april-9-2015-the-presidents-wave-aligns-with-a-rainbow-as-he-boards-air-force-one-at-norman-manley-international-airport-prior-to-departure-from-kingston-jamaica-1024x637We now know, thanks to the Ben Rhodes, Barack Obama’s spectacularly unqualified National Security Advisor, that the Iran “deal”, which really isn’t a deal at all, was a lie from the start. Rhodes admitted to The New York Times that he spun a fable about Iranian moderates which gullible reports, who Rhodes chortled didn’t know anything, bought hook line and sinker. The Iranians have, since the supposed completion of the deal given very different versions of their understanding of its requirements than the Obama Administration, and have continued their nuclear weapon and ballistic missile development apace. Now comes The New York Post, which has provided a helpful list of Mr. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize worthy accomplishments under the deal: 


Under the deal, Obama said, ‘We will, for the first time, be in a position to verify all of [Iran’s] commitments.’ A year later, we have less information about Iran’s nuclear activities than we did before the pact.

Let’s not forget that Secretary Kerry said we had “absolute knowledge” of Iran’s previous nuclear activities before the completion of the deal.

Washington will get full access to any military and ‘suspicious’ location; Iran’s failure to allow it would result in a ‘snap back’ of sanctions, said Kerry. Huh: The deal turns out to include an unprecedented arrangement that relies on Iran to ‘self-inspect’ its Parchin military complex. Iran continues to deny access to Parchin and other key sites, citing the agreement to let it self-inspect.

Funny. I don’t hear any snapping sounds.

credit: wattsupwiththat.com

credit: wattsupwiththat.com

 Kerry insisted the deal contained ‘the exact same language’ as UN resolutions prohibiting ballistic-missile development. Iran has since revealed a loophole that allows such development — which it’s been exploiting, while Team Obama now says it isn’t a violation. Kerry says he wants a ‘new arrangement’ on the issue but agrees Washington is ‘powerless’ to stop the missile program.

Obama insisted the deal left a ‘one-year breakout time’ for Iran to get the bomb if it violated the agreement. Other experts say it’s more like seven months — and the latest International Atomic Energy Agency report omits data that makes it possible to calculate.

Wait a minute! I seem to remember Mr. Obama claiming Iran would be prevented from building nuclear weapons for at least ten years. And then it would be OK, of course…

 Iranian nuclear cooperation with North Korea would be ‘a gross violation . . . and we would take action,’ said Kerry last year. Evidence since then shows Tehran has imported nuclear technology from Pyongyang.

Cool! So what’s the action we’re taking? Secretary Kerry? Is anyone there?


Obama swore the United States would ‘maintain powerful sanctions’ on Iran for its sponsorship of terrorism. Since then, he has opposed all congressional non-nuclear sanctions bills, and Kerry has pushed non-US banks to resume business with Iran.

As I recall, we’ve also given Iran billions and billions of dollars, which they have immediately cycled to their military and terrorist proxies around the world.

Kerry vowed ‘we will never, ever stop’ holding Iran to account for human-rights violations. Yet Washington hasn’t sanctioned Iran on a single case.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew insisted sanctions relief would not change the level of Iran’s support of terrorism. Post-relief, Iran approved a 90 percent increase in military spending.

Ooopsy! Those wascawy Iwaneians!

Obama said the deal would allow Iran ‘to move toward a constructive relationship with the world community.’ Funny: Iran continues to threaten Israel with destruction, has launched cyber-attacks against the United States, holds Americans and other Westerners as hostages and illegally seized US sailors.

Well, revealing how incompetent our Navy in that part of the world is was constructive, wasn’t it?

Barack Obama imagines this will be the crowning jewel of his presidential legacy. I agree, and it will look very much like this:

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credit: youtube