Islam-and-Gays-copyHerein, a few random thoughts about gays, Orlando, Islam, guns and liberty. Normally, I could care less about what gays, or any group, subgroup, organization or conclave under the LGBTQWERTY umbrella or rainbow thinks or does. I deal with human beings as individuals. They earn my respect or scorn by their actions, by the content of their character–or lack thereof–and the kindness and sincerity–or lack thereof–with which they treat others.

However, when gays–or anyone–forces others to do their bidding against their sincerely held religious convictions, when they destroy their businesses and their lives when all they had to do–for example–was walk down the street to another bakery that would have been glad to make them a wedding cake, they reveal themselves to be stupid, malicious thugs, and hold the incredibly low place in my regard such social parasites must hold.

We should all, every American, be saddened by the loss of life in Orlando, and by the injuries suffered by so many others. We should pray for them, and their survivors. But more than anything, we should be angry, filled with righteous rage, and an unstoppable determination to rid the world, once and for all, of the scourge of Islamist terror and war mongering.

The killer acted because the victims were gays? He might have been gay? WHO CARES?! We should all be filled with an unquenchable fire for revenge and to do ultimate justice because THEY WERE AMERICANS, and they died, and suffered injuries for that primary reason, and secondarily, because they were not Muslims. That’s all it takes for tens of millions of Muslims around the world. That’s all the provocation necessary: they were not Muslims and they were Americans. Being gay was merely icing on the Muslim Jihad cake.


Progressives–even gay progressives–continue to be angry not at the jihadists that would be glad to rape and mutilate them and to cut off their heads as slowly as possible, on video, with dull, rusty knives, but at fellow Americans who support all of the Constitution, and reasonably believe that infringing on it will do nothing to stop Islamist monsters, now or in the future. Demonstrably, the facts are with those Americans. The nightclub attacked was a gun-free, victim disarmament zone, yet Progressives continue to ignore that the attack was just another atrocity in the Islamist war against civilization. The Islamists with whom the Orlando killer allied himself slaughter far more in other parts of the world every day because they share the same ideology and possess actual military arms, but Progressives ignore that. They’d rather disarm law-abiding Americans owning only non-military arms instead.

An actual woman enjoying shooting an AR-15: NOT a weenie.

This is how Americans respond to Orlando: they offer firearm lessons to gays, just as they routinely do to women, and every other American. That’s how much gun owners and supporters of all of the Constitution hate gays and progressives and blacks and women. They want them to own firearms and be able to effectively use them to protect their lives, the lives of those the love, and of fellow Americans.  They trust them because they are law abiding Americans. Progressives mistrust them because they are gun-owning law-abiding Americans.

This is how the real America, not Barack Obama/Progressive America, responds to Orlando.  A stewardess learned that the grandmother of one of the victims was on her flight to Orlando. The woman was distraught and weeping, so the stewardess passed around a piece of paper, hoping to get a few quick notes from fellow passengers. Not only did they fill up page after page after page with heartfelt kindness, every single passenger stopped to personally console her before deplaning. They didn’t care that it greatly slowed their departure. Man, woman, black, white, republican, democrat: none of that mattered.  They could have cared less that her grandson was gay. She was grieving; she was American; he was American; they were all, in that moment, Americans.

Americans are smart enough to understand that not all Muslims are terrorists; they don’t need to be reminded not to harm those Muslims after every jihadist atrocity. In fact, they’re insulted by such idiotic condescension. They are also more than smart enough to know that virtually every contemporary terrorist is a Muslim and that all are united in common cause against us. They know the difference, even as Progressives and our “leaders” do not.


And it is progressives that cannot bring themselves to identify our enemies, that must blame the Orlando attack on Republicans, Donald Trump, the NRA, law-abiding gun owners, white males–the Other–just as President Obama did, as he scolded Americans for their childish demands that he actually name the people trying to kill us and working relentlessly to destroy western civilization. How dare we! Don’t we know who he is?!

We know who and what he is all too well.



Perhaps he can be forgiven. How can he be expected to abandon his disdain for those roughly 50% of Americans who bitterly cling to guns and God? How can he be expected to forget that the future must not belong to those who tell the truth about the Prophet of Islam and his political religion?

credit: nbc

credit: nbc

Barack Obama’s juvenile and petulant refusal to speak words like “radical Islamic terrorism” is not, in and of itself, a problem. The problem is that refusal exposes, even defines, his unwillingness, perhaps even inability, to live up to his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the Americans that revere it.

While Progressives survive by breaking Americans up into endless, fragmented, perpetually aggrieved, outraged victim groups–and they surely believe gays to be among them–and keeping them at each other’s throats, they harm and destroy the very people they profess to champion. Note the wonders Barack Obama has done for black Americans, particularly those in the inner cities. One thing is absolutely certain: it is not Democrats that will protect Gay people from Islamic attacks. They’re inviting millions of Muslims from countries with enormous jihadists movements into the United States, even though the FBI and other federal agencies have admitted we can’t vet–properly or improperly–any of them. Gays are several notches above white males on the Jihadist hate/hit list.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.22.50 PM

No one will be safe until we all, once again, begin to see each other as Americans, and demand that everyone living in this nation identify and give their unquestioned and glad allegiance to America and the Constitution, not the nebulous, petty, and deceitful “values” about which Progressives endlessly whine. Until malicious agitators feel afraid to scream “bigot,” “racist,” “hater,” “sexist” and every other synonym for “shut up” in the progressive arsenal, because they know Americans aren’t going to allow anyone to separate and weaken them any more, we make the work of our real, evil enemies much easier.

Americans are more than smart enough to know who the real bigots, racists, haters, sexists and other “ists” are. They have the common sense so utterly lacking in Progressives. Such things take care of themselves without the guidance of self-imagined elites.

The victims were gay? I don’t care. I care that they were Americans, Americans I have, on three separate occasions, taken an oath to protect and serve by preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution. If you’re a loyal American, if you support, without qualification, the Constitution, that’s good enough for me.



Until all can do that, until demagogues that try to divide, disarm and incite us to hatred of each other, rather than those actually trying to murder us and destroy liberty, are universally scorned and run out of the halls of power on rails, none are safe and all are in danger of losing it all.

Any version of Progressive utopia absolutely requires the death of American liberty and the deaths of millions of Americans. That’s why they so fear law-abiding gun owners. They’re the ultimate, final defense of liberty. That, more than anything else, stands in the way of utopia.

How do we bring Americans together? Begin by not blaming fellow Americans for the vicious, medieval attacks of crazed Islamists. Begin by not splitting Americans asunder for political advantage. And most of all, begin by calling Progressives–or anyone else–out whenever they say or do anything to diminish liberty in any way. Beat them to the labeling punch. Call them, at every opportunity, what they are: despots, tyrants, fascists, arrogant, condescending, selfish, narcissistic, self-imagined elites without regard for the lives, liberty and souls of others.



Mourn the Orlando victims; pray for them. Not because they were Gay, but because they were, and forever will be, Americans. For them, for their memory, for the sacrifices of millions of Americans that gave all they could to establish and preserve the Constitution, that justly hallowed document that records the idea of Liberty, of America, don’t let Jihadists win. Don’t let progressives let Jihadists win.