The United States of America is without peer in generosity, not only of pocketbook, but of spirit. No nation in history has been as altruistic, and as willing to sacrifice blood and treasure for the welfare of others. We give foreign aid–at last count just under $50 billion per year–to 96% of all nations in the world. The amount is likely considerably larger as the means for determining what, exactly, is “foreign aid” are remarkably flexible.

Part of this altruism has always been immigration. Compared to most nations, America’s immigration laws have been remarkably generous. Our immigration bureaucracy has been, at times, well, a bureaucracy with the worst connotations of that word, but the underlying spirit, authorized and supported by the American people, has remained intact.


But then came the age of Obama, a man who not only denigrates America and Americans, but has, through warped philosophy, ignorance, and unbridled hatred of the nation he was elected to administer, has abandoned the rule of law, and particularly in immigration policy. Things were going to hell before Mr. Obama, but he has removed the fire extinguishers and locked the gates.


Not only do hundreds of thousands continue to pour over our Southern border, Mr. Obama is importing tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” from Syria and other surrounding nations, even though his administration admits in so doing, an unknown number of terrorists will be admitted, because we have no way to properly vet those
refugees.” He intends to bring in hundreds of thousands, and so does Hillary Clinton, who has sworn to go even further towards obliterating immigration law and America’s sovereignty than Mr. Obama. Unlike most of what she says, one can count on her to keep this particularly deranged and destructive promise.

The destruction wrought by Barack Obama’s open borders policies continues to mount. A case of leprosy, a third world disease unimaginable in America, has recently been diagnosed in a California school, and other medieval diseases all but wiped out in America long ago are reemerging. Unskilled illegal aliens vie for scarce jobs, and depress the labor market. The Obamites seem to particularly embrace dangerous criminal aliens, refusing to deport them, enabling them to brutalize and murder Americans.

Why? Votes. Democrats believe most illegal immigrants will vote democratic, early, often, and even if they’re dead–especially if they’re dead. It’s well known and often proved that the dead overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. Recently, internal e-mails have surfaced revealing that federal immigration officials have authorized prodigious amounts of overtime for the express purpose of naturalizing as many immigrants as possible before the November 8 election. Democrats are trying to throw out the citizenry and naturalize one more amenable to their designs. Of course, mere hatred of America–that basket of deplorables–also plays a role.

In a recent immigration speech, Donald Trump said: 

We want people to come into our country, but they have to come in legally, through a process…. No one has a right to immigrate to this country.

How outrageous! The raaaaacist! Trump wants people to immigrate under the rule of law, under the processes and requirements set by the American people through their elected representatives. Why, I bet that evil Trump even wants to deny Muslim terrorists entry to America! Can he do that?

Actually, yes–if he’s elected president and restores the rule of law–he can. One of the fundamental determinants of a sovereign nation is that it controls its borders, setting and enforcing entrance and naturalization requirements and standards. No sovereign nation need admit anyone, for there is no such thing as a right to immigrate to another country, or to demand citizenship of another country. Not only does US law, the law President Obama is ignoring, and Hillary Clinton has promised to ignore, make this clear, so does the US Supreme Court, which, in United States ex rel. Knauff v. Shaughnessy (1950) ruled:

At the outset we wish to point out that an alien who seeks admission to this country may not do so under any claim of right. Admission of aliens to the United States is a privilege granted by the sovereign United States Government. Such privilege is granted to an alien only upon such terms as the United States shall prescribe. It must be exercised in accordance with the procedure, which the United States provides.

In brief: no one has a right to immigrate to America. Any seeking to immigrate shall do so under US law. Immigration is a privilege granted under the provisions of US law.

Hillary Clinton begs to differ in this re-tweet in response to Mr. Trump’s aforementioned declaration:


These are current world population figures. Notice America is third, behind China and India, in population density:


There can be no doubt that billions of people would, if they thought it possible, flow into America. The thirty or so million primarily Hispanics, many of which came illegally and remain illegally, have already profoundly altered the character of America. Where would Clinton draw the line? Ten million? A billion? Barack Obama has already thrown tens of thousands out of work via Obamacare and his war on coal and oil. Hillary Clinton has promised to throw everyone working in the coal industry out of work. From where will come the jobs to support a torrent of immigrants? And who will pay the taxes to support tens, even hundreds of billions, of unemployed?


There comes a point, and we may already have reached it, where assimilation is impossible, where America devolves into a vast nation of irreconcilable, warring tribes, where America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, becomes just another conflict zone ripped by ancient hatreds born millennia ago.

There is no doubt: America, the brokest nation in world history, cannot afford to support millions, perhaps billions of people without education, marketable skills, and no desire whatever to become loyal Americans. And even if every potential immigrant Clinton wants to admit wanted nothing more than to become a patriotic, contributing American, we don’t the resources to support them. The “fail by” date of Social Security is continually moved closer as our national debt continues to climb past the stratosphere into deep space. With the kind of immigration Clinton and Democrats embrace, it won’t take long to reach a point where America is as poorly off as the nations many want to flee.

Is Hillary Clinton right? Are we, by admitting only those that will honor and support America, that will be producers rather than parasites, being selfish? Are we ignoring the downtrodden? Are we somehow morally wrong? Are progressives, as they fervently imagine, our moral superiors?

On the contrary, if we don’t preserve America and the means and beliefs that have allowed her to be the light of the world and the savior of billions, the world will descend into utter barbarity. If America becomes a massive, failing welfare state, what need do foreign governments have to reform, to care for their own people? If the peoples of other nations are suffering, it is the fault of their governments, and of their medieval beliefs and practices, of their stubborn failure to embrace modernity and human kindness. It is not our obligation, nor is it rational, to enable their genocidal failures. In fact, it is becoming, more and more, suicidal for America. Where is the morality in that? Where is the moral superiority?

This is what Hillary Clinton embraces. She disagrees with Donald Trump, who supports the rule of law, American sovereignty, and the principle that it is the fundamental job of government to protect the American people.

Are something under half of Americans really intending to make her president? Really?