My good friend Bookworm has written a fascinating article–she does that all the time–about the Obamites arguments about what to do about Egypt. This is Egypt after they’ve monumentally screwed the pooch by getting rid of Mubarak, replaced him with the Muslim Brotherhood’s man, Morsi, and after that, Sisi. Here’s an example of an article Bookworm quotes, followed by her commentary:

Kerry had an ally in Hagel, who had developed a relationship with Egypt’s top general. Both men believed they could moderate Sisi’s behavior. ‘Kerry thinks he can get guys to do things because they trust him, even if it’s not necessarily in their interest,’ says one former State Department official. Hagel sent Sisi Ron Chernow’s 904-page biography of George Washington, urging him to read a chapter about Washington peacefully relinquishing the presidency.

[Bookworm:] Where in the world did Kerry get the idea that he’s charming and persuasive? That paragraph does, however, explain why Kerry thought that, after the Charlie Hebdo/Hyper Cache massacres, it would be a good idea to have James Taylor flown to Paris to sing ‘You’ve Got a Friend.’ After all, that’s exactly the kind of thing a charming and trustworthy politician would do, right?

So. We have a President that thought foreign leaders would bend to his will because he’s Muslim, black, and most of all, Barack Obama. That’s worked brilliantly. We had a Secretary of Defense that thought the leader of a Muslim nation in flames, probably fighting off daily assassination attempts, from a culture that reveres strength and reviles weakness, is going to be influenced to step down by George Washington’s example. And now we have a Secretary of State that is equally delusional. Kerry thinks foreign leaders will do his bidding because they trust him? No wonder Iran ate our lunch in the recent nuclear “deal.”  Of course Kerry’s unbounded self-regard wasn’t the only reason…

It is reminiscent of someone–I can’t recall who–asking Henry Kissinger if the Soviets could be trusted. He replied that they could absolutely be trusted to do what they thought in their best interests.

The implication is that all nations can be trusted to do that. Yet we have an administration that thinks its personal magnificence and charisma is sufficient to cause sovereign nations to ignore their best interests because intellectual tissue-weights like John Kerry bring aging pop singers to France to sing “You’ve Got a Friend.”

Do you have a better sense, gentle readers, of why we–and the world–are in such deadly danger?