32624_imageThere is a venerable allegory that goes something like this:

As a turtle approached a river, he was accosted by a rattlesnake who asked the turtle to ferry him across. Alarmed, the turtle replied: “If I take you across, you’ll bite me.”

“No I won’t,” the rattlesnake replied. “I’ll be grateful.”

“I don’t know,” the turtle pondered.

“If I was going to bite you, I would have done it already,” said the rattlesnake.

“I guess that makes sense,” the turtle replied. “OK. Climb on my back.”

The rattlesnake did, and the turtle dutifully ferried him across the river. As the rattlesnake slithered to the ground, he immediately turned and bit the turtle. As the turtle began to writhe in agony, he gasped:

“But you said you wouldn’t bite me. You said you’d be grateful!”

The rattlesnake replied: “Oh, I’m grateful, but you knew what I was when you agreed to give me a lift.”

credit: johnkerry-08.com

credit: johnkerry-08.com

We knew what Iran was before Barack Obama and John Kerry gave them cover for building nuclear weapons and untold billions of dollars for terrorism. From Commentary: 

In recent weeks, publications like the New York Times have been reporting about post-nuclear deal Iran and speculating about which sector of its society will benefit the most from the cash windfall that will result from the end of international sanctions on Tehran. The short answer to that question is that very little of the billions that will flow into Iran will find its way to ordinary citizens. Instead, most of it will wind up in the coffers of the government, its Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and the companies that terror group and the regime control.

But it won’t be just the IRGC and the entities directly under the ayatollahs’ control that benefits from Western largesse. Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon has announced that Iran will now be offering new cash bonuses to Palestinian terrorists.

As the Times of Israel reports:

Mohammad Fateh Ali said Tehran will give $7,000 to families of ‘martyrs of the intifada in occupied Jerusalem’ and a further ‘$30,000 to every family whose home the occupation has demolished for the participation of one of its sons,’ according to local news reports.

It should be noted that the Palestinian Authority already pays pensions to the families of Palestinians that have been jailed by Israel for terrorism. Indeed, PA TV has a regular program profiling such people and treating them as heroes and martyrs. This is an integral part of a political culture that considers Jews to have no rights to any part of the country, including pre-1967 Israel. More importantly, Palestinian public opinion, egged on by the official media of both Fatah and Hamas, treat attacks on individual Jews, including women, children and the elderly as acts of heroism, not crimes.

But the offer of cash bonuses from Iran to those Arabs who seek out random Jews for slaughter in what is known as the ‘stabbing intifada,’ lends added legitimacy to a society that has legitimized terror.

Hmmm. Iran hasn’t blatantly done this before. Why would they suddenly start doing it now? Oh! The billions freed up by Mr. Obama! Of course.

But Iran’s willingness to inject its financial power into the already toxic Palestinian political culture ought to particularly worry an Obama administration that has sought to create a new détente with Tehran.

I’m sure Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry are entirely rethinking their approach to Iran and will rescind the nuke deal any day now…

On the same day as Iran’s cash for terror offer, reports were published of meetings in Tehran with representatives from Hamas. The agenda was apparently another Iranian financial offer, this time to help fund Hamas terrorism against Israel.

Surely the Obama Administration could not have known that Iran would finance Palestinian terror—the willful murder of the citizens of one of our most steadfast allies?

Iran was Hamas’s chief sponsor during the second intifada. But the group broke with the Iranians when Hamas joined other Sunni Muslim groups in calling for Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s ouster. But now, thanks to military intervention by Iran, its Hezbollah auxiliaries, and Russia (as well as American acquiescence to Iran’s foreign policy goals in the wake of the nuclear deal), that Assad’s continued rule is assured, Hamas has reconciled with its former patron. The IRGC is planning to funnel even more aid to Hamas that will allow it to continue its terror tunnel-building program in Gaza as well as to replenish and upgrade its rocket arsenal.

Of course, Iran is interested in more than just helping Palestinians who kill Jews. They wish to expand their influence among Palestinians as part of their push for regional hegemony that so scares Arab nations like Egypt and Jordan as well as Saudi Arabia. This has created an upside down regional alignment that finds these Arab states allying themselves with Israel as they seek mutual protection against an increasingly aggressive Iran.


Consider this from Jonah Goldberg at National Review: 

Obama’s Iran deal, crafted unilaterally as an end-run around Congress, has started a Middle Eastern nuclear arms race and caused our longstanding allies in the region to question our reliability. To date, there’s no evidence that Iran has abandoned its role as a terrorism sponsor, its quest for nuclear weapons, or its goal of becoming a regional hegemon.


As the presidential election approaches, Americans find themselves living in a Bizarro world. Any sane President or Secretary of State could and must have known exactly who the Iranians were before so much as thinking about entering into nuclear negotiations with them. Yet Obama and Kerry entered into a “deal” that actually isn’t a deal by bypassing the Congress. Not only does the deal ensure that Iran will obtain nuclear weapons, and sooner, not later, but it has given Iran the cash—at the very moment Iran was in desperate financial straits–to prop up its theocratic dictatorship, better protect its nuclear installations, threaten other nations, and to facilitate the murder, and eventual genocide of the Jews. And all this while at the same time Iran is scheming to attack America and Americans in any way possible. Barack Obama has demonstrated an amazing and coincidental ability to determine when despotic regimes are about to fall due to lack of funds, so that he can rush in at the last moment to save them and maintain their socialist/communist/fascist/Islamist horrors. Barack Obama has apparently never seen a murderous despot he didn’t admire.

Mr. Obama has proved to the world that he is the savior of tyrants, and the enemy of liberty.

credit: redmondpie.com

credit: redmondpie.com

Perhaps that’s just the legacy Barack Obama was seeking.