Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 4.53.03 PMAs I watched President Obama delivering his final State Of The Union speech, I flashed back to these glimpses into the mind of one of the most delusional, dangerous people in world history: 

‘I truly believe that the day I’m inaugurated…the whole world looks at America differently. If I’m reaching out to the Muslim world they understand that I’ve lived in a Muslim country…I understand their point of view….And that will ultimately make us safer.’

—Barack Obama, November 21, 2007

‘You know, I actually believe my own bullshit,’ Obama told [Richard] Wolffe with a smile.



I really didn’t need to watch the speech. I could have written this article by merely filling in the blanks with standard Obama attitude, arrogance, narcissism, mocking, straw men, lies, pandering and cheap shots against his enemies–the American people. I would have been entirely accurate.

Warning: This is going to be somewhat disjointed, because my notes follow Mr. Obama’s speech, and it was entirely disjointed and rambling.

The speech was full of “I” “me” and “my,” because this is Obama’s world. He graciously allows us to live in it, but he’s very, very disappointed in us. I’ve long ago stopped counting his references to himself and how everything affects him, but he did it in his very first sentence.



Seated behind him, to his right, was Vice President Joe Biden, who spent the night nodding to everything Mr. Obama said like a bobble-headed car doll on a washboard road, sort of an outsized, little girl and woman leering mini me. To his left was the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.22.04 AM

Mr. Obama began by faux praise for Ryan, thanking him for showing such wonderful bipartisanship by totally caving on the budget bill. Some pundits have praised Mr. Obama for this sincere reach across the aisle. It wasn’t. Mr. Obama knows well that many Republicans consider that deal to be total capitulation on Ryan’s part, a real betrayal of conservative principles. Obama praises no one but himself. His comment about Ryan was a crude, public slap in the face, and the look on Ryan’s face, and his obvious tight-lipped jaw grinding–which he continued throughout the speech–made it plain he got the message.

Mr. Obama wants to influence, nay, define the future, five, even ten years hence. I couldn’t help but wonder what he’ll do when he leaves office, and no longer has a magic pen and phone. How will he survive as Barack Obama, citizen of the world? One almost feels the dint of pity.

And how will he influence the future, which he characterized as “change” (even he apparently realizes there is no hope)? Why, he wants all students to be able to write computer code. Stop gun violence, raise the minimum wage, fix climate change, equal pay, blah, blah, blah, (add standard progressive boilerplate here).

Throughout the speech, there were two consistent themes: Anyone not doing what Mr. Obama wants is foolish and fears the future. That, and the most blatant hypocrisy I’ve ever seen in a politician. Example? He spoke of his commitment to the rule of law. Much tight lipped jaw grinding on the part of Mr. Ryan–and sentient Americans–on that one.

Among the wonderful things Mr. Obama has accomplished–he said so himself:

“We’ve recovered from the worst economic crisis in a generation.” The economy is better in every way imaginable; just ask him. Happy days are here again! Why? Observe:


Our care of veterans.

Gay marriage.

The “new” economy.

We must use our technology to solve climate change.

“Anyone claiming the economy is in decline is pedaling fiction” (Grind, grind).

He reiterated his theme of making college affordable for every American. And how will he do that? He’s going to “cut the cost of college,” by making two years of community college free for everyone! And who will pay for all that free college? Strangely, he didn’t mention that…

He was also very concerned with the divisiveness in our political culture and institutions, and lectured ceaselessly on healing that divide:

How can we make our politics reflect what’s best in us and not worst?

It’s been difficult to find agreement over the next several years.

He even went so far as to say that one of the few regrets of his presidency was the divisiveness between him and the Congress, and he swore he would try to get better. This was essentially a preface for his repeated demands that Congress do what he wants as a solution for all that divisiveness, which one might reasonably think a bit off for someone supposedly trying to “get better” about all that divisiveness. One suspects his getting better is rather like that of John Cleese in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, who, after being turned into a newt, got better too.

Remember, gentle readers, that this is the man that set the tone for his presidency at what was among his first official contacts with congressional leaders, by graciously observing “elections have consequences; I won,” to House Republican Whip Eric Cantor in 2009. This no doubt impressed everyone present with Mr. Obama’s sincerity and obvious willingness to listen to and consider the views of others. Since then, he and his toadies have continually harangued, insulted, and abused anyone that did not see things his way even accusing them of being unpatriotic and terrorists.

One might also be a bit confused that the Obamites can call Americans terrorists, but are unable to call actual Islamic terrorists terrorists.

Mr. Obama presented himself as the best friend and savior of small business, and observed that there are some regulations that are unnecessary, and by golly, he’s going to do something about them. This from a man that added tens of thousands of unnecessary and abusive new regulations, a process that will continue until he leaves office. He could cut half of them, choosing regulations randomly, and there would be no real effect on making life easier for businessmen.

One of my favorite moments was when Mr. Obama added a bit of the soaring rhetoric for which he is so well reviled, by praising America for quickly putting a man on the moon after the Soviets beat us into space. He was, of course, referring to NASA, but didn’t mention it by name. This from the man that has completely destroyed our manned space program, reducing us to hitching rides on Russian spacecraft at extortionate prices, and forced the head of NASA to say the agency’s main mission is to make Muslims feel good about the scientific contributions of their ancestors, which doesn’t, on initial consideration, seem to have anything to do with space exploration.

He spouted the usual climate change drivel, speaking of what wonders he has wrought in supporting the “energy of the future.” I suspect he was referring to the tens of billions thrown into the toilet by cronies in failed solar projects like Solyndra (half a billion). His continued harping on this theme was amazing, considering the technologies he supports have been utter failures, accounting for only a tiny portion of all US electric production, with no hope of doing better. The “energy of the future” is just that–off in the very distant future, and only a possibility based on unimaginable scientific breakthroughs. In the meantime, he promised to continue to do all he could to obliterate coal, oil–you know–the energy sources upon which we all depend for mere survival. He has apparently transcended such common concerns.

