mrz050115dAPRI think, perhaps, I’ve been too hard on Hillary Clinton. It occurred to me only this week she is following in enormous and consequential literary footsteps. It was Mark Twain who wrote that he could remember everything, even things that never happened, and in his advancing age, he was coming to the point he would remember only things that never happened. Emulating Twain is noteworthy, isn’t it? But then again…

Remember Hillary Clinton claiming she was named–at birth–for Sir Edmund Hillary, who climbed Mt. Everest? Remember it was soon revealed he didn’t climb Everest until Hillary was six years old? Until he summited Everest, he was quite unknown. Perhaps Hillary’s parents called her “hey you!” until she was six? And remember when Hillary became the Lioness of Tuzla when she claimed to have heroically braved sniper fire upon landing there? Photos of the event subsequently depicted her receiving greetings from a little girl on the tarmac and leisurely strolling with others, including her daughter, Chelsea. Not a sniper to be seen, unless that little girl suddenly whipped out a concealed .308 and the accompanying press somehow missed it?

There are, of course, many more clumsy, ridiculous lies, but she recently added another, as Ann Coulter reports for Brietbart:  



Hillary told another whopper today, one of her typical I am a heroic woman who has stood up to bullies my whole life lies.

Speaking to a blog called ‘Humans of New York’ on Thursday, Hillary shared a ‘rare personal message’ – as Politico put it. She claimed that when she took the LSAT during her senior year of college, men taking the test shouted at her, saying her admission to law school could cost them their draft deferments, forcing them to go to Vietnam, where they would die.  The moral of the story was that she had to ‘learn as a young woman to control my emotions.’  Brave Hillary!

Golly! Wasn’t Hillary brave, even back then? One might think that, unless, like me, they were actually alive during the Vietnam era and old enough to be potentially drafted. More on this shortly:

Here’s what Hillary said:

‘I was taking a law school admissions test in a big classroom at Harvard. My friend and I were some of the only women in the room. I was feeling nervous. I was a senior in college. I wasn’t sure how well I’d do. And while we’re waiting for the exam to start, a group of men began to yell things like: ‘You don’t need to be here.’ And ‘There’s plenty else you can do.’ It turned into a real ‘pile on.’ One of them even said: ‘If you take my spot, I’ll get drafted, and I’ll go to Vietnam, and I’ll die.’ And they weren’t kidding around. It was intense.

‘It got very personal. But I couldn’t respond. I couldn’t afford to get distracted because I didn’t want to mess up the test. So I just kept looking down, hoping that the proctor would walk in the room. I know that I can be perceived as aloof or cold or unemotional. But I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions. And that’s a hard path to walk.’

The problem with this corny story that only stupid 20-year-old girls would believe is:  Hillary graduated from Wellesley in 1969.   Remember?  That’s when she gave that speech insulting the first black senator since Reconstruction. So her senior year began in autumn, 1968. She says she was a senior during this harrowing experience, which is when the LSAT is normally taken. But the LBJ administration ended all graduate school deferments on February 16, 1968, except for medical, dental and divinity students, when Hillary was still a junior in college.

Perhaps it was that bump on her head that has her confused on dates. Or the trauma of that gunfire she ducked landing in [Tuzla].

That’s what I remembered when first reading the story. Graduate students generally weren’t exempt from the draft. I just had to confirm the dates: Ann Coulter is right. There would have been no reason for any young man taking the LSAT to say what Hillary claimed, particularly since women in law school were anything but rare back then. I’ve seen stats indicating Ivy League law schools had from 7-10% female enrollment.

The Lioness of Tuzla under sniper fire...

The Lioness of Tuzla under sniper fire…

It was Winston Churchill who observed: “nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.” In Hillary’s case, perhaps nothing is as exhilarating as lying about being shot at without result. Hillary later called that whopper a “misstatement,” but that approach to any lie is rather difficult when one has lied repeatedly about the same thing, as John Hinderaker of Powerline reports: 

It turns out that Hillary has told this lie before. In May 2016, she told the identical tale, in strikingly similar words to New York Magazine:

She told a story about the time she and a friend from Wellesley sat for the LSAT at Harvard. We were in this huge, cavernous room, she said. And hundreds of people were taking this test, and there werent many women there. This friend and I were waiting for the test to begin, and the young men around us were like, What do you think [youre] doing? How dare you take a spot from one of us? It was just a relentless harangue. Clinton and her friend were stunned. Theyd spent four safe years at a womens college, where these kinds of gender dynamics didnt apply.

I remember one young man said, If you get into law school and I dont, and I have to go to Vietnam and get killed, its your fault.

 So it wasn’t a slip of the tongue, or a spontaneous flight of fancy. It was part of Hillary’s repertoire of lies.

It would appear Hillary’s repertoire is virtually limitless. Twain would have some small appreciation for her audacity, but would abhor her corruption more. After all, he once observed we have no native American criminal class but Congress, and she was a Senator.  Anticipating Hillary, he also observed, with mock pride, our legislators bring higher prices than any in the world. All these years later, Hillary is trying to one-up Twain.