Mrs. Manor enjoys TV cops shows. I can’t bring myself to watch them. The attitudes, practices, and particularly, the uses of force are all so fanciful I end up snorting, and when I can’t hold it in any longer, laughing uproariously, which annoys Mrs. Manor, which is never a good idea. If I had shot a bad guy daily, I would have never been back on the street. I would have been in a never-ending state of administrative suspension, and would be endlessly sued by the dead bad guy’s relatives, who upon their untimely death, suddenly discovered what a saint they were, and how valuable would be their unfortunate absence.

One other aspect of TV cop shows is terribly misleading: their marksmanship. Every TV cop is able to drop bad guys with single shots from any distance. Their acumen stops just short of shooting guns out of criminal’s hands.

This sort of fiction contributes to anti-liberty sorts who argue for gun control based on the lunatic idea that the police are all professional shooters who can and will protect everyone. Why, guns in the hands of untrained citizens are unnecessary and dangerous!

The good folks at Bearing Arms have published my most recent article on this topic: Harsh Reality: Police Are Not Highly Trained firearm Experts.  It may be worth your time, and as always, your comments, there and here at SMM, are appreciated.