Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.49.02 PMProgressives are certain that all cultures are equivalent. They are even more certain that American culture is inferior to virtually any they would care to name, and certainly Muslim culture, the culture of the “religion of peace,” is superior to American culture. Such is the culture of the Palestinians, people who teach their children to hate and kill from birth, people who murder their daughters, wives and female relatives for imaginary violations of family honor, people whose culture embraces rape and the brutalization of women, people who gladly murder anyone not of their religion–and quite a few of their religion–people who live to murder other human beings.

Gentle readers, you may have dared to think that President Obama has already become as feckless and stupid as it was possible for any human being to be in his dealings in the Middle East. I regret to inform you we haven’t seen anything yet, as Fox News reports:  

The Obama administration is under pressure to help calm the growing violence in Israel which has some warning of a third intifada, as Israel’s military steps up its response to deadly Palestinian attacks by deploying hundreds of troops.

Oh really? “Under pressure?” From whom, pray tell? I doubt the Israelis want to see John Kerry lecturing them, so of course, guess who Mr. Obama is sending:

Amid the unrest, Secretary of State John Kerry just announced plans to visit the region, and has spoken with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

‘We’re working on trying to calm things down,’ he said Tuesday during an event at Harvard University. ‘And I will go there soon at some point appropriately and try to work to re-engage and see if we can’t move that away from this precipice.

If Kerry maintains his usual diplomatic brilliance, he’ll start by arming the Palestinians with nuclear weapons.

credit: nationalreview

credit: nationalreview

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest also cited that visit Wednesday when asked what President Obama is doing to address the crisis, saying Kerry will travel ‘in the near future.’ He said the visit underscores the ‘continuing deep concern’ the U.S. has and urged both sides to take ‘affirmative steps’ to calm tensions.

Well, that certainly sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Both sides taking “affirmative steps to calm tensions”? Let’s review:

Joseph's Tomb Ablaze

Joseph’s Tomb Ablaze

It is the Palestinian leadership that is spreading lies about Israeli actions and intentions on the Temple Mount, and actively, directly encouraging Palestinians to murder Jews. They’ve claimed that the Israelis murdered a 13-year old Palestinian shot during a knife attack on Jews; the boy is recuperating in an Israeli hospital. Acting like good little terrorist barbarians, Palestinians are now gleefully engaged in murdering Jews whenever and wherever they can, by knife, motor vehicle, gunshot, and rocks. Palestinians also, acting in the best Muslim tradition–peacefully, of course–set fire to the tomb of Joseph.  Are Jews randomly targeting Palestinians? No. Is the Israeli government carrying out military raids against Palestinians? No. Is Benjamin Netanyahu spreading lies and inciting Israelis to kill Palestinians? No.

It therefore seems to me, simple English Teacher and non-“smart diplomacy” diplomat I am not, that only one side of this newest conflict can actually take “affirmative steps,” such as refraining from lying, ceasing inciting racial hatred and murder, and stopping murdering innocent people. I admit that I am not nearly as sophisticated as John Kerry, nor as nuanced, but when people are trying to murder you, the burden for stopping the murder attempts pretty much falls to them, or so I, in my simple way, think.

Yet the State Department under both Hillary Clinton and now Kerry so far has been unable to push forward the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Relations between Obama and Netanyahu remain as chilly as ever — particularly after the Iran nuclear deal put them on opposite sides of the debate — and it’s unclear how much sway the administration still has in the volatile region.

Kerry may be hoping his personal touch can help bring both sides together as tensions reach a critical point.

Ah yes, the vaunted Hillary Clinton, whose efforts accomplished so much! Of course, when one side—the Palestinians—exist for the sole purpose of murdering every Jew–if their founding charter can be believed, and if their daily pledges to murder every Jew can be believed–and when they won’t back away from that quaint goal, even rhetorically, it tends to be a bit hard to achieve peace, unless it would be the peace of the grave for Jews. Making it harder is the fact that the brilliant Hillary “Reset” Clinton, and the even more brilliant John “I Never Met A Murderous Tyrant I Didn’t Embrace” Kerry, are incapable of demanding that the Palestinians behave in a somewhat less bloodthirsty, genocidal manner, nor would they so much as think of taking away the billions America gives them each year.

Tuesday was among the bloodiest days so far, as a pair of Palestinian stabbing and shooting attacks in Jerusalem killed three Israelis and another two attacks took place in the normally quiet Israeli city of Raanana. Three Palestinians, including two attackers, were also killed.

On Capitol Hill, U.S. lawmakers urged a stronger response from the administration.

‘I stand behind Israel’s fundamental right to defend itself and its people from violence and terror,’ Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., said in a statement. ‘Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his government have an obligation to stop these attacks, to cease the harsh rhetoric that incites them, and to negotiate in good faith for a peaceful resolution.

He added, ‘It is imperative that the United States continue to ensure that Israel has the resources [it] needs to enhance its security and meet these threats.’

Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., said ‘it is critical that the Obama administration and Congress press Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas … to act decisively to end the growing wave of Palestinian violence and return to bilateral peace negotiations with Israel.

Hmm. Perhaps if we cut off the financial pipeline to the Palestinians, unmistakably told them to knock it off and really live in peace, and made it clear that if they did not, we would use our military, without restraint, to give them no alternative, that might have a positive effect on the Palestinians murderous mindset? Short of that, it’s rather hard to imagine any of the efforts of such nuanced worthies as Kerry will do more than amuse the Palestinians and disgust the Israelies.

John Kirby credit:

John Kirby

State Department spokesman John Kