Twenty percent of living Americans have a direct connection to 9-11. They knew someone, in many cases, loved someone, that died that day and in the aftermath. First responders and those that labored, often in vain, to rescue survivors, continue to die from the complications of inhaling toxic fumes, including the atomized bodies of the victims, at the site. And, with the relentless march of time, twenty percent of Americans have no independent memory of 9-11.

I’ve written about 9-11 from time to time, but this year, more than any other, it’s time to update those memorials. This year, more than any other, will determine whether America rises yet again to the challenge of an implacable enemy that desires nothing less than our individual deaths, and the death of Democracy and western civilization, or whether America slouches off into the kind of socialist paradise now consuming Venezuela, just as our terrorist enemy consumed the Twin Towers.


From September 11, 2001, the Media have been careful to keep photos and footage of Americans leaping to their deaths under wraps. They haven’t been entirely successful, as you’ll see here, but they, and people like Hillary Clinton that would rule us, don’t want us to see. They don’t want us to remember. We’re so stupid we’ll be angered and try to kill innocent Muslims. We can’t differentiate between innocents and combatants, like they, superior moral beings and intellects all, can and do.


This is why Mr. Obama and his entire administration won’t use the wrong words, words like “Islamist terror.” We’re just too excitable. We’re too dangerous. We’re a basket full of deplorables.  And we cling to God and guns, a terribly dangerous combination.

Whenever another terrorist atrocity occurs, Barack Obama and his minions exert every effort to exhort us not to do something crazy, like directly and accurately identify Islamist terrorists, or try to stop and kill those bent on killing us. Look at the men and women, falling at terminal velocity–about 125 MPH–to their deaths, knowing in those few seconds of terror and grace they were about to be smashed into bloody stains on the pavement unrecognizable as human beings, and tell me how any rational being with the slightest shred of human decency can give a moment’s caring for the inhuman beasts whose actions forced Americans to make the choice of jumping rather than burning alive.

On 9-11, I’m supposed to care about the demons that slowly, painfully cut off the heads of innocents with knives? I’m supposed to avoid feeling anger toward barbarians that burn men, women and children alive, that drown people in cages, that crucify them, that rape, mutilate and torture women and children, and that would gladly do all of that and worse to our loved ones? I’m supposed to ignore the intentions and constant machinations of the Iranians, who Mr. Obama has handsomely funded in the manner of a money-laundering drug lord, as they kill Americans around the world and work every day toward nuclear weapons they will use against Israel and us?


Whether half of the Congress will admit it or not, we are in a war that will determine whether America will continue to lead the upward march of civilization and human achievement, or the world will plunge back into darkness, never to rise again.

Whether half of the American public will admit it, no war is over until both sides agree it is over, when the losers have no choice but to feel utterly and completely defeated.

Remember that when politicians claim to be upholding American values by destroying the men and women of our intelligence agencies that face more stress and danger than their tiny, traitorous brains are capable of processing.

Remember that when Hillary Clinton lies about the deaths of brave Americans in Benghazi.

Remember that when politicians and reporters release national security secrets to our enemies.

Remember that when politicians apologize for defending America and sneer, believing in their intellectual superiority.

Above all, remember that when you vote, because if these people have their way, the least of our worries will be whether the government will hand out free Obama phones or whether we were sufficiently empathetic with our enemies.

On this day, truly a day that transformed the world, let us remember, let us never forget, let every politician be afraid to try to make us forget:


We are at war.  We were long before 9-11 and will be far into the future regardless of the declarations of politicians or the presence or absence of armies in the field. Peace is not merely the absence of armed conflict, though we have plenty of that.

Our enemy is Islamic Jihadists and all those individuals and nations that support them.

Failing to name those enemies and to be fully informed about what they’ve done, and what they intend to do, is not only foolish, it’s unworthy of Americans and suicidal.  It began when the lamestream media refused to show footage of Americans falling to their deaths from the Twin Towers rather than perish in the flames, and continues to this day as more and more Islamists attack on American soil.

In many ways, the media is the enemy of America and Americans.

We must be willing to oppose–even unto killing–our genuine enemies–the ravening beasts that live to kill us and all we hold dear.  This is no longer a given, particularly among the political class.

George W. Bush was right:  If you’re not for us, you’re against us in this worldwide Jihad.

Our enemies can’t be appeased and their very faith informs them to lie in negotiations.  They must be utterly defeated.

The goal of our enemy is nothing less then world domination. Their faith specifically demands it, and tells them exactly how to go about it.

When Iran and any other Islamist enemy obtain nuclear weapons, they will use them.

If we can no longer summon the righteous anger that feeds an unquenchable fire to destroy the enemies of liberty and democracy, if even 9-11 cannot serve that purpose, America has no future.  It’s only a matter of time, and time grows short.

We cannot hide from those that wish to kill us. They use the very technologies we have created that have shrunk the world, even though they cannot design, build or maintain them.

Our military is the only force keeping masses of bloodthirsty murderers from our shores, and it is withering at the orders of Progressives who think non-existent global warming the greatest national security threat.

Whenever terrorists kill Americans, our political betters solemnly intone “we may never know their motivations.” We deplorables in Hillary’s basket know.

Hillary Clinton claims ISIS–her creation with the help of Barack Obama–wants Donald Trump to become president. Jihadists fear only strength. Hillary Clinton is its opposite.

American Flag

God will bless the USA–if we accept the responsibility for strength and leadership that goes with recognizing such precious blessings.  On 09-11-2016, when it is clear that the majority of the leadership of the Democrat party rejects God and any sense of fiscal and national security sanity, that remains in doubt.

God will also bless any nation that stands with his chosen people.

On 9-11-16, All hope is not gone, but it is certainly not perpetual.  God grant we make the right choice in November, to honor those we lost 15 years ago, and to make possible an American future for those without a memory of that day.