Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States, is a leering, girl and woman harassing, lying, dangerous-to-America-and-her-allies idiot. Fox News provides the most recent proof:

Vice President Joe Biden said Monday night that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government was leading the country ‘in the wrong direction’ hours after a bus bombing in Jerusalem wounded at least 21 people.

In a speech to the Israel advocacy group J Street, Biden criticized Palestinian leaders, but saved his harshest words for Israeli officials.

‘I firmly believe that the actions that Israel’s government has taken over the past several years — the steady and systematic expansion of settlements, the legalization of outposts, land seizures — they’re moving us and more importantly they’re moving Israel in the wrong direction,’ Biden said.

Biden did single out Palestinian leaders, including Mahmoud Abbas, for declining to condemn specific acts of terrorism carried out against Israelis. The vice president said he didn’t know whether Monday’s explosion was a terrorist attack, but added that the U.S. condemns ‘misguided cowards’ who resort to violence.

IDF destroys Gaza terror tunnel

IDF destroys Gaza terror tunnel

Mr. Biden does have significant experience at helping to lead a country in the wrong direction, but this is crude and inherently destructive to Israel and America, even for him. He doesn’t know if the bus bombing was a terrorist attack?! Really?! Even for Joe Biden, whose photograph accompanies the dictionary definition of “clueless,” that’s extraordinarily clueless. Does he think busses blow up injuring 21 people for reasons other than terrorist attacks? In Israel? Can he imagine that Israel has historic trouble with spontaneously exploding passenger busses? Was the more or less simultaneous discovery of yet another terrorist tunnel anything to do with terrorism? Fortunately, the Israelis in charge have a more practical grasp of reality:

Israeli officials have called the bombing of an empty bus parked near other vehicles a terror attack, with Netanyahu linking it to the ongoing wave of attacks in which Palestinians have targeted Israelis in Jerusalem.

‘We will settle accounts with these terrorists,’ Netanyahu said in a speech following the bombing. ‘We are in a protracted struggle against terror – knife terror, shooting terror, bomb terror and also tunnel terror.

Unfortunately, Israel will have to settle accounts sooner rather than later. The terror tunnels, the huge terror buildup of rockets and missiles on Israel’s borders, and Iran’s haste to build nuclear weapons do not portend peace for Israel in the short or long terms. Perhaps Mr. Biden might have listened to the Palestinians (via Legal Insurrection): 

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Even before the smoke could settle over the site of yesterday’s bus blast in Jerusalem that left 21 people wounded — two of them seriously — the Palestinian leadership is praising and celebrating the terror attack.

The armed-wing of PLO-Fatah, active in the territory under Palestinian Authority control, applauded the Jerusalem bus blast, calling it the beginning of a new phase in Intifada, the renewed campaign of terror against Israel. Hamas, the Islamist outfit controlling Gaza said it ‘welcomed’ the Monday’s terrorist attack, calling it ‘natural reaction’ to supposed Israeli crimes.

In the eyes of these terrorist groups, the mere presence of Jews in their historic homeland amounts to a provocation and the Jewish sovereignty over the land of Israel constitutes a crime — severe enough to justify a deadly campaign of terror and incitement that started much before the State of Israel was even proclaimed.

Oh yeah, these guys really want peace with Israel! No wonder Mr. Biden is so exercised. Fox again:

The fact that the bulk of the Biden’s criticism was reserved for Netanyahu reflected diminishing patience within the White House as President Obama’s term nears an end. Tension between the longtime allies has been compounded by deep disagreements over Iran and a strained relationship between the two leaders.

Those damned, uppity Jews. Why won’t they just accept the inevitable march of social justice? Of course, that would mean genocide, but that’s a small price to pay for social justice, and the Obama Administration knows best. Why, look at all of its foreign policy successes…ooops.

Biden, who met in March with both Netanyahu and Abbas, said he came away from that trip discouraged about prospects for peace anytime soon. Still, he said the U.S. is obliged to guarantee Israel’s security and to ‘push them as hard as we can’ toward a two-state solution despite ‘our sometimes overwhelming frustration with the Israeli government.’

‘There is at the moment no political will that I observed from either Israelis or Palestinians to go forward with serious negotiations,’ Biden said.

A little Palestinian girl who wants to be an engineer. Why?

A little Palestinian girl who wants to be an engineer. Why?

Gee. Why might that be? The Palestinians and various other Arab terrorist states—funded and supported by Iran—surround Israel, and are absolutely dedicated to the slaughter of every Jew. It is their very reason for existence, written into their charters and taught to their children from the moment of birth. On at least two occasions, Israel offered them virtually everything they have ever publically demanded, and they refused. They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity because they don’t want a functioning nation, they want to rape, torture, and murder every Jew. Even if they ever had a “leader” willing to actually make peace, he would be murdered by the very people he incited against Israel.

On the occasion of Israel’s latest land turn over in an always failing land for peace attempt, Israel gave the Palestinians beautiful functioning greenhouses. The Palestinians utterly destroyed them. The Israelis make the desert bloom, the Palestinians make it run red with blood.

If the Palestinians and their allies laid down their weapons, there would be peace. If the Israelis did, genocide.

Golly. I can’t imagine why the Israelis aren’t anxious to sit down to talk peace, can you, gentle readers?

In another dig at Netanyahu and his Likud party, Biden singled out for praise Stav Shaffir, a young member of Israel’s parliament and a Netanyahu critic from the left wing of Israeli politics.

‘May your views begin to once again become the majority opinion in the Knesset,’ Biden said.

Yes, so that the Knesset and all of Israel may be driven into the sea. The only question that truly remains is whether the Vice President of the United States is truly that stupid, or is he anxious to see a historic genocide? We already know where Barack Obama stands.