Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 9.26.57 PMIn 19 year-old Ginny thrasher, we see why so many women are taking up shooting. Not only do shooting skills increase confidence, hand-to-eye coordination, and the ability to concentrate, women can do as well as men in the shooting sports, and often do. At our last state-mandated qualification shoot for a concealed weapons license, I shot a perfect score, and Mrs. Manor shot only one point less, beating the remainder of the class–all men–by a significant margin. The LA Times–of all sources–reports:



After the first round of the final, she was third, then jumped to first in the second round and stayed near the top as the field narrowed one by one until she beat Li Du, the 2004 and 2008 Olympic gold medalist, in the ninth round of the series.

Three years ago, Thrasher, then a student at West Springfield (Va.) High, was 43rd at the junior nationals. The year before, around the time of the London Olympics, she hadn’t even picked up the sport.



‘I started shooting that August and I remember watching the Games and watching the men’s air rifle event,’ Thrasher said. “I didn’t even know the rules or how it worked. I’m very thankful to be here four years later.”

Growing up, Thrasher had designs on being a figure skater. But by the time she entered high school that looked like a long-term nonstarter.

‘I would go figure skate in the morning and then go to school and then go to rifle practice right after,’ she said. ‘Figure skating for me was always a nice outlet. It was good exercise. It helped my balance. It was a good amount of social time. For me it was something that I loved but it was a hobby. I kind of dreamed about going to the Olympics but it was a very unrealistic dream.’[skip]

‘About halfway through the final I knew I was in contention for a medal and that was a great feeling obviously,’ Thrasher said. ‘But I had to go and push that thought away and come back and focus on shooting. . . . I’m just very proud to start off the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in such a positive manner for my country.

It’s always heartwarming to see such a combination of skill, humility and patriotism. Ginny Thrasher is a class act. Unfortunately, not everyone, particularly not American Leftists, appreciate such thing, as Legal Insurrection reports: 

Yesterday in Rio, 19-year-old Ginny Thrasher won the USA’s first gold medal in the 2016 Olympics; she won the women’s 10-meter air rifle finals to the excitement and pride of every American.  Well, almost every American, the backlash from the left runs the gambit from droll to downright nasty and mean-spirited.

One would think that Leftists, who claim to be entirely supportive of women struggling against the evil Republican “war against women,” would be very pleased with Thrasher’s accomplishment. Not only did she shatter a world record, she shattered, as leftists would say, yet another glass ceiling.

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Unfortunately, Leftists support only victim groups willing to either fully support their narrative, or at the least, willing to shut up and remain victims. They also have no patience or appreciation for patriotism, and even less for guns of any sort. What small, perpetually aggrieved and angry people they are, what empty souls.

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People willing to recognize excellence and to take pleasure in the accomplishments of others can appreciate Thrasher’s good nature and lack of ego. She explained she’ll return to school only 20 hours before her first class of the year and after winning an Olympic gold medal, will be in physics class, just another student.

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It would help to remember that the shooting fraternity has always been based on merit and character. Everyone, and particularly women, has always been welcome, as more and more women are discovering as they explore the shooting sports. In reality, there is no “glass ceiling” in shooting. Women best men every day, everywhere.

SMM congratulates Ginny Thrasher, student, woman, Olympic champion, American.