Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 7.34.59 AMRemember this blast from the past? While the “negotiations” over Iranian nucs were proceeding apace, the Iranians blew up and sank a mock U.S. aircraft carrier. In the Obama dictionary, this is apparently a “goodwill gesture.”  Perhaps John Kerry even told the Iranians it was not a polite gesture, but that might have put the talks in jeopardy, so probably not.  Now, via Fox News, we have even more good will:

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is behind a recent wave of cyberattacks on email and social media accounts of White House personnel that are believed to be connected to the arrest of an Iranian-American businessman last month, U.S. officials told The Wall Street Journal. [skip]

Officials told The Journal Obama administration personnel are among a large group of people who have had their computers hacked in recent weeks, including journalists and academics. Some of the officials hacked include those employees of the State Department’s Office of Iranian Affairs and its Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs.

‘U.S. officials were among many who were targeted by recent cyberattacks,’ an administration official told the newspaper, adding the U.S. is still investigating possible connections to the Namazi case. ‘U.S. officials believe some of the more recent attacks may be linked to reports of detained dual citizens and others.’

Though President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry had hoped the recent nuclear deal would further cooperation between the two nations, the cyberattacks from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the arrest of Namazi and Zakka’s disappearance have signaled that Iranian hardliners have not toned down their hostile rhetoric toward Washington.


Really? They haven’t? How can one tell? After all, if blowing up a mock aircraft carrier can’t convince Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry that the Iranians aren’t negotiating in good faith and can’t be trusted to honor any deal they make, it’s unlikely a little hacking will do the job. Nor will the Iranian “Supreme Leader’s” swearing that Iran will never honor the very specific provisions of the deal the Administration so idiotically embraces.

Mr. Obama is desperate to establish a legacy with the Iranians? He’s got one: buffoon.



Of course, Mr. Obama will surely see this—if he acknowledges it at all—as a plea by the Iranians for more, and more meaningful negotiations. Unfortunately, we’ve already given up everything we can give up relating to Iranian nucs. If we “negotiate” any more, we’ll be likely to end up financing the Iranian government.

Additional information via Powerline.