hillary-drive-through-copyImagine you are an American of little means, but wanting to participate in a presidential election, you scrape together $25.00–all you can manage for the next few months–to donate to your candidate. Imagine your bank statement arrives and you find your $25.00 donation, and than another, and another, and another, the fourth just enough to avoid breaching the $100.00 limit at which most banks must automatically investigate the unauthorized transactions as fraud.

Imagine the FBI and the Federal Election Commission know all about it, and are doing nothing. No, wait: no one has to imagine that.  I’m sure FBI Director Comey will announce any day that Hillary and her minions didn’t intend to make all those fraudulent, unauthorized charges.

It’s happening, all over America, and Americans that probably can’t afford it, people who put their trust in Hillary–are the victims. Hillary Clinton is the culprit, as Joshua Pundit explains: it’s not just about millions. Hillary and her minions are committing fraud on a national scale, and financially raping people credulous enough to give her their hard-earned money.

The Lamestream Media, of course, has nothing to say about this. Gentle readers, you definitely want to take the link and read this one, but be sure you’ve taken your blood pressure meds first.

If the Trump campaign doesn’t ride this like a rented mule through election day, they deserve to lose.