Steny Hoyer

Steny Hoyer (left) having no trouble staying awake.  credit:

As is usual with a SOTU address, the cameras occasionally focused on various politicians and others in the office. Steny Hoyer (D) was doing his best to stay awake, and losing the battle. Mrs. Obama just couldn’t be prouder.

Did you know, by the way, that “surveys show our standing around the world is higher than when I took office”? That’s right. According to Mr. Obama, he was right. Everyone in the world loves America even more because he has been president the last seven years! Surveys show it. Who knew? I mean, really–who knew that?!



Regarding national security, Mr. Obama reassured the nation by observing that he begins every day with his national security briefing. Those aware that he has missed more than half might be somewhat less reassured.

He also reassured the nation that there is no actual “superpower” threat to America, and “no reduced military strength” regarding our military. We also learned that “ISIL is not representative of Islam,” which is rather odd as the first initial in “ISIL” stands for “Islamic,” which might indicate to priggish grammarians like me that the jihadists of ISIL–Mr. Obama prefers that over “ISIS”–who are all Muslims, actually think themselves “representative of Islam.” However, Mr. Obama lived in a Muslim country, and was born to a Muslim father, but he’s not Muslim, no sir.

This was one of his usual straw men. No one is suggesting that ISIS has a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying America. They just don’t want terrorists attacking them in America at the mall, at theaters, at schools and anywhere else. ISIS is very much capable of doing that, and Mr. Obama is doing little or nothing to stop that threat, which he still seems incapable of acknowledging.

Mr. Obama, demonstrating the comity he so claimed to value, slapped his enemies–most of Congress, our allies, and the American people–in the face by complaining about “all kinds of tough talk about killing ISIL,” and reassured us once again by saying “that’s what we’ve been doing.” This might come as something of a surprise to ISIS, and to our pilots who have been prevented from dropping bombs about 75% of the time by Mr. Obama. Why, anyone listening to Mr. Obama, having just arrived on the planet, might imagine him to be the most fearsome anti-terror warrior in the galaxy! He’s all but wiped out terrorism!

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.21.30 AM

Camera pan to the Joint Chiefs of Staff: They were very unimpressed. One might even say, grim. Like Paul Ryan, much tight-lipped jaw grinding going on. Demonstrating appropriate political neutrality, they did not applaud at all. Their displeasure was particularly evidence when Mr. Obama complained about how much we’re spending on our military, which of course, isn’t remotely true.

Mr. Obama continued his demonstration of manly resolve: “America will always act to protect our people and allies.” Yeah. Tell that to the Americans killed at Benghazi. Tell that to the ten–or so–sailors captured and held by Iran, who he didn’t so much as mention (NOTE: as this is posted, they are reported to have been released). Tell that to the four American hostages still held in Iran. Tell that to… you get the idea.

Did you know that Mr. Obama’s “priority one is “going after terrorist networks”? Neither do the terrorist networks.

We also learned about Mr. Obama’s wise leadership: “Leadership means a wise application of military power.” Referring, of course, to himself, he added: “That’s American strength; that’s American leadership.” He didn’t mention the “from behind” part.

He provided several other wonderful examples. He has assembled a “global coalition” to deal with Syria, and Iran has all but disarmed and given up on its nuclear hopes, “and the world has avoided another war,” all thanks to Mr. Obama! The global coalition and Iran were not available for comment.

As part and parcel of this bold, anti-terror resolve, Mr. Obama scolded us all for daring to “insult” Muslims. “That’s wrong,” he explained. I think he might be referring to people a bit miffed that jihadists are killing Americans not only in the Middle East, but on American soil too, not that he mentioned anything about those attacks.

To really go after the terrorists, Mr. Obama announced that before he leaves office, he will shut down Gitmo, which costs too much and which helps Jihadists–who he has all but exterminated–recruit. The global coalition and Iran were not available for comment.

There was one odd, discordant note–actually there were plenty, but the media is avoiding reporting on this one–when someone, or someones, began yelling something. In an impressive show of unity, all the Democrats in the chamber rose as one and began loudly applauding until the yeller(s) were presumably brought under control as Mr. Obama patiently waited, silent and resolute, his nose in the air in his patented Mussolini posture. One suspects this was a practiced tactic.

Another theme of the evening was that Mr. Obama is so noble, brilliant and well intentioned, everything would be lollipops and unicorns if everyone would just do what he wants, and quit all this disagreement with his magnificence stuff.

And to ensure that the American public continues to benefit from his kind of magnificence, he observed: “we’ve got to make it easier to vote, not harder.” Of course! Why shouldn’t illegal immigrants, felons, and even the dead, be prohibited from voting by telephone or e-mail if they like, or from the convenience of their coffins? All of this actually having to drive a bit and prove one is eligible to vote is unnecessary and un-American. It’s certainly anti-illegal immigrant, anti-felon, and anti-dead people. And why not allow folks to vote as early and often as they like? Wouldn’t that be patriotic? Wouldn’t that make things easier? By the way, gentle readers, have you noticed that the dead almost always vote a straight Democrat ticket? Must be something about decomposition, I think…

He ended with this stirring bit of nonsensical rhetoric:

“I believe in change because I believe in you.”

Substitute essentially any noun you prefer, and it would make as much sense:

I believe in the status quo because I believe in you.

I believe in apple pie because I believe in you.

I believe in poodles because I believe in you.

Please excuse me. All of the dissonance between what Mr. Obama said and reality and truth is a bit overpowering. I think I’ll go lay down now.