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credit: nro

The investigation into the death of Milwaukee social justice holy martyr Slyville Smith continues, but several new tidbits of information have been released:

 Black Lives Matter protesters and other criminals who are rioting in Milwaukee should have waited until all the facts were in BEFORE destroying the city. If the marauding hordes had waited until this one very important piece of evidence had been reviewed, the folks living in the Sherman Park neighborhood might still have a local gas station, several businesses, and a fully functional bank.

I know this is only an introduction, but the kind of people anxious to commit arson, among other felony crimes, aren’t going to wait for definitive evidence. Like Barack Obama, they won’t let a good social justice crisis go to waste. As I noted in the first article of this series, the facts and truth just don’t matter. The police could have video of Smith raping a troop of Girl Scouts, and BLM/SJ cractivists wouldn’t allow that to get in the way of the proper narrative, or of a violent and potentially profitable response. There are drug stores to be looted for drugs and cash, conveniences stores to be looted, and willing local politicians will virtually always provide space to destroy, as Stephanie Rawlings Blake, Baltimore’s Mayor, did.

But apparently in Milwaukee, even a Democrat mayor didn’t have sufficient room to maneuver:

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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett [D-gray hair above] has reviewed the body camera the black police officer was wearing and can now confirm Slyville Smith did indeed have a gun.

Not only was the black man with a criminal record armed, but he pulled his weapon and pointed it at the police officer.

The black police officer ‘acted responsibly,’ according to the mayor, who has called for law and order to be restored to the Sherman Park neighborhood in Milwaukee.

During a press conference, Mayor Barrett said he was able to have a still image pulled from the officer’s body camera. The image showed a gun in Smith’s hand, WISTV News reports.

BLM/SJ cracktivists continue to take full advantage of the situation:

credit: nydailynews

credit: nydailynews

On Sunday night, another person what shot in Milwaukee.

As two dozen police officers adorned in riot gear worked diligently to confront 150 rioters blocking an intersection, a member of the crowd was hit by flying bullets.

The bullets may likely have been intended for the police officers. The rioters had thrown rocks and bottles at police throughout the evening.

The wounded man was rushed to a local hospital from the scene in an armored vehicle.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn told the media that Sylville Smith’s death remained under investigation, but based on the video evidence, the police officer ‘certainly appeared to be within lawful bounds.’

‘It [the gun] was in his hand. He was raising up with it,’ the Chief Flynn added.

The black officer aimed and fired in self-defense, hitting Smith in both the chest and arm—not in the back as some Black Lives Matter rioters have claimed.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said Smith had been arrested 13 times on a variety of charges.

Keep in mind Flynn and Clarke are very much at odds, which is not surprising. No one becomes police chief in a Democrat controlled city like Milwaukee without being willing to parrot the ever-changing social justice/progressive narrative. Clarke, on the other hand, is an elected official and very much a law and order Sheriff.

The Lamestream Media remains very much unwilling to report on the reality of Milwaukee and other urban cesspools, as local station Fox2 reports: 

The song’s become the same.

Cop shoots black man. Angry crowd gathers egged on by the bright lights of the media.  The cops back out. The corner burns.

The cops come back. The crowd goes away. The corner is ash. With nothing more to see, the media packs up its lights waiting for the next one.

No elected leader has come to this corner in Milwaukee – the black side of Milwaukee.  Not the mayor. Not the sheriff. Not the governor. Not the presidential candidates. They talk big from far away.  But the corner runs itself.

‘You have an accomplished liberal mainstream media here in Milwaukee, but this is also happening nationwide,’ said Sheriff David Clarke, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, to FOX News. ‘It is afraid to ask this dysfunctional underclass for some self-evaluation.

Afraid? I suspect its more a matter of agreement with every failed, utterly destructive and dysfunctional progressive policy that has relegated black inner city dwellers to crime, poverty and degradation for generations.

The Democratic Party has failed and betrayed the African-American community,’ said Donald Trump, Republican nominee for president.

Progressive rumors/narrative abound:

I heard there was always some beef with them,’ said Lolita Thurman, Smith’s second mother. ‘You know, it was something with Slyville and the guy and his girlfriend or something like that. The baby mama or something.’

‘He’s our age, he’s black too, and he knows Slyville,’ said Kenzell Young, who knew both of them. ‘And he knows Slyville. That’s real ironic to me that makes me feel like that it was more than just being a police officer. I feel like there was some personal feelings in there too.

Or it just might have been as simple as a criminal pulling a gun on a police officer. There’s not a great deal of irony in that.

