On November 18, 2015 I wrote a story about a suburban Illinois school district’s battle against the Federal Government. The topic: the feds wanted to force the district to allow a boy that thinks he’s a girl, but is still sporting a penis and related testicles, to shower, in an unrestricted manner, with girls. The feds believe this to be–and this will not be surprising to those that have been paying attention–a vital matter of transgender rights, which of course have precedence over every other sort of right.

In that article I noted:

There is a famous aphorism in constitutional circles: ‘My right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins.’ Are some people born into the wrong body? I don’t know; no one does. Are some people merely confused, suffering from some delusion or psychiatric ailment that makes them think they are the opposite gender, or something else? Yes. There is no doubt about that. There is also no doubt about this: no parent in their right minds wants someone sporting a penis and testicles showering with their adolescent daughter. I suspect adolescent daughters might well agree with their parents on this if nothing else. What that person thinks themself to be or “identifies as” isn’t the point.

As one might imagine, certain of the parents of the girls involved–like virtually everyone of them–were less than impressed with the idea of even a single, girly penis wagging in the vicinity of their naked and wet daughters. And amazingly, the Superintendent of the District was less than impressed as well. But now, according to The Daily Caller, there is an “agreement.”

Facing federal threats of lost millions in funding for the children of taxpaying parents, a school district in the suburbs of Chicago voted on Thursday to allow a male high school student who dresses like a girl and otherwise identifies as female to use the girls’ locker room and shower there.

The student will use a separate, semi-private area in the girls’ locker room of his public high school.

The settlement between the U.S. Department of Education and the school district — the largest in Illinois — provides that the male student can use girls’ locker rooms as long as he changes in changing stations described as private, according to a Department of Education statement.

The feds have also deigned to allow the district to install curtains in the girls’ locker room for use by any actual, biological girls who want privacy.

The district must also arrange for the male student to have access to female bathroom and changing facilities at all district-sponsored activities, off-campus activities, and must create a “support team” for this one student to ensure he is happy.

No gentle readers, this is not an Onion parody. A “support team.” Really. This is the priority of the Obama Administration as terror attacks increase on American soil.

The Education Department statement, which consistently identifies the male student with female pronouns, lauds the settlement agreement:

I commend the Board of Education of Township High School District 211 for taking steps necessary to protect civil rights as well as student privacy,” assistant secretary for civil rights Catherine E. Lhamon said. “We are grateful that the board and superintendent chose to come into full compliance with our nation’s civil rights laws. And, we look forward to partnering with the district to assure that the terms of this agreement are fully and effectively implemented.

Translation: “We look forward to harassing and haranguing and threatening the school district and taking over its daily operations to remake it in our deranged, fundamentally transformed, image.” The Federal Government doesn’t “partner” with anyone but corrupt progressives.

While this may sound like a complete capitulation, consider this from my earlier article:



Officials in the Palatine district, which serves more than 12,000 students, have framed their position as a middle ground. The transgender student in question plays on a girls’ sports team, is called ‘she’ by school staff and is referred to by a female name. But the district, citing privacy concerns, had required her to change clothes and shower separately.

To rational human beings, these accommodations are not only entirely reasonable, but bend over backward in giving the student what he/she wanted. This was not, of course, enough for the feds.

Many parents and community members were unhappy with the 5-2 vote school board vote in favor of the settlement. They showed up at a school board meeting in the Conant High School cafeteria in the city of Hoffman Estates on Wednesday evening to vent their anger about the agreement.

Some displeased denizens brought signs. ‘Settling is losing’ read one, according to the Chicago Tribune.

‘I’m not intolerant, and I’m not a bigot,’ Jeff Miller, parent of a district daughter, said at the meeting, according to the Tribune. ‘People have the right in this country to live their lives the way they see fit, and I respect that. When it starts infringing on other people’s rights, that’s when it becomes a problem.’

Other school district residents said they approved of the settlement.

‘What if this were your child?’ parent Teresa Saunders asked, as she cried a little.

‘I can’t imagine anything more damaging for a student than to be told they are different from all their fellow students,’ Saunders also chided, notes the Tribune. ‘In doing so, the administration is treating them as though they weren’t human beings at all.

What a perfect example of oblivious progressive thinking. This student is, in fact, different. Anyone that is biologically male that prefers to think of themselves as female is about as different as it is possible to be. As to damage, does Ms. Saunders really believe this student–and their parents–isn’t aware of their difference? That’s what this entire mess is about: being different but forcing everyone else not only to accommodate that difference, but to accept it and praise it as normal, or at least to pretend to do so.

The unidentified high school student at the center of the ruling currently is listed as a girl in school files, uses girls’ restrooms and plays on girls’ sports teams.

The student wants to be treated like a female in every respect by the school district, which enrolls over 12,000 students.

Showering in a place where there are no girls — which district officials wanted the male student to do — is stigmatizing and ‘blatant discrimination,’ John Knight, director of the LGBT and AIDS Project at ACLU of Illinois, told the Tribune last month.

This sort of lunacy is possible because Americans chose Barack Obama as president. That, and a never-ending progressive campaign to impose its will on unwilling Americans, has led to the bizarre behavior of students in our colleges and people elsewhere. This is a manifestation of the idea that the only people that must be pampered and given all they want are those living the lives dreamed up in the most extreme and destructive recesses of fevered progressive brains.

This Illinois student is a special snowflake, so precious that the rest of the world owes them whatever they want, including pretending that their desires are perfectly normal and oh, so right and intellectually pure. Their desires are of supreme importance. The needs and emotions of normal, adolescent girls, many of whom have great difficulty removing their clothing to shower with other girls, mean absolutely nothing in the face of the demands of such superior beings, the vanguard of the new progressive man–er woman–er, something or other.

We do adolescents no favors by sheltering them from the consequences of their choices. I know some will argue that the student in question has no choice, their female identification has nothing to do with their will. We don’t know that. We do know, however, that some people are confused about their gender identity, and such people will, of necessity, stick out, be noticeable, and perhaps even be objects of scorn or ridicule. This may not be thoughtful or nice, but it’s human nature, and we can’t control everyone, which is what the federal government is trying to do for this student.

I wonder: will the feds follow this person around for the rest of their life, forcing, by legal threats, everyone with whom they ever come into contact, to fully accept them, to speak the right words around them, and to think politically correct thoughts? If not, this student will one day find themselves in the real world, where most people are not much inclined to alter their lives in significant ways to make one confused person happy and comfortable. In fact, the world pretty much demands that we adapt to it rather than the other way around.

We do kids no favors when we let them think they’re so special they don’t have to consider the feelings and beliefs of others, and they can ignore the realities of life with impunity, even disdain. But for now, in this school district, this student, with the help of the Department of Education of Barack Obama, is ensuring that this child will have a very rough future, because during the years when they should have been learning to adapt to their identity and their place in the real world, they were lauded as a very, very special–and fragile–snowflake.