Roosevelt-on-Pearl-Harbor-and-climate-changeBREAKING NEWS: Iran has carried out a long range ballistic missile test that clearly violates multiple UN resolutions and the deal negotiated with Iran by Secretary of State John Kerry, anonymous, highly placed sources told SMM News earlier today. They also said that this particular missile, the Infidel 200K, is designed to mate with a nuclear warhead, and has no provision for use with conventional warheads.

The missile’s range would allow it to strike anywhere in the Middle East, including Israel, and also substantial portions of the United States, including Washington DC and New York City. The launch was conducted from a known Iranian missile test site, and the vehicle splashed down at an “undisclosed” location in the Pacific Ocean.

Presidential spokesman Jim Honest, in a testy exchange with reporters, assured Americans that this does not in any way change the Obama Administration’s commitment to the Iran deal, which Mr. Obama remains convinced will prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

Secretary of State John Kerry told SMM anchor Tom Snooper: “This is a peaceful application of basic technology that one can almost see as a reasonable response to perceived American aggression and colonialism that has caused the Iranian leadership to adopt a more aggressive response to it’s justified perceptions.”

Apart from the fanciful names, how long did it take, gentle readers, before you were sure this was a parody? Are you certain even now?

How about this, from Fox News:

EXCLUSIVE: Iran has carried out a new medium range ballistic missile test in breach of two United Nations Security Council resolutions, a senior U.S. official told Fox News on Monday.

Western intelligence says the test was held Nov. 21 near Chabahar, a port city in southeast Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan Province near the border with Pakistan.  The launch took place from a known missile test site along the Gulf of Oman.

The missile, known as a Ghadr-110, has a range of 1,800 – 2000 km, or 1200 miles, and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The missile fired in November is an improved version of the Shahab 3, and is similar to the precision guided missile tested by Iran on Oct. 10, which elicited strong condemnation from members of the U.N. Security Council.

Uh-huh. And what, exactly, is Barack Obama prepared to do about this?

The United States is deeply concerned about Iran’s recent ballistic missile launch,’ Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., said in a statement after the last Iranian ballistic missile test in October.

President Obama mentioned the Iranian missile test during a press conference on Oct. 16 and said the United States was preparing to brief the U.N. sanctions committee. He added that it would not derail the nuclear deal.

‘I think what we’ll be doing is we’ll review, as we have in the past, any violations of U.N. resolutions, and we’ll deal with them much as we have in the past,’ Obama said of the October incident.

Fortunately, a “senior administration official” clarified matters:



A senior administration official told Fox News on Monday the White House was ‘aware’ of reports of the missile test, but had ‘no further comment at this time.

Ah. Mr. Obama is aware. He is also doubtless reviewing and dealing much as he has in the past, which is to say, he’s doing nothing.

Iran appears to be in a race against the clock to improve the accuracy of its ballistic missile arsenal in the wake of the nuclear agreement signed in July.

They appear to be doing that, do they?


One day after Tehran and six world powers signed that nuclear accord, the UN passed resolution 2231, which compels Iran to refrain from any work on ballistic missiles for 8 years. UN Security Council Resolution 1929 was passed in 2010 and bans Iran from conducting ballistic missile tests.

The Security Council is still debating how to respond to Iran’s last test in October.

Yes. I’m sure they are.

Mr. Obama has repeatedly assured the American people and the world that he is determined that Iran never obtain nuclear weapons or the means to deliver them.