credit: reuters

credit: reuters

Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute, has three thoughts on the Brussels attacks. I’ll be excerpting parts of each. The rest, which is brief, is certainly worth your time.

Belgium, like the United States, suffers because it misunderstands multiculturalism. Multiculturalism doesn’t mean we’re all equal or that we must embrace cultural or moral equivalence. Rather, we should insist—Australia style—that everyone who comes subscribes to certain common values, even as they celebrate any cultural heritage that doesn’t contradict the values of society. Basically, to come to Belgium or America should mean subordinating oneself to a core set of values.

At the moment, neither the Democrats nor Republicans are willing to do this. Democrats are hopelessly in thrall to multiculturalism, and congressional Republicans lack the strength of character and will to oppose them. It is by no means certain that a Trump or even a Cruz presidency would be able to convince congressional Republicans to significantly control immigration, and the idea of requiring fealty to a common moral, cultural code is out of the question. If Americans can’t so much as agree that American citizenship has any value, real assimilation is likely impossible.

Obviously, simply requiring absolute fidelity to the Constitution would be the basis of such assimilation. Isn’t the Constitution the basis for all our liberties and civic obligations? However, the Democrats have so degraded even American’s understanding and appreciation of the Constitution that it may be impossible to walk it back. They see the Constitution as an impediment to their social justice desires, to their utopia. Surely, Democrats absolutely would oppose any requirement that immigrants honor the Constitution, and Barack Obama has set such destructive anti-constitutional precedents, it may be entirely too late to even try.

With any Democrat presidency, there would be absolutely no hope. Even if a Democrat president tried to use the Constitution as the basis for a common cultural heritage, the Supreme Court justices they would surely seat would never allow it when other Democrats inevitably sued their way to that court.

We’re in a slow motion, pre-9/11 train wreck. We all see the problem developing and getting closer to the United States but the government just delays taking action and so we will be hit and hit hard. One problem remains visa waivers. It’s all well and good to take assurances that France, Belgium, and other European states share passenger manifests in advance, but they have very clearly failed to develop the necessary surveillance and intelligence capabilities.



Even the Obama Administration has admitted–grudgingly indeed–that we cannot vet Syrian immigrants, and the truth is, we can’t do it for virtually anyone else either. We will indeed be hit hard, often and endlessly. Unless we drastically change course and very, very soon, Americans will learn to expect to be murdered in the streets and public places by Muslim terrorists, just as Europeans have.

I used to wonder what it would take for the American people to demand military action and retribution: another 9-11? The nuclear destruction of a city? Multiple cities? One death is a tragedy; millions are just a statistic. Under Barack Obama, Americans have become so inured to lawlessness, scandal and outrage, I fear there is nothing that would rouse most Americans to awaken as we did in WWII and utterly destroy those that, as I write these words, are plotting to destroy us.

There can be little doubt that the scoundrels and fools inhabiting the halls of Congress will do little more than spout mildly annoyed rhetoric at any provocation. Even if they suddenly grew backbones, Mr. Obama has so damaged our military, that another four to eight years of Hillary would likely leave us unable to strike back, or even to protect the continental United States.

Yes, yes, we remain, for the moment, the mightiest military the world has ever known, but what good is that when that military is spending time learning how to be multicultural milquetoasts, our Navy SEALS don’t have enough rifles–rifles!–and sufficient ammunition to train, and the civilian leadership lacks the passion and will to employ that military to win any conflict?

Another lesson to be learned is that Jews and anti-Semitism are figuratively the canary in the coal mine. In both France and Belgium, terrorists began by striking Jewish targets before moving on to broader public targets. Both the French and Belgian governments pooh-poohed the initial attacks or sought to blame them on Israel’s policies. But the problem has never been grievance; it’s ideology.

And how have we done with recognizing this? Barack Obama has so estranged America from Israel that no American ally trusts us to honor our defense obligations. Rubin is absolutely right: as go the Jews, and one might argue, Taiwan, so goes America. If we lack the will to prevent the destruction of Israel, we won’t lift a hand to truly protect ourselves.

Perhaps the best evidence of this was Benghazi. Ambassador Stevens begged innumerable times for necessary upgraded security. Hillary Clinton and the entire State Department knew they needed it, but more important was the necessity of hiding their horrific failure in Libya, and pretending Barack Obama was a manly terror warrior whose policies had terrorists on the run. Because an election campaign was more important than American lives, four Americans died, and Hillary and Barack continue to lie about it to this day. Those responsible for the attack remain, with perhaps a single exception, at large.

But Democrats and Republicans joined together after 9-11! We’re a very different nation now, a far less united and resolute nation. Mr. Obama has succeeded to a large extent in his fundamental transformation of America, beginning with the Democrat Party, which is now, in character and belief, socialist, no longer beholden to American values or patriotism.

credit: washingtonfreebeacon

credit: washingtonfreebeacon

Ronald Reagan wanted to consign Communism to the ash heap of history, and made great strides, strides that have been abandoned, wasted. When Cuba’s patron, Venezuela could not longer financially prop up Cuba, when decades of sanctions and an embargo finally had a probability of forcing democratic change, what did Barack Obama do? He snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. He saved the Cuban communists, doomed all Cubans to decades of darkness, perhaps eternal darkness, and asked nothing in return. This is the Democrat Party circa 2016. Ronald Reagan freed millions. Barack Obama has doomed millions.

All that remains is to see whether restoring America is possible. When Israel attacks Iran to prevent nuclear devastation, will America defend Iran? Mr. Obama’s deal with that terrorist state requires it. When the Chinese attack Taiwan, will America do anything? What, if any, provocation will be sufficient to cause America to utterly destroy, without sissified rules of engagement that give every advantage to those that would destroy us, a deadly enemy? Would even nuclear destruction on American soil cause us to seal our borders and control immigration for the sole benefit of Americans?

Forget Europe. Europe is lost. Islamists will take it over, amorphous nation by nation. It’s merely a matter of time.

What hope–and change–remains for America?  When do the real attacks begin?