An actual woman enjoying shooting an AR-15: NOT a weenie.

An actual woman enjoying shooting an AR-15: NOT a weenie.

Imagine that you are an actual adult male, or at least that you have the parts and generally use the men’s room. Imagine that you are an adult male reporter. Imagine that after the Orlando islamist terror massacre, you are determined to write an article dealing with the cause of the attack, so of course, you decided to talk some poor gun shop owner into letting you shoot an AR-15.

Further imagine that you are so elite and sensitive that shooting a few rounds through the AR-15 bruises your shoulder, terrifies and deafens you and gives you PTSD. Who knows which bathroom you’ll be using now?  Certainly not you.

True story: one of the cadets in a past high school ROTC troop was one of my favorite students: a brilliant, 5 foot nothing, 100 pound girl. One day she was wrestling another cadet, a boy much heavier and taller and pinned him easily. She immediately told him: “OK, it’s official; you’re a pussy.” When I heard the story, I couldn’t stop laughing for 15 minutes. She’s in medical school now and is decidedly not a pussy. He may still be a pussy, just like the reporter.

Bob Owens, my long-time friend and the Editor at Bearing Arms, has been kind enough to post my piece–Daily News Writer Somehow Survives Trauma Of Firing America’s Most Popular Rifle–on this unfortunate fellow. By all means, if you need a chuckle, or just want to see what passes for masculinity in the media–take the link and have at it.  They already have over 400 comments at Bearing Arms, so by all means, please gentle readers, make a few here.

UPDATE, 061516, 2220 CST: As I noted in the Bearing Arms article, the gun shop that enabled Kuntzman had some ‘splainin’ to do, and so they have. I have no reason to believe their explanation is in any way false, and every reason to believe that Kuntzman, in the finest media tradition, warped their words and the context of their discussion to fit his desired, pajama boy narrative.

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