Matthew Apperson credit: orlandosentinel

Matthew Apperson
credit: orlandosentinel

Regular readers will recall the last article in the seemingly never-ending saga of George Zimmerman, Update 45, in May of 2015.  Zimmerman was the victim of an attempted murder, committed by one Matthew Apperson, who was eventually arrested and charged with attempted murder, and continues to await trial on that charge. The media, in reporting on the attempt, almost universally noted that Zimmerman was “involved” in an attempted murder. They just can’t give up their narrative, no matter that Zimmerman was acquitted of the killing of Trayvon Martin, and was clearly the victim of Apperson, a very odd character.

What do I mean by “odd?” If one was awaiting trial on an attempted murder charge, it might be a good idea to keep a low profile. Not so, according to The Orlando Sentinel:   

The Winter Springs man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman in a road-rage incident, was found guilty Wednesday of disorderly conduct for urinating on his neighbor’s porch.

Matthew Apperson, 36, testified earlier in the day that he was diagnosed with a ‘shy bladder’ when he was 8, a condition that should remove him as a suspect in the case.

A “shy bladder?” There is a mental affliction by that name associated with an inability to use a public restroom. Obviously, the jury didn’t buy it.

Apperson was sentenced to 60 days in jail and was credited with time already served. But Apperson was remanded back to jail. He has been locked up since July 31 — on a judge’s order — because he was charged with disorderly conduct while free on bond for the Zimmerman case. He is awaiting trial for the May 11 confrontation with Zimmerman as the pair drove down Lake Mary Boulevard. In that case, Apperson is charged with attempted second-degree murder, aggravated assault and shooting into an occupied vehicle for allegedly firing one round from a .357-caliber handgun into Zimmerman’s car from his own. [skip]

A pool man who said he witnessed Apperson urinating on his neighbor’s porch testified the suspect expressed defiance against police and the public before the urination on Sharee Rivera’s porch on June 12. Anthony Woods, 63, told a jury he walked through a pool gate when he heard Apperson cursing. He said he saw Apperson ‘pointing his finger’ at Woods before he urinated.

Rivera, Apperson’s next-door neighbor of 13 years, found out about the urination incident after the pool man told her.

‘Mr. Woods had no incentive to be dishonest. I think he told the jury exactly what he saw that day and the jury believed him,’ said Assistant State Attorney Matthew J. Futch. ‘I think that the jury returned the verdict that they thought was just.

Apperson apparently has a long history of behaving bizarrely toward his neighbors and others:

During an August court hearing, Rivera told a judge Apperson has harassed her for years. He has poured hot oil on her plants, blown cigarette smoke at her, stared at her and tossed paper in her direction, she said.

Fortunately Judge Debra Nelson, who behaved so injudiciously in the Zimmerman case, seems to have found at least some rationality: 

A judge today said no again to a bond request by Matthew Apperson, the man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman during a road rage confrontation.

That means he’ll stay in the Seminole County jail indefinitely.

Apperson, 37, of Winter Springs is charged with attempted second-degree murder and other counts for shooting at Zimmerman as the two men drove down Lake Mary Boulevard in separate vehicles May 11.

Apperson admitted he shot at Zimmerman but says that’s because Zimmerman had just pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him.

Zimmerman’s attorney, Don West, says that’s not true. [skip]

Five months ago the judge also said no to a similar request.

But things have changed. Since then Apperson was convicted of disorderly conduct – for urinating on his neighbor’s front door when no one was home.

He’s finished serving his jail sentence for that crime.

Today defense attorney Trey Flynn told the judge that Apperson’s wife has signed a lease on a new home that’s several miles from where the couple formerly lived and where the public urination took place.

If released, Apperson would move there and would no longer be a threat to his old neighbors, Flynn said.

But Assistant State Attorney Stewart Stone argued that in July the judge denied bond because Apperson was accused of violating the law while free on $35,000 bond, and that hasn’t changed. He’s now been convicted of violating the law while free, Stone argued. [skip]

Apperson has a history of mental illness.

So it would seem. Presumably, Apperson’s new neighbors will find themselves as delighted with his presence as were his old neighbors.

And the convoluted tale of George Zimmerman continues…