Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 11.39.57 AMI was, mercifully, spared the full fury and fecklessness of Thursday’s Democrat debate. I had a regularly scheduled rehearsal, which is why, I believe, the DNC scheduled it for last night: so I wouldn’t be able to see the whole thing. But, as I have a strong stomach, and as my blood pressure meds are up to date, I did watch some of it. I hate to do this to you, gentle readers, but a few pertinent observations:

The overall theme was “I can’t define socialism, but I’m the most socialistic socialist on this stage!”

credit: personal

credit: personal

Hillary trotted out some slightly new iterations of a continuing series of lies regarding her mishandling of secret, classified, and so secret we can’t tell you how secret they are, e-mails. An example from Scott Johnson at Powerline: 

On this occasion Clinton replied that she’s ‘100 percent confident’ and while there ‘is a security review…being carried out,’ she promised that ‘[i]t will be resolved, but I have to add if there’s going to be a security review about me, there’s going to be security reviews about a lot of other people, including Republican office holders, because we’ve got this absurd situation of retroactive classifications.

Let’s review merely some of the lies present in that single paragraph:

(1) It’s not a “security review,” it’s a fully blown criminal, national security investigation, involving not only Clinton, but multiple other Clinton flunkies, and now implicating the President of the United States.

(2) Is Clinton privy to information no one seems to have? Did the Obamites tell her Republicans will be investigated, or is this merely another lie meant to distract and mislead?

(3) Is she 100% confident nothing will come of it because she’s lying, as usual, or have the Obamites assured her she has nothing to fear?

(4) Retroactive classifications is a compound lie. Not only were the classified e-mails classified at birth, the idea that she’s innocent because they were somehow classified only after she–and every hostile foreign intelligence agency on the planet–saw them, is a lie from the sound of the first consonant.

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credit: is

Bernie Sanders and others have taken to demanding that Clinton release transcripts of her speeches, which garnered millions in speaking fees. What nonsense. What matters is not what she said to Goldman Sachs for three quarters of a million dollars. What matters is what favors she delivered for the money. CNN noted:

The former secretary of state accused Sanders of delivering an ‘artful smear’ by suggesting her political favor could be bought by rich donors.

The shame! Surely no Clinton would ever do anything like that!  And is there no end to the evil conspiracies launched against a woman of such pristine virtue?

Clinton continues to portray herself as willingly violating the presidential oath of office before she speaks it, by acting the part of the most anti-gun lunatic ever to run for the presidency.

Sanders apparently believes that Obama and Biden are economic miracle workers who saved America from a great recession. They did, according to Sanders a “fantastic job.”

Oh yes, and free stuff! Lots of free stuff!

Donald Trump recently noted that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose a single supporter. Hillary surely has him beat. Her negligence and direct actions have resulted in the deaths of many–not just four at Benghazi–and it’s unlikely she’ll spend so much as a minute in a courtroom. It’s virtually impossible to imagine what Clinton could do to lose a single Democrat supporter. Incompetence, being a pathological liar, treason, those seem to be features, not bugs, for progressives.

And Bernie? Good grief. The man is the living embodiment of the Peter Principle.

It’s profoundly depressing that one of these raving Communist lunatics might very well be President of the United States within a year. A witless crank that thinks nations like Venezuela examples of economic and political virtue, or a pathological liar who sacrifices national security and American lives in favor of covering crimes she knew she was going to commit far in advance. That’s just fine with about half of the American electorate.

I begin to seriously wonder whether a nation so divided can long endure.