DOJ Civil Rights Head Vanita Gupta (L) and AG Loretta Lynch (R) credit: nationalreviewonline

DOJ Civil Rights Head Vanita Gupta (L) and AG Loretta Lynch (R)
credit: nationalreviewonline

Imagine, gentle readers, a supposedly scientific study into a new treatment for a deadly disease. The study purports to demonstrate that the new treatment is nearly 100% effective. Sounds great, no? Great, that is, until one discovers the “scientists” did not include in their methodology a protocol for determining whether the patients given the new drug actually had the disease. They produced reams of paper and innumerable data points, and cured everybody, but didn’t bother to factor in the single most important issue.

The Obama/Lynch Department of Justice’s report, titled Investigation Of The Baltimore City Police Department, was released this week. Its conclusions could have been written before the first man hour was expended, and probably were. The BPD is racist, of course, and this racism is not incidental, confined to some people and some incidents, but is absolutely systemic. This is unsurprising in that the DOJ’s investigations into police agencies always discover systemic racism, which is easy if the standard for finding such things is statistical disparity. More on this shortly.

First, however, we must consider how it is cities, particularly large cities, are so consistently cesspools of racism and social dysfunction? Baltimore is, in this, unremarkable. Baltimore has been in solidly Democrat hands for 49 years–every mayor from 1967 until the present has been a Democrat. In fact, in the last 69 years, there was only a single Republican mayor: Theodore McKeldin (1963-1967). One may be relatively certain he was unable to clean out all of the democrat permanent bureaucracy, even if he were so inclined.

Urban Democrat politicians are, rhetorically, all about the salvation of their poor, black constituents, yet under their ministrations, crime runs rampant, the police are evil racists, most minority families are basket cases, unemployment among minorities reaches stratospheric heights, and the very people they so claim to love and want to uplift are mired in misery, despite the fact these politicians have absolute control of the levers of power and the money and influence that throws them. How can this be? Everyone knows Democrats care deeply for minorities and the poor, while Republicans want to kill them all, so how can this be? Coincidence?

And what of the Baltimore Police Department? Is it staffed entirely with white racists somehow immune from the orders and rhetorical good intentions of the politicians that have, by statute and in fact, absolute control over their continuing employment? Consider this from the Daily Caller: 

courtesy of: ackbarsays

courtesy of: ackbarsays

Of the 2,745 active duty police officers in the department — 1,445 — more than half–[53%]–are African-American, Hispanic, Asian or Native American, according to data provided by the Baltimore police department to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Four of its top six commanders are either African-American or Hispanic.

More than 60 percent of the incumbents at the highest command levels hail from minority communities.

Among the 46 Baltimore police officers who hold the rank of captain and above, 25 are from ethnic or racial minority groups. That constitutes 54 percent of the command leadership.

In other words, Baltimore is a black-majority city led by a police force whose officers are mostly racial minorities as well.

‘I’m not shocked by the numbers. The Baltimore department is representative of the community as a whole at every level of the organization,’ said Darrell W. Stephens, executive director of the Major Cities Chiefs Association in an interview with The DCNF. ‘It’s not just the command staff. It’s at all the way through.

More than half of officers are minorities, and one may be sure most of those are black. Three of the officers charged in the Freddie Gray case, William Porter, Caesar Goodson and Alicia White, were black. Are all of these black–and other minority–officers somehow brainwashed? Did they take a secret oath to violate the Constitution and racially abuse the black citizens of Baltimore?

How can this be?

One must keep some interesting facts in mind. The many agencies of the federal government often engage in a clever scam: they work with advocacy groups like the Sierra Club to get policies they cannot obtain through ethical, legal means. It works like this. The Environmental Protection Agency wants to spend huge sums of money on the Arctic Woodtick, whose habitat is being threatened by a highway under construction 200 miles from its habitat. Unfortunately, woodticks, being disease-carrying, blood-sucking parasites, aren’t terribly sympathetic creatures, and there is no way even the EPA can fudge data to demonstrate the 200 mile distant highway will have any effect of the tick’s habitat or survival. They have no authority to do anything about it, and the Congress isn’t about to give them any, but that’s not a problem. The EPA calls the Woodtick Fund and the Woodtick Fund agrees to sue the EPA to force it to protect the Arctic Woodtick. The EPA, served with the lawsuit, collapses and its lawyers sign an agreement with the Woodtick Fund’s lawyers to do what the EPA wanted to do in the first place. Signed, sealed and delivered by a federal judge, the EPA is now legally required to write regulations, spend money, stop construction, etc. that it always wanted to do. The Woodtick Fund, of course, is much, much richer.  Yes. This sort of thing happens all the time, and it costs taxpayers billions.


