This one is particularly tragic and entirely representative of contemporary Progressivism: 

There’s a bit of controversy surrounding student elections at a San Francisco middle school after the results were immediately withheld by the principal because they weren’t diverse enough.

The incident happened at Everett Middle School in San Francisco’s Mission District. The voting was held Oct. 10, but the principal sent an email to parents on Oct. 14 saying the results would not be released because the candidates that were elected as a whole do not represents the diversity that exists at the school.

The email went on to say they were thinking of ways to value the students who won, while increasing the diversity of the group.

Parent Bianca Gutierrez said the experience has made her son, a 7th grader, rethink his run for class representative. She said he is discouraged and does not want to be a part of the process anymore.

‘That should have been something [discussed] prior to elections and prior to the campaigning process,’ Gutierrez said.

It sounds like her 7th grade son is, in fact, well prepared to be in student government, which is likely a large part of the reason that people like Van Haren object.

Lena Van Haren (center) credit: connorradnovich

Lena Van Haren (center)
credit: connorradnovich

According to Principal Lena Van Haren, Everett Middle School has a diverse student body. She said 80 percent of students are students of color and 20 percent are white, but the election results did not represent the entire study body.

‘That is concerning to me because as principal I want to make sure all voices are heard from all backgrounds,’ Van Haren said.

But that wasn’t all Van Haren had to say, according to Fox News:

It’s not okay for a school that is really, really diverse to have the student representatives majority white,” she told the San Francisco Chronicle. “The easy thing would have been to announce the results and move on. I intentionally did not choose the easy way because this is so important.”

According to the newspaper, there were no “English learners” among the winners. I’m assuming that’s what they’re calling kids who don’t speak a lick of English these days.

Black and Latino students were underrepresented as well.

In other words, too many white kids were elected—by their peers of all colors. And where will the line, regarding backgrounds, be drawn? Must every possible race attending the school be represented? Every religion? Every economic class? Every identified victim group? Back to KTVU:

Van Haren said her vision for students for them to not only be academically successful, but to be agents of change. She called a meeting with all the student candidates and administration on Wednesday to talk about the best way to move forward.

‘We’re not nullifying the election, we’re not cancelling the election and we’re not saying this didn’t count,’ Van Haren said.

She said the school may possibly add positions in an effort to be more equal.

‘I’m very hopeful this can be a learning experience and actually be something that embodied our vision which is to help students make positive change,’ she added.

Translation: “We have to stack the deck with sufficient progressive drones to ensure that my ideology is rammed down everyone’s throat.” It takes little imagination to understand just what sort of “help” Van Haren will be providing any student that doesn’t get the right sort of change to promote.

Gutierrez is all for diversity too, but feels there should be closure and respect for the electoral process.

‘If we can’t teach them the right way it’s supposed to work, then we are really just letting our kids down,’ Gutierrez said. ‘My heart goes out to the kids because they’re confused still about the issue.

There’s no real confusion here, Ms. Gutierrez. This is all about judging people on the color of their skin, their race, and/or their fealty to certain political beliefs. In the case of Principal Van Haren, one can’t have too many whiteys, regardless of whether their peers of all colors voted for them.

Once upon a time we had a word that describes that: racism.