Utterly tone deaf, or just doesn’t give a rat’s ass? You decide, gentle readers.

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Consider the optics of this: the First Lady–who I can never hold in sufficiently low esteem–forces a United States Marine to be a part of this bizarre photo op. I’m being priggish, am I? No sense of humor? Why do I hate R2D2? I’m a droidist?

Perhaps, but I am concerned about Barack Obama and his sycophants misusing and abusing the Marines unlucky enough to be assigned to the White House. Remember this sickening display?

credit: washingtonpost.co,

credit: washingtonpost.co,

You’re still not convinced? You still think I’m just picking on poor Mr. and Mrs. Obama whose every waking moment is spent working to protect and honor the men and women of our military? Very well, consider then the “optics,” as the self-imagined elite say, of this shot:

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That’s right: Imperial storm troopers!  In the White House?! Are Michelle Obama and her many advisors and handlers truly that dense?  Do they really fail to understand the message that image sends? The murderous, mindless enforcers of an empire of evil standing guard in the White House? Or is that precisely the image they want to send? Why not be more contemporary? Why not a couple of jihadists?

I’ll let Brad Thor–if you’re not reading his novels, you’re missing some of the best thrillers available–have the next to final word:

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As Glenn Reynolds is fond of saying: we’re in the very best of hands.

UPDATE, 12-19-15, 2100 CST:  In case anyone is thinking I’m a bit too hard on the Obamas, one might consider this from The New York Post:

Who needs a White House press secretary when The New York Times will cover for the president, no questions asked?

That’s what the Times did Thursday, deleting from a story one of the most atrocious things President Obama has ever said.

As part of his effort to turn things around after his recent pathetic speeches on fighting terrorism, the president met with columnists from multiple outlets.

The ground rules said no one could quote him directly — but one of his claims is appalling even when paraphrased.

Obama, the Times reported online, ‘indicated that he did not see enough cable television to fully appreciate the anxiety after the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, and made clear that he plans to step up his public arguments. Republicans were telling Americans that he is not doing anything when he is doing a lot, he said.’

What? The president of the United States of America didn’t realize how people felt in the wake of two terror attacks because he doesn’t watch enough news?

Pathetic as that excuse is, far worse is that the Times soon removed the passage from its online story, and kept it out of Friday’s print version.

I’ve come to believe–and it’s tragic this is necessary–that’s it’s simply not possible to think poorly enough of the Obamas, and particularly Barack.