Note this from the executive summary of the DOJ Baltimore report:

After engaging in a thorough investigation, initiated at the request of the City of Baltimore and BPD, the Department of Justice concludes that there is reasonable cause to believe that BPD engages in a pattern or practice of conduct that violates the Constitution or federal law. BPD engages in a pattern or practice of:

(1) making unconstitutional stops, searches, and arrests;

(2) using enforcement strategies that produce severe and unjustified disparities in the rates of stops, searches and arrests of African Americans;

(3) using excessive force; and

(4) retaliating against people engaging in constitutionally-protected expression.

Hmm. The Democrats in charge of the BPD asked the DOJ to give them what they always wanted, and now, the DOJ will have functional, daily control of the BPD for decades, if not eternally. But why?

I’ve read the DOJ Report. It reads very much like the DOJ Ferguson report, and every similar report it has done in recent years. I’m not going to quote further from it. If you’ve a strong stomach, take the link and see for yourself. The invaluable Heather MacDonald, however, has some useful commentary at National Review: 



…Baltimore was experiencing the bloodiest year in its history, measured on a per capita basis. Shootings, homicides, and robberies surged after the April 2015 riots triggered by the accidental death of drug dealer Freddie Gray following an arrest. Nearly two-dozen children were killed in 2015. Baltimore’s homicide count matched that of New York City’s, a city 13 and a half times Baltimore’s size.

Unfortunately, such crime merits but a few passing references in the 163-page report on the Baltimore Police Department released yesterday by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The Justice Department accuses the Baltimore police of a pattern or practice of violating blacks’ civil rights. Justice’s methodology for reaching that conclusion is by now drearily familiar: Because blacks are stopped and arrested by the Baltimore police at a higher rate than their representation in the Baltimore population, the police are guilty of racial bias.

This, gentle readers, is statistical disparity. If the black population of a city is 28%, but blacks represent 90% of all arrests, to the DOJ, this is prima facie evidence of racism. This approach, of course, is lunacy. One must know, first and foremost, whether that black population actually committed those offenses. If they did, that fact alone directly suggests the police are doing their jobs as the public intends.

This use of a population benchmark to analyze police activity is preposterously misguided, given the large disparities in rates of criminal victimization and crime commission. In 2015, more than 90 percent of Baltimore’s homicide victims were black, even though blacks are only 63 percent of the city’s population. Though the police department does not report the race of criminals, it is certain that at least 90 percent of homicide and shootings suspects in Baltimore are also black. To expect police activity to match population ratios when crime commission is not evenly spread throughout the population is either disingenuous or disqualifyingly ignorant.

Obviously, this approach is neither scientific nor rational, but it gives the DOJ, and the predominantly black politicians that run Baltimore, the ability to shut down certain police practices, and when that inevitably results in disaster, they can blame the Feds, the feds they asked to do what they wanted in the first place. They have two primary concerns:

(1) making unconstitutional stops, searches, and arrests;

(2) using enforcement strategies that produce severe and unjustified disparities in the rates of stops, searches and arrests of African Americans;

They don’t want the police to make Terry stops. They don’t want officers stopping suspicious people doing suspicious things in suspicious ways in high crime, minority neighborhoods, and they don’t want black people arrested.

“But some of those black people are committing serious crimes!”

Of course they are, but the politicians are smart enough to know they can’t change black urban culture. After all, it is a culture for which they are primarily responsible. They created it over decades with failed policies. One of the most obvious indicators of their horrific failure is the black crime and arrest rate. They have to do something about that, so the obvious, politically correct choice, is to keep the police from making stops and arrests, and when the crime rate goes through the roof, they can blame the Police, and if that fails, the Feds. That will work particularly well if a Republican happens to be in the White House at the time.

This is what passes for scientific “investigation? in the Lynch/Obama DOJ:



The Justice Department’s latest sally against proactive policing has been ecstatically received by the mainstream media, which have dwelt lovingly on the policing disparities highlighted in the report: 44 percent of the stops made by the Baltimore police between 2010 and 2015 occurred in two small, predominantly black districts containing only 11 percent of the city’s population; blacks accounted for 86 percent of all criminal offenses charged by the police; blacks are arrested for drug possession at five times the rate of whites.

The report claims that the arrest data are particularly skewed for more discretionary types of enforcement, thus allegedly revealing police bias in its most exposed and overt form. Blacks accounted for 87 percent of resisting-arrest charges; 89 percent of charges for making a false statement to an officer; 84 percent of failing-to-obey-an-order charges; 86 percent of hindering or obstruction charges; 83 percent of disorderly conduct arrests; and 88 percent of trespassing-on-posted-property arrests.

