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Islam is fundamentally incompatible with democracy and individual liberty. It acknowledges no separation of church and state. In fact, it demands that the state be subservient to Islam.

Many claim that there is such a thing as “moderate” Islam. As proof, they point to Muslims that do not take the path of Jihad, and that demonstrably live in harmony with their neighbors of other faiths. Many American Muslims are fully assimilated Americans, who practice a form of Islam that of necessity ignores much of the very specific mandates of the faith. If they did not, they would have to impose their faith on everyone, and kill or enslave all non-Muslims.

It is the Jihadists that actually follow the letter and spirit of their faith, not those that have no desire to enslave or kill their non-Muslim neighbors. Arguably, Islam is responsible for much, if not most, of the evil abroad in the world today.

One day soon, America, and the rest of the civilized world, will have to utterly defeat Islam, or they will kill us all. How do I know? They explain that, day after day. They tell us, in speech, writing, and deeds, their explicit intentions. They have, for decades, been working toward our enslavement and demise. When they have nuclear weapons…

With this in mind, just what is going on in Maryland? Fox News reports: 

A public high school has been accused of radical Islamic indoctrination by forcing children to profess the Muslim statement of faith, ordering them to memorize the Five Pillars of Islam and teaching that the faith of a Muslim is stronger than the average Christian, according to a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday.

Thomas More Law Center filed the lawsuit on behalf of John and Melissa Wood. They accuse La Plata High School in Maryland of subjecting their teenage daughter to Islamic indoctrination and propaganda. And when Mr. Wood complained – the school banned him from campus.

‘Defendants forced Wood’s daughter to disparage her Christian faith by reciting the Shahada, and acknowledging Mohammed as her spiritual leader,’ Thomas More president Richard Thompson said.

The Shahada is the Islamic Creed, ‘There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.’

The Thomas More Law Center said that for non-Muslims, reciting the statement is sufficient to convert one to Islam.

Despite what some noisily claim, religion is not prohibited in public schools. Students may read the Bible, speak about their faith, even study the Bible as literature. They may even study other faiths in a comparative religion course.

What schools may not do is proselytize. They may not advance one faith over another, require students to pray or recite articles of faith, nor may they require students to attend worship services. Not only are such things unconstitutional, and a serious boundary violation that infringes on parental rights and individual conscience, they represent educational malpractice.

A teacher’s most important commodity is time, a matter about which I have often written. If I am spending time trying to teach kids that Methodist Christianity is the one, true faith, that’s time taken away from teaching English. Any student may, on their own time, learn all they wish about Methodism, or any other faith. There is no bar to this, but they come to me to become better readers, writers and thinkers.



To be sure, teachers, in appropriate ways and at appropriate times, must speak about religion and its influence on history, literature, even the sciences. Indeed, it’s virtually impossible to understand the early settlement–and founding–of America without considerable reference to faith.

Our schools have not been harmed by removing religion from schools, because religion has never been removed.

What’s happening at LaPlata High School is not, sadly, uncommon these days. Progressives–many of our public school educators are Progressives–seem to embrace America’s worst enemies, so they give short shrift to Christianity and embrace Islam:

The lawsuit, filed in federal court, alleges that students spent only one day studying Christianity and two weeks studying Islam.

‘During its brief instruction on Christianity, Defendants failed to cover any portion of the Bible or other non-Islamic religious texts, such as the Ten Commandments,’ the lawsuit states. ‘Instead, the class included disparaging remarks about Christianity and the Pope.’

Students were also allegedly instructed that ‘the Islamic religion is a fact while Christianity and Judaism are just beliefs.”

‘Such discriminatory treatment of Christianity is an unconstitutional promotion of one religion over another,’ Thompson said.

‘United States Supreme Court precedent does not create a double standard that allows for the promotion of Islam in our public schools while disallowing and silencing teachings of Christianity and Judaism,’ the lawsuit states.

Quite so. However, America is overwhelmingly a culture founded on the tenets of Judeo-Christian faith. Even if a given American professes no religious belief, they are molded and influenced by American culture, and benefit immeasurably thereby. It is this that many Progressives disdain and try to denigrate. Americans have every reason, every right, to expect that the foundational principles of actual tolerance and respect for individual liberty be taught, and observed, in American schools.

