090216Donald Trump has demonstrated an annoying, and potentially politically fatal tendency to take distracting political jabs personally. All too often, instead of attacking Hillary Clinton’s very real and very damaging acts, omissions, crimes, character flaws—she’s essentially one large, oven mitt pantsuit wearing character flaw—and corruption, he spends days railing against issues that would be entirely meaningless until he chooses to give them meaning with his petty obsessions. Either his advisors are helpless to stop him and keep him on message, or he is ignoring them, and as November 8 draws ever nearer, these distractions are becoming more and more costly.

Based on the premise that everyone is entitled to my opinion, I provide a partial list—for the crimes and corruption of Hillary Clinton are endless—of responses, which, accompanied by ads featuring Clintons image and lies, and by Trump’s focus on Hillary and on the issues, will carry Donald Trump to victory, and at least give America a chance.

From this day forward, whether attacked by the Clinton campaign, Clinton surrogates, toadies, minions, co-conspirators, the media (I know: one in the same) or debate “moderators,” seeking to distract with trivia, Trump should say:


I’ve said things I’ve regretted. I’m human. I haven’t always treated people as well as I should, and I regret that too. I’ve been a businessman working in a hard world, and I’ve driven hard bargains. I haven’t always been successful in business, but I worked within the law and did my best for my employees, my business partners and my family. Until this campaign, I’ve never been a politician, and most importantly:

I’ve never owned a charity that gave almost no money to the poor.

I’ve never sold much of America’s uranium assets to Russia.

I’ve never sold secrets and military technology to the Chinese for campaign cash.

I’ve never sold a high political office for cash.

I’ve never corrupted everyone near me.

I’ve never expected anyone to take the Fifth or get immunity to protect me.

I’ve never abused members of the Secret Service or military.

I’ve never called about half of America my enemy.

I’ve never called tens of millions of Americans deplorable and irredeemable.

I’ve never flown millions of miles and not only accomplished nothing, but made the world much, much worse.

I’ve never convinced our enemies they have nothing to fear from America.

I’ve never convinced our allies they can’t trust America.

I’ve never created an international vacuum filled by terrorist armies.

I’ve never destroyed an entire nation and allowed it to become overrun by terrorists dedicated to killing every American.

I’ve never ignored more than 600 urgent pleas from an ambassador, in a nation I destroyed, for security to protect Americans from the terrorists I enabled.

I’ve never failed to send military assets to rescue those Americans when they were under terrorist attack.

I’ve never held up military rescue assets for hours on end over whether they should wear American military uniforms, or fly into a terrorist hornet’s nest in civilian clothing and unarmed.

I’ve never lied about that terrorist attack afterward.

I’ve never lied to the survivors of the American heroes that died in that attack over their flag-draped coffins.

I’ve never lied about lying to the survivors.

I’ve never called survivors liars for telling the truth about my lies.

I’ve never lied to Congress—many times.

I’ve never set up an illegal personal server to hide my corruption and crimes.

I’ve never mishandled classified documents.

I’ve never exposed national security secrets to our enemies.

I’ve never told innumerable lies to the American people about my illegal handling of national security secrets.

I’ve never destroyed evidence.

I’ve never entirely corrupted the FBI.

I’ve never entirely corrupted the Department of Justice.

I’ve never used the IRS against American citizens.

I’ve never taken foreign cash in violation of federal law.

I’ve never falsely accused anyone of racism.

I’ve never falsely accused anyone of hating women.

I‘ve never lied about being named after a famous person.

I’ve never lied about being under sniper fire.

I’ve never been fired from a government job for being dishonest.

I’ve never been mentored by anarchists, Marxists or communists.

I’ve never stolen $14,000 dollars in White House furnishings and been forced to give them back.

I’ve never lied about trying to join the Marines.

I’ve never covered up and lied about my health.

I’ve never sold overnight lodging in the White House

I’ve never illegally obtained and held FBI files on political enemies.

I’ve never lied about it when I was found out.

I’ve never hid billing records, which were evidence of my crimes, in the White House.

I’ve never given people with direct family ties to Muslim terrorists access to America’s national security secrets.

I’ve never fired honest White House employees to give their jobs to unqualified cronies.

I’ve never laughed about getting a child rapist acquitted.

I’ve never taken campaign cash from Iran.

I’ve never called every American a racist.

I’ve never done any of that, and so much more. There’s a huge difference between being a private citizen and a politicians whose acts and omissions affect millions, but if I’m elected President, I’ll restore the rule of law, honor my oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and faithfully enforce the law—every law, not just the ones I like, or which benefit my political allies. Our allies will know they can trust us, and our enemies will fear us. Our diplomats will represent America, and our government employees will do their jobs serving the American people, or they’ll be fired. I’ll shrink government, and get it off your backs. Every FBI and DOJ employee will enforce the law in a completely non-partisan manner or they’ll be fired. The IRS will treat every American with dignity and respect, or they’ll be fired.

That’s just the beginning of what will make America great again. We’re going to make America a nation of laws again. It’ll be yuuuuuge!

But first, Mr. Trump has to sublimate his ego, get serious, grow a thick skin, and focus on telling the truth, day after day, never ceasing, about Hillary Clinton. The election remains his to lose.