Around here, you might say the true City Hall is located on Burleigh Street just down the way from the gas station rubble – The Fo – Sho’ barber shop.

‘Yeah, we need help, we need help in Sherman Park,’ said Johnny Miller, a Milwaukee resident. ‘Every community around the country needs help because they are putting all the money downtown and those shiny big giant buildings they’re building downtown. They employing people but they’re not my color, they’re not me.’

‘Now you got kids that’s out here with no fathers because they got (taken) out the house because of the government programs,’ said Andrae Virgil, owner of the barber shop. ‘To get benefits.

As one might hope, some residents see things clearly:

Us black people, we got so many excuses why this is happening, why this is going on and why this is,’ said Nicole Henderson, Milwaukee resident. ‘And why this is going on and why that’s going on. But the real effect is take responsibility.

There’s jobs out here. Go find ’em. Go find ’em. I was a single mama. I worked every damned day. I take care of all my children. I don’t need a man to do what I got to do. There are too many excuses.

Burning that (expletive) up over there? Man, listen. It starts at home. Mama, daddy, one of you take responsibility. Snatch your damn kid up and let them know this ain’t what it is. This ain’t how I take care of you. Get it together.

Good advice.  Not so good advice:

The Wisconsin attorney general said today that the body camera footage would not be released for fear of prejudicing the investigation. An expected move but every day that goes by, the rumors grow larger.

“Prejudicing the investigation?” Generally speaking, one doesn’t release such things until an investigation is complete, but in this case, the content has already been released. What harm might showing the actual footage cause? Assuming the footage actually shows what the Police Chief and Mayor have described, the effects can only be positive. Of course, such things won’t matter to the thugs taking advantage of the situation, but it will matter to people like Nicole Henderson, and will help make her job easier.

Media non-coverage of the events surrounding Smith’s death continue: 


On Wednesday, the Daily Caller’s David Hookstead said Facebook suspended his account for 24 hours over a meme of Sylville Smith, the armed black man shot and killed by police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The meme, he explained, showed Smith holding a Glock with the caption, ‘2nd Place Milwaukee, WI Quick Draw Competition.’  The picture, he said, is ‘blowing up’ on Reddit, so he posted it on a Facebook page he ran in college with a group of friends.

‘Soon my personal account was suspended pending review, and there is the possibility it will be banned forever,’ he wrote.

Smith was shot and killed after pulling a gun on Milwaukee police officers, and refusing to put it down.

So until further notice I’m sitting in Facebook prison, and Facebook’s reputation of censoring conservative views continues to grow.

What?! A social media site hostile to conservative ideas and images? How can this be?

Final Thoughts:

In the near future, the Slyville Smith shooting will be ruled justified. Absent any evidence contradicting what the Democrat Mayor of Milwaukee and a Democrat-approved police chief have already stated, there can be no other outcome. The Obama DOJ will, of course, find some way to take absolute control of policing in Milwaukee, which will be to the advantage of BLM and social justice cracktivists, and of course, criminals, but I repeat myself.

Officer Dominique Heaggan’s career in Wilwaukee, and likely in law enforcement, is almost certainly over. The truth, and evidence, mean nothing to the social justice mob, and he’ll forevermore carry a large, glowing target on his back, whether in or out of uniform. That he could continue to function as a patrol officer in Milwaukee is almost unimaginable. Not only would he be a bullet magnet, any officer near him would be in constant danger.

This is a horrifically dangerous trend: any police officer that has to shoot a black criminal, even if the shooting is entirely lawful and absolutely tactically necessary, even if the officer’s actions were professionally flawless, loses his career, and potentially, his life.

The only way to mitigate this danger is to have no tolerance for lies, which includes virtually every social justice narrative. Even the attempt to riot must be dealt with without waffling or hesitation. The rule of law can exist only if it exists for everyone, regardless of their race or supposed grievance. The criminal justice system can never be a means of dealing with social issues or manufactured wrongs. That’s the realm of politics, but the contemporary inclination, particularly when Democrats are involved, is to make the criminal law a slave to partisan politics.

If America is to survive, that must quickly become a thing of the past, a bizarre, unfathomable footnote to history. Of course, until Barack Obama is out of office, and social experimenters are eradicated from the Department of Justice, that process cannot begin on a national level. However, local officials can choose to uphold the rule of law, and deal with real or imagined grievances through the political process.

One wonders what will have to happen before the tide turns back toward civilization? Or, for that matter, if it is any longer possible to turn back the tide.