The Obama Plan For Countering Jihad

The Obama Plan For Countering Jihad

Terrorist #1: “CousCous, put down the knife. You can behead that infidel later. Have you seen this article in The Hill?” 

Terrorist #2: “What article, Baklava?”

Terrorist #1: “This one; read!”

Terrorist #2 (After Reading): “May Allah have mercy on us, what a devastating rebuke!”

Terrorist #1: “Truly we will be powerfully rebuked when the infidels meet for their climate conference. What shall we do?”

Terrorist #2: “Let me finish beheading this infidel, then I have a few Christian children to rape and crucify. We can discuss it then.”

Terrorist #1: “Cool. Get it? Climate change–cool?”

Terrorist #2: “Ha ha. Most amusing.”

What do CousCous and Baklava know that we don’t?

President Obama declared Tuesday that next week’s climate change summit in Paris would be a “powerful rebuke” to terrorists, speaking alongside French President Francois Hollande at a joint news conference.

‘Next week, I will be joining President Hollande and world leaders in Paris for the global climate conference,’ Obama said during his prepared remarks, which focused mostly on the efforts to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

‘What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be, when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children,’ he added.

Yes. Of course. He actually said that. It’s not an Onion parody. What could possibly be more on the minds of Islamist jihadists than climate change? The Koran is full of references to combatting it…what’s that? It’s not? Oh. I guess Iran isn’t building nuclear weapons to disrupt Mr. Obama’s attempts to combat climate change after all.

Obama struck a similar tone Sunday at a news conference in Malaysia.

‘I think it is absolutely vital for every country, every leader, to send a signal that the viciousness of a handful of killers does not stop the world from doing vital business, and that Paris … is not going to be cowered by the violent, demented actions of a few,’ Obama said about the upcoming climate conference.

Translation: “Nothing will stop me and my business-as-usual, corrupt allies, from perpetrating on western civilization the greatest and most expensive fraud in all of human history. Besides, it’s just a handful of terror,…er, I mean, killers…killers, and we have them contained anyway.”

Obama and other administration officials have been criticized for their insistence that climate change is a threat to national security on par with terrorism.

Actually, they have declared climate change to be the most serious threat to American national security. But what the heck? Secretary of State John Kerry thinks the jihadists justified, so why shouldn’t the President of the United States think holding a climate change meeting will scare jihadists, who he doesn’t think are Islamic anyway because terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, which is the religion of peace, which peacefully rapes, tortures, immolates, crucifies, beheads, and murders innocent Christians and others, apparently for no reason other than not having a sufficient number of American taxpayer subsidized jobs programs.

Stupid and delusional people in charge of national security produce consequences, which, if we survive, we might have a chance to try to overcome.