Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 8.43.18 PMThe Universe has a sense of humor, or at the very least, irony. On 11-13-15, the morning of the Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris, Mr. Obama declared that his JV team: ISIS–which has claimed responsibility for the attacks–was “contained.” After the attacks, he clarified his comment, suggesting that “contained” meant geographically contained. The statement and clarification were blatant delusions, even lies, but what does one expect of a man who solemnly intoned before the UN: 

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

This was just a part of the speech–the lie–that the Benghazi attack was caused by a video virtually no one had seen. He followed it with another blatant delusion/lie in his 2015 commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy: 

…push for urgent action to combat climate change as a national security imperative… I am here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country…



To date, Mr. Obama has declared climate change the greatest threat to the world, at least 22 times, such as this bizarre April 18 statement:

Wednesday is Earth Day, a day to appreciate and protect this precious planet we call home. And today, there’s no greater threat to our planet than climate change.

I suspect the French no longer believe climate change to be the most serious danger facing their nation. Perhaps they might even be a bit less enthusiastic about the upcoming climate summit? Perhaps it might now be a bit further down the French list of national priorities?

Mr. Obama is not entirely responsible for the growth and spread of militant Islam, but a very large share of the blame is his.

I’ll not go into detail on the attacks, but make only a few observations that require no detailed knowledge of the killers or their tactics or motivations.

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(1) Various talking heads and politicians have declared that the Paris attack changed everything. It did not. Militant Islam has been raping, maiming, torturing and murdering for centuries, long before America existed. Among the first battles the U.S. Marines fought were against the Islamist Barbary Pirates. When the Islamists feel strong, when they feel their enemies–everyone else in the world and not a few fellow Muslims–are weak, they attack and seek to dominate the world. No POTUS has ever been weaker than Barack Obama. He makes Jimmy Carter look like a George Patton clone. The unmistakable words of their faith demand they conquer the world, and do so as brutally and bloodily as possible. None of this is new. Paris is only one small atrocity in a war centuries old, a war that will not stop until we stop it.

(2) The single most dangerous terrorist state and sponsor of terror specifically declared war against the United States in 1979, and Iran has been prosecuting that war, and killing Americans, ever since.

(3) Thanks to Barack Obama, John Kerry, and their supporters, Iran will have nuclear weapons very soon. They will use them. They will use them against us, against Israel, and against our allies–if we have any left by then.

(4) France was on alert on 11-13-15, a heightened alert as a result of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. There were far more armed police officers on the streets than normal. It didn’t matter. It can never matter. There aren’t enough police officers in the world to guarantee that terrorists will have no chance to attack soft targets.

(5) Everywhere the terrorists attacked, no one was armed. Terrorists count on this.

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(6) Restaurants, theaters and schools are all among the softest possible targets. We have had many terror attacks on American soil during the sparkling Age of Obama. There will be many more, and they will be more deadly.

(7) “How did they get guns and explosives?” media whiners ask.  Criminals, and particularly terrorists, have never had any trouble getting automatic weapons, hand grenades and other tools of war.  It’s what they do.  It’s who they are.  It doesn’t matter how many anti-gun laws a country has or how effectively they disarm honest people.

(8) Barack Obama will do nothing effective to protect America, and will do much to make us more vulnerable. We haven’t seen anything yet.

In order to win this battle for civilization–and that is what it is–we must destroy Islamist ideology. Some argue that we can’t kill millions of Muslims. Yes we can, and we must. The “Religion of Peace” has slaughtered millions. Never before in history have they had access to weapons that allow them to kill so many so quickly, weapons they do not have the intellect or manufacturing capacity to make. Thanks to Mr. Obama, many of those weapons are American, captured with ISIS seized much of Iraq. Islamists, and their sympathizers and supporters must be wiped out. George W. Bush was wrong about much, but when he said that nations are either for us or for the terrorists, he was absolutely right.

We must kill them wherever they are, without mercy, without rules of engagement that prevent us from absolutely, ruthlessly killing them and utterly destroying not only their means of waging holy war, but their will to do it. Our traditional Muslim “allies” must be told that they are either for us or for the terrorists. Our protection and aid must be conditional on their renunciation, once and for all, of Jihad, hatred of other races and religions, all violence and martyrdom.

After all, if they refuse to give up the evil commandments of their religion–slaughtering and conquering everyone else–how can we possibly trust them? What kind of idiot would help people dedicated, to the very core of their being, to killing Americans and subjugating America? We need not slander the prophet of Islam, but we must make Muslims reform the bloodthirsty, inhuman aspects of his teachings.



They must also, immediately, give up inciting racist hatred in their children, in their media, in their politics. Go ahead. Try to defend doing that to children.

The laws of war do not apply. Islamist murderers wear no uniforms. They obey no laws. They torture and murder prisoners of war and innocent non-combatants. They deserve no quarter, no mercy, and we are not in the least legally bound to give them any. Take no prisoners, except those useful in gathering actionable intelligence. They have no mercy on anyone. Claiming we are somehow morally superior to them because we refuse to kill them and allow them to go on murdering us is lunacy–and civilizational suicide.

In America, we need to pass national concealed carry, and establish full concealed carry reciprocity everywhere in America. No more Washington DCs; no more Chicagos, no more California where governments ignore the Second Amendment and abuse their citizens, making them helpless before criminals. Pass legislation making denial of Second Amendment rights a federal felony and prosecute any politician or bureaucrat that violates that law. No more “gun-free” school zones; no more insanely soft targets. Let terrorists understand that wherever they go in this nation, they’ll face innumerable armed citizens, citizens not restrained by an idiotic, Islamist-supporting federal government that will help and apologize for them.

Enforce our immigration laws, or abolish them. Close our borders. Allow no one in about whom we are not absolutely certain. Anyone with the least terrorist connection must have no hope of ever setting foot on American soil. Allow in only those that can support themselves and contribute substantially to America.

What of non-violent Muslims? Those that wish only to practice their faith in peace? Those willing to obey American law, those willing to treat their women in accordance with American law? They are no different than the practitioners of any other religion and deserve the protection of the First Amendment, like any other law-abiding American. That, of course, is not about whom we speak.

Win this struggle for civilization–for the very survival of the human race–now; end it once and for all. Thereafter be prepared to immediately extinguish the slightest hint of resurgence of militant Islam, anywhere–forever.

If we do not, we’ll be fighting Islamist terrorism until they win, because we’ll grow weak–weaker–and tired and give up. They won’t. Not unless they learn that to practice the “Religion of Peace” as they are practicing it today, as they have practiced it for centuries, means certain death. They can be a part of the future of the human race, of civilization, or prosperity and human dignity for all, or they can wallow in the disease, poverty, stupidity and blood of the medieval past–but not for long.

Israel understands all of this. Fully support them and help them force their enemies to understand that to practice Islamist hatred, to practice genocide is certain death. There will be no peace until Muslims have no choice.

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin: “If we do not destroy militant Islam together, militant Islam will surely destroy us separately.”

It’s us or them. Do we have the will to recognize that, and ensure it’s them? We’ll know at least the beginning of that answer in early November, 2016.

NOTE:  Go here, for an excellent article on Islamist goals and motivations by Andrew McCarthy.