In fact, those numbers are not skewed at all compared to blacks’ 86 percent portion of all arrests, which include property and violent crimes. Low-level-misdemeanor enforcement simply tracks felony crime, and is not racially driven.

Hmm. Is it possible culture has something to do with this? Might black people in Baltimore, people who have very high rates of criminal behavior, be more likely than law abiding people to lie to the police or to resist arrest, or does systemic police racism explain everything? If the DOJ bothered to ask and investigate such issues, the results don’t appear in the report.



Never asked in the report is what those numbers represent. What, for example, goes on in those two districts accounting for 44 percent of all stops? Might they contain a vastly disproportionate number of criminal victimizations? Is open-air drug trafficking terrorizing the law-abiding residents there? We never learn. The report presents such data as prima facie evidence of arbitrary, bias-driven policing. But if stops are so concentrated in those two districts, the police are not in fact indiscriminately stopping every black person, but are presumably targeting the highest-crime areas — unless DOJ thinks that cops in those two districts are for some mysterious reason even more racist than those in other districts.

It is simply beyond the ken of the attorneys in DOJ’s Civil Rights Division that perhaps blacks make up 87 percent of resisting-arrest charges because they resist arrest at a higher rate than their population ratios, but consistent with their crime rates. Ed Norris served as deputy commissioner in the New York Police Department and as the Baltimore police commissioner from 2000 to 2002. The ‘level of violence in the streets here [in Baltimore] and the willingness to fight with the police is much worse than what I experienced in NYC,’ he says. ‘It really does need to be seen to understand what it’s like here.

By all means, take the link and read the rest of MacDonald’s article. On issues of race and policing, she is the unquestionable authority.

Final Thoughts:

I am not familiar with the BPD. Is it a genuinely racist police force? I have no idea, but I do know that the DOJ report does not, for a moment, prove any of its foregone conclusions. As social science, it is corrupt, incredibly poorly done and laughable. It is a thoroughly political, social justice document.



The dramatic and deadly increase in the Baltimore crime rate, in a single year, as a direct result of the Freddie Gray officer persecutions, cannot be explained away. It is but a foretaste of what is to come.

As I’ve explained in earlier articles in this series, BPD officers are abandoning the agency in droves, and the BPD is finding recruiting to be difficult indeed. It will find, if it has not already, that the kinds of people applying are not the people any rational law enforcement agency wants anywhere near a patrol car.

I’m sure at least a few fearless–or crazy–BPD officers were continuing to do Terry stops during the last year. With this DOJ report and the regulations that will surely follow, no BPD officer will stick their neck out where black criminals are concerned. Policing that prevents crimes will no longer be seen in Baltimore.  Marilyn Mosby has made it abundantly clear she will continue to persecute the police, and officers recently voluntarily and unanimously doubled their union dues to build up a sufficient cash reserve to defend them when Mosby finds a new Freddie Gray.

DOJ daily operational control of the BPD will be a boon for local politicians, who will get enormous political juice, and not a little federal graft.

“But wait a minute! The crime rate has gone out of control, and this is going to make things worse. How can that make sense?”

It doesn’t, but remember, making sense applies only to the rule of law, not to social justice/progressivism. Progressive policies can never be wrong. If they appear to be wrong, that can only be because they haven’t had sufficient time to work their wonders, they haven’t been applied hard or strictly enough, not enough money has been spent, or something or someone is getting in their way.

Blocking Terry stops and the arrests of black criminals has produced an incredible, unprecedented increase in crime in poor, black neighborhoods, particularly two neighborhoods in Baltimore. Now the BPD will experience the same do-nothing policy, but harder and more strictly applied. A great deal more money will be spent on failed policies and programs, and perhaps the officers were somehow getting in the way of a worthy social justice goal, but the DOJ is on the job, and they won’t be able to get away with it anymore.

The results will be surprising only to the social justice infected idiots involved. The crime rate will continue to rise, unprecedented numbers of black Baltimore citizens will be victimized–by almost exclusively black criminals–many innocents and criminals will die, the size and quality of the BPD will continue to decline, and the societal costs will continue to rise. Oh yes, more and more police officers, in Baltimore and across the nation, will be attacked and killed.

Freddie Gray’s death was a freakish accident, an accident he caused. The deaths of the last year, and the years to come, are the fault of the politicians and racists at the DOJ, and in Baltimore, that prevented the police from doing their jobs. The Mosby-caused disaster continues, unabated.