Why no. I didn't know that! credit: pinterest.com

Why no. I didn’t know that! What possibilities…
credit: pinterest.com

As regular readers no doubt know, Bookworm is a friend and favorite blogger. If she’s not on your daily “to read” list, you’re missing much. She is a recovering Progressive, still living deep behind enemy lines: Marin, CA. As such, she has a unique perspective on the issues of the day and on the progressive mindset. We initially met due to her interest in learning more about guns.

I really appreciate women as well, and while I don’t regularly indulge in romance novels, she does, and was recently pleased to discover one of her favorite writers displaying a familiarity of, and perhaps even appreciation for, guns. Will wonders never cease? It’s rather like finding a unicorn in one’s driveway.

By all means, take this link, and visit her article.