Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 7.48.32 PMAs regular readers may recall, I underwent shoulder repair surgery on February 1. Sporting a rather formidable sling contraption since then, people have often tried to give me sympathy, which I have gently rejected. Not only am I healing very quickly and regaining substantial range of motion and strength ahead of schedule, understanding the medical problems and other issues so many face every day, my temporary impairment, which has been almost entirely free of real pain, is as nothing.

That’s perhaps why this article has so touched me. Fox News explains: 

Rebekah Marine, the woman dubbed by some as ‘the bionic model,’ strutted the catwalk at New York Fashion Week for the third season this month, but this time she had a partner— a girl born without a left forearm. Marine, 28, who was born without her right forearm, and Gianna Schiavone, 6, walked hand in hand Monday at the FTL Moda show, People magazine reported.

‘Gianna’s my mini-me. She looks like me, and she was also born the same way I was,’ Marine told ‘Walking with her meant the world to me. It’s almost symbolic of passing the torch to future generations.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 14.14.46

So many feckless whiners speak of their great courage in spouting the same nonsense as everyone surrounding them. This is what courage–of a particular kind–looks like. reported that the two posed similarly, and the crowd expressed their approval with cheers.

‘It’s fun because we both have the same thing in common,’ Schiavone told ‘Walking with her makes me feel happy because there’s not just one me in the world.’ The young model said holding hands with Marine was her favorite part of the show.

Little Gianna and Rebekah deal with real burdens every day, burdens I will, God willing, never have to face. That’s courage. That’s determination. That’s character. You go, girl!