Trayvon Martin in his natural element

Trayvon Martin in his natural element

It seems the Trayvon Martin case will never end. I had hoped to, one day, have done with it. Certainly, the falsehoods and bizarre misunderstandings seem never to lessen in public interest and misplaced, ignorant passionate intensity. The SMM Martin case archive may be found here. 

It is, of course, useful for the Progressive/Social Justice/Anti-Liberty/Anti-America movements to keep the parable of a poor, innocent, little, Skittles and tea carrying child, a virtual future Rhodes Scholar, trying only to get home to deliver food to his younger brother, chased down by a huge, hulking, “white Hispanic” cop wannabe who murdered him only because he was black and wearing a hoodie.

In reality, Martin was a tall, strong athletic thug wannabe, high on pot, and carrying two of the three ingredients for a illicit drug concoction known as “purple drank,” about which he often bragged on social media about using. Martin’s social media persona included false gold teeth, obscene gestures, posing with illegal guns, smoking pot, and other similarly charming things any upstanding young person with great promise and a bright future might do. Martin was also a fan of “fight club” brawls and also bragged about breaking people’s noses.

He was in Sanford, FL because he was serving a ten-day out of school suspension after being caught with signs of drugs, and property stolen from a nearby burglary. He was staying in the home of his father’s girlfriend. George Zimmerman, whose heritage is Hispanic, and who even has a black ancestor, was much smaller and weaker than Martin. The case was one of the most textbook examples of legitimate use of force in self-defense ever seen in Florida, or elsewhere. In fact, the Prosecutors actually proved self-defense in the presentation of their case.

With this brief reiteration of the setting of the case, consider now this from The South Florida Times: 

In the four years since Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman, the self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Walter Scott, and more black people have been shot and killed by white police officers.

With the frequency of police brutality, some are concerned that the constant stream of tragedies could result in viewers becoming detached. With her virtual interactive movie, One Dark Night, filmmaker Nonny de la Pena is offering people a chance to relive the attack on Martin, the 17-year old Miami youth, in a virtual reality reenactment of the highly publicized case that ended in Zimmerman’s acquittal.

Produced exclusively from real recordings of 911 calls, witness trial testimony and architectural drawings that provide the exact layout of both interiors and exteriors of the condo complex, One Dark Night tells the story of the day Martin was shot and killed by Zimmerman, who has been arrested several times since the shooting on a variety of charges.

What The SFT neglects to mention is that in those several cases, all charges were dropped almost as soon as they were filed. Also omitted is the May 2015 case in which a local man with obvious mental problems tried to murder Zimmerman. Since his exoneration at trial, one of the holy grails of the social justice movement has been Zimmerman’s death, under the banner of “justice for Trayvon.”

The promotional material for One Dark Night indicates, ‘By anchoring the piece in accurate and unassailable elements, the user becomes transported inside a reliable, albeit virtual, version of the story as an eyewitness.

Zimmerman F-B

Translation: We’re making it up to keep alive the social justice narrative. There was never an “attack on Martin” to relive. On the contrary, it was Martin that hid in the dark, watching Zimmerman until he chose the moment to approach and violently attack him.

One Dark Night breaks new ground on multiple levels, including through audio carefully cleaned by forensic specialists Sourcesound and Primeau Productions, with the latter asserting that the reconstructed audio indicates George Zimmerman cocked his gun just before he gave chase.

The brief article provides local screening dates. Even with such slight information, it’s obvious this is yet another attempt to keep alive the social justice narrative that was conclusively proved at trial–where the prosecution had every opportunity, unlimited resources, as much time as it desired for preparation, and a very, very friendly judge–to be utterly false. Apparently, the thirst for Zimmerman’s blood can never be slaked.


This photograph of the crime scene area first appeared in an article on SMM on April 25, 2012. 

The elements I added to the aerial photograph are not to scale, but reasonably represent the pertinent places and elements involved. North, as is customary is to the top of the photo, East to the right, West to the left, and South toward the bottom.

The promoter’s assertion of presenting “accurate and unassailable elements,” is utter nonsense. There is no question about the accuracy and reliability of the evidence in this case, as I painstakingly documented in coverage and analysis of the trial. There is no “new ground” to be broken. George Zimmerman’s account of the incident was supported not only by the testimony of reliable eyewitnesses, but by all physical and forensic evidence, as well as the police dispatcher recording of Zimmerman’s report about Martin. The incident occurred just as Zimmerman said it did, and there is no credible evidence, and surely no proof, otherwise.

Those unfamiliar with the case will find spending time in the archive useful, so long as discovering the truth, backed entirely by evidence and facts, is their goal. In this update, I’ll use only two assertions of the promoters to demonstrate why their assertions are necessarily fantasy: the idea that Zimmerman “gave chase,” and the idea that Zimmerman “cocked his gun.”

The Cocked Gun That Couldn’t Be Cocked:

Kel-Tec PF9

Kel-Tec PF9

Zimmerman carried a Kel-Tec PF9, which is a small, double action only 9mm semiautomatic handgun. A double action semiautomatic handgun is a gun that features a long, relatively heavy trigger pull. No external safety lever is required. The gun is designed to be safely carried with a cartridge in the chamber, which is true of all modern semiautomatic pistol designs.

Kel-Tec PF9

Kel-Tec PF9

Notice in the photos of the PF9, there is no exposed hammer. The hammer rides, inaccessibly to the shooter, in the channel in the back of the slide. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer is forced backward against strong string pressure, to be released at the rear of the trigger pull to fall forward to strike the firing pin. When the trigger is released after a round has been fired, the hammer remains at rest, hidden entirely within the slide.

Model 1911

Model 1911

The hammer cannot be “cocked,” or grasped by the shooter. The very design of the gun will not allow it. Compare the non-exposed hammer of the PF9 to the exposed hammer of this Ruger version of the Browning model 1911 .45 ACP single action semiautomatic.

The 1911 mechanism is very different than that of the PF9. It can, and must, be cocked as shown. The PF9 is “cocked” and the hammer released to fire the gun, by the pulling of the trigger. The shooter never sees or touches the hammer, nor can they do so. It would be entirely impossible for any “forensic specialists,” to identify the sound of a cocking gun, for the gun supposedly “cocked,” cannot be cocked.

Perhaps the sound the “forensic specialists” apparently identify as “cocking,” was Zimmerman cycling the slide of the gun, which is required when the gun is initially loaded to chamber the first round? Movie directors often have their characters chambering rounds before using their semiautomatics. It certainly looks purposeful and dramatic, but is utterly idiotic. There is no safety reason to leave the chamber of a modern semiautomatic, even a 1911, empty. Carrying an unchambered semiauto is, in fact, inherently dangerous. The time required to manually cycle the slide to chamber a round could very well cost the shooter’s life. In any case, the sound of a cycling slide is very different, in quality and duration, than that of cocking a hammer.

The evidence clearly reveals that Zimmerman did not remove his handgun from the holster until milliseconds before firing one round into Martin who was astride Zimmerman and viciously beating his head into a concrete sidewalk. Zimmerman almost immediately reholstered his gun, and it was taken from him by the first responding police officer who arrived within seconds of the shot. A single piece of expended brass was recovered at the scene.

All evidence is consistent with Zimmerman carrying his PF9 with a round in the chamber, firing a single round into Martin in self-defense, and surrendering that gun seconds later to the police, which was Zimmerman’s testimony. It was not removed from its holster until it was used. There could be no sound of cocking or cycling the slide on the police audiotape of the phone call with Zimmerman. It just didn’t happen.

One more point: even if Zimmerman had been unnecessarily carrying his gun with the chamber empty, requiring that he remove the gun from the holster and cock it, would have no bearing whatever on the facts of the incident. Preparing one’s handgun in case of danger is not incontrovertible proof of evil intent. What matters is what Zimmerman did with the gun when he was attacked by Martin. The evidence is uncontested and absolutely clear: he used it only as a last resort to save his life when he was pinned to the ground, flat on his back, stunned, and being brutally beaten.

The Chase That Wasn’t:

Zimmerman called the police because he was the Neighborhood Watch Captain of his neighborhood. He was not acting in that capacity, but was on the way to buy groceries when he spotted Martin. Martin appeared to be casing homes, and was casing a home that had recently been burglarized, as many in the neighborhood had been. Martin also appeared to be drugged, which he was. He was not behaving as someone trying to get home and out of the rain. He was acting like a burglar, which he also was. The fact that it was cold and raining made Martin’s behavior particularly unusual and suspicious. Of course, Zimmerman could not have known that Martin was a drugged burglar, but his suspicions, based on his observations, were entirely accurate.

Zimmerman did not recognize Martin, and rather than approaching him, remained some distance away inside his pickup and immediately called the police, asking them to send officers to speak with Martin to see what he was doing. The police Dispatcher specifically asked Zimmerman to watch Martin and report what he was doing while officers were on their way. The dispatcher never told Zimmerman not to leave his truck to keep Martin in sight.

When Martin spotted Zimmerman and circled his truck, staring at him menacingly, and suddenly ran east, then turned south between the two long rows of condos, Zimmerman almost immediately lost sight of him, and trotted after him, not to catch him, but to keep him in sight to direct the officers he believed would arrive at any moment to speak with Martin.

The audio reveals Zimmerman was not running, but merely trotting. He was never gasping for, or out of, breath, nor do the sounds recorded suggest Zimmerman was sprinting after Martin. He clearly told the dispatcher he lost Martin–he didn’t know his name–and had no idea where he was. He told the dispatcher he was walking back to his truck and he would meet the officers there.

He did not see Martin again until minutes later when Martin approached him out of the dark, sucker punched him, breaking his nose, knocking him to the ground, and leaping astride Zimmerman, where he ruthlessly and viciously beat him.

Martin had more than sufficient time to be inside his temporary home, safe and sound. Zimmerman would have never seen him again. The police would never have found him. Martin chose another course that ended in his self-inflicted death.

Final Thoughts:

There were several eye and ear witnesses to the attack on Zimmerman. Their statements support the physical evidence and Zimmerman’s account. The trial record is absolutely clear. No virtual reality reconstruction is required and will certainly not adhere to the facts and evidence.

I have not seen this presentation, but I did see the trial, every moment of it, and saw all of the evidence, every witness, presented to the jury. The prosecution had the freedom and resources to present every piece of evidence they considered necessary to convict Zimmerman. Instead, they provided his ironclad defense. As I’ve repeatedly noted over the years, it was not a complex case. It was, in fact, a simple case of self-defense turned into an attempt to convict an innocent man for political, social justice, advantage. Were it not for the anarchic political dynamics involved, it would have been just another unremarkable case of self-defense, briefly remarked upon by local media and unheard of by the rest of the nation.

George Zimmerman has little left but his life. It would appear the promoters of this sideshow hope to keep alive the public, racist desire to deprive him of even that.