Susan Rice, reading whatever is put in front of her. credit:

Susan Rice, reading whatever is put in front of her.

Apparently “smart diplomacy” is no longer sufficient. Of course pretty much anyone could have made that observation. The Middle East is in flames, Russia and China are on the march, North Korea is as berserk and belligerent as ever, but with more nucs.  The EU is imploding, Latin America is falling apart, and Barack Obama’s main concerns are propping up Cuba, Iran, Vietnam, and putting male perverts in the bathrooms and locker rooms of every girl and woman in America. “Smart diplomacy” no longer seems to be such a brilliant “reset,” and neither was Hillary Clinton’s reset, or Libya, or… Now, in order to fulfill the promise that is a fundamentally transformed America, we need “racist diplomacy.” Truth reports:

National Security Advisor Susan Rice told graduates at Florida International University that the presence of too many ‘white, male, and Yale’ staffers is posing a threat to the security of America.

‘Too often, our national security workforce has been what former Florida Senator Bob Graham called ‘white, male, and Yale,'” Rice stated. ‘In the halls of power, in the faces of our national security leaders, America is still not fully reflected.’

‘I’m not talking about a human resources issue,’ she stressed. ‘I’m highlighting a national security imperative.

Un-huh. Surely Rice isn’t suggesting that America’s national security can only be properly secured by hiring diplomatic and national security employees based on some formulation of favored racial groups? Surely she isn’t suggesting that is more important than actual qualifications and competence?

Moreover, we want our national security leaders to reflect America’s best self to the world and inspire others to follow our example. Not by preaching pluralism and tolerance, but by practicing it. Think of the LGBT person in Bangladesh who knows that someone at the American embassy understands who she is. Think of the Iraqi soldier, learning to fight alongside Iraqis from other religious sects, who takes inspiration from America’s own multi-ethnic force. Think of young Haitians drawn to converse with a Foreign Service officer who has dreadlocks like their own—or our Ambassador to India, Richard Verma, showered with rose petals when he visits his grandmother’s ancestral home in Punjab. That is how we build bridges and deepen partnerships in an increasingly globalized world.


Let’s see if I understand the advanced logic of a woman willing to tell any lie—over and over again–for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Bangladeshi LGBTQWERTY types will change their views of America—favorably–if they know an employee or two in the American embassies in their nation has the same sexual orientation? They will think: “Look! The Amis have a gay/trans/whatever at their embassy! They love me; they really love me!” I’m sure foreign intelligence agencies will be particularly impressed by an American guy in makeup and a dress.

And Iraqi soldiers—if memory serves, they’re all Muslims, and Muslims routinely kill other Muslim sects and loads of infidels—will be impressed to see a few American Catholics, Baptists and Methodists not murdering each other and will immediately change their psyches and cultures? Gosh, why didn’t someone think of this before we spent all that time and money in a war? Come to think of it, we did spend all that time and money in a war with lots of Catholics, Baptists and Methodists and the whole hold hands and sing Kumbaya thing hasn’t worked out so well.

And who knew fixing things in Haiti was no more demanding that causing foreign service officers to sport the right kinds of hairstyles? That’s diplomacy so smart I couldn’t imagine it.

By now, we should all know the dangers of ‘groupthink,’ where folks who are alike often think alike. By contrast, groups comprised of different people tend to question one another’s assumptions, draw on divergent perspectives and experiences, and yield better outcomes.

Uh, isn’t the Obama Administration all about groupthink? And the media? Oh, I get it: she means the wrong kind of groupthink!


President Obama has proven time and time again that ‘pluralism and tolerance,’ as Rice indicated, are valiant pursuits above all else. Otherwise, we are handicapped as a nation, she said:

‘Without tapping into America’s full range of races, religions, ethnicities, language skills, and social and economic experiences, we’re leading in a complex world with one hand tied behind our back.

Wait a minute: isn’t this the pluralistic and tolerant Obama Administration that has weaponized the IRS and other federal agencies to destroy people that don’t engage in Obamite groupthink? Why yes, I believe it is the same Obama Administration.

Rational people, people actually concerned for American national security care, most of all, that the most qualified, capable and competent people work in the positions Rice seeks to fill with favored victim group members. Rational people care nothing for the race, gender or sexual confusion of such people unless it would keep them from doing their jobs protecting national security. For many, it would, as their lives and thoughts are focused on race, gender and sexual orientation. Rational Americans want national security in the hands of only the most smart, dedicated and patriotic Americans. Clearly, these qualities are decidedly secondary to Rice and her ilk.

But then again, it was Rice that willingly, repeatedly and shamelessly lied about the Obama Administration’s denial of the security assets necessary to protect an American ambassador and the diplomatic and security personnel serving America. She’s exactly the kind of person with ultimate moral authority to speak on this issue. Or at least I’m sure the Obamites think so.