Consider that in many Muslim lands, the mere possession of a Bible is a serious crime. Christianity is outlawed, and Christians around the world are being tortured, jailed, raped and murdered. Merely speaking words that a Muslim might consider “Christian” is enough to threaten a Christian’s life, even end it.

Progressives absolutely support the idea of cultural relativism: every culture is just as good, moral and valid as any other, so why not laud and teach Islam as a superior belief system? Don’t American Christians torture, jail, rape and murder Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and all non-Christians?

According to copies of classroom assignments, the school taught that ‘Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.

This would, of course, depend upon how one measures the strength of a given faith. If it is measured by absolute devotion to the mandates of that faith, this assertion might well be correct. The evidence of cruelty, torture, rape, slavery, and mass murder are rather hard to ignore.

They also instructed students that Islam is a peaceful religion and they treated conquered nations with kindness and respect.

Ah! This is why Islamists are destroying ancient Christian and other monuments and art treasures. This is why they are driving ancient Christian communities out of their lands, raping and enslaving their women, and engaging in mass murder. This is, for Muslims, “kindness and respect?”

The school also served as apologists for the Islamic faith, according to a hand out titled, ‘Islam Today.’

‘Nowhere in the Koran does it say you will go to paradise if you martyr yourself with a suicide bomb,’ the handout stated. ‘Important: The majority of Muslims do not live this way.’

The school also instructed students on jihad ‘a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty; a personal struggle in devotion to Islam especially involving spiritual discipline.

This is yet another reason what the school is doing is inappropriate, unconstitutional and unconscionable: they’re lying to and misleading the kids.

The Koran doesn’t specifically mention suicide bombers, that practice being, in the relatively short history of Islam, a rather recent invention. It does, however, promise paradise to anyone that dies in Jihad. It is impossible to quantify loosely slung terms like “majority.” Clearly, most Muslims are not on the path of Jihad and probably will not take up weapons to kill non-Muslims, but an enormous percentage of the world’s Muslims support Jihadists and Shariah, and if only 10 million Muslims are Jihadists, that’s more than enough to set fire to much of the world.

Islamist apologists always misrepresent the ideal that Jihad is merely an internal, personal struggle for religious enlightenment and purity. The Koran says otherwise.

The incidents alleged in the lawsuit occurred during the 2014-15 school year.

Wood, who is a Marine veteran, called the school on Oct. 22, 2014 to voice his alarm over his daughter’s assignments. He requested his daughter be allowed to opt-out of the lessons and be given an alternative assignment.

The following day the vice principal told Wood that his daughter was required to take the class and would receive ‘zeros’ on any incomplete assignments even if the assignments violated the family’s religious beliefs and heritage.

This indicates a progressive, anti-American, pro-Islamist motive behind the school’s activities. All schools routinely allow opt-outs for a variety of assignments in all disciplines, including novels, plays, and surely any religious references. It’s not a weekly occurrence in my classes, but it does happen. I do not take it personally, and am glad to arrange an equally educationally valid assignment when parents sincerely request it. Parents are often surprised at this. They expect teachers to be rigid and unyielding–apparently like those in Maryland.

It’s unclear what was said in the telephone conversations – but on Oct. 24th Wood was notified by the school’s resource officer that he would no longer be allowed on school property – for any reason whatsoever.

Wood contends in the lawsuit that he never threatened any physical harm against the school or anyone in the school.  The lawsuit alleges the ban is unfounded and retaliatory.

One is tempted to note that if the school had been teaching Christianity in the same way, and with the same apparent motives, the outcry from progressives would have been immediate, loud, widespread and unrelenting. This is unquestionably true, but sidesteps the issue. This kind of obvious and blatant indoctrination is not only unlawful, it’s unprofessional and harmful not only to the kids, but to the reputation of all public schools, and to the continuing existence of America and western civilization.

I never cease to be fascinated–and appalled–by the Progressive embrace of people and ideologies that are the violent antithesis of everything Progressives claim to prize.

That the object of adoration of this Maryland school is a political system wrapped in religious trappings that is dedicated to conquering the world by the sword speaks to a stunning lack of reason, and an utter lack of fitness for these educators to have anything to do with children.

NOTE:  The good folks at Legal Insurrection have additional information and the complete complaint here.