think Hillary Clinton a progressive saint. Therefore, any that oppose her must be apostates–progressive apostates, mind–and must be destroyed. They’re certainly not fit to be president, even if all they have done is behave as virtually every man has, at one time or another.

This is our choice, gentle readers and “Never Trumpers” all. Donald Trump is far from perfect, and sometimes makes me cringe. He’s far from ideal in almost every way, but he’s the man the Republican process nominated. There will be no other. This is a binary decision set: one or the other. On one hand a man who seems determined to at least try to reverse some of the damage that has been inflicted on America and the world. On the other, a woman that tells us in detail precisely how she will make things worst and destroy the Constitution.

At least Trump made a contrite, realistic apology for unkind things he has said. It is not as servile as many might prefer, but compare that to any “apology” Hillary Clinton has made for acts that have cost lives, damaged national security, and made the world a far more dangerous place. She’s never apologized for her serial insults to the American people, for what she has said. But it’s Donald Trump that threatens America by being, from time to time, rough around the edges, for not being a professional politician?

At least Republicans don’t have a professional politician that thinks if we put too many military personal on Guam, it will flip over and capsize. 

Donald Trump once talked like a man? I’m shocked, shocked!  I guess it’s the media and the elites that deserve the Louis Renault Award after all.

UPDATE, 10-09-16, 1520 CST: Now we discover NBC had the trump footage since it was shot back in 2005, but sat on it until just the right moment: an October surprise that has the potential to change the outcome of the presidential race.    That sort of thing sounds awfully familiar…of course! Rathergate, when CBS ran a false story about George Bush in a transparent attempt to derail his reelection hopes.

NBC had the tape all those years, but then, Trump was a Democrat back then, and NBC was making plenty of money on “The Apprentice.”  Now Trump is a Republican, so, of course, all bets are off and NBC waits until the tape can do maximum damage.

This also clearly exposes a fundamental difference in the parties.  When Bill Clinton was embroiled in sex scandals, the Democrats immediately closed ranks around him and did whatever was necessary to protect him.  As a result, he was impeached but not convicted, and left office with high approval ratings (and much of the furniture and silverware) and became a multi-millionaire.  When Republicans are in trouble, their fellows run out onto the battlefield and bayonet them to demonstrate their virtue. And the Democrats laugh, oh, how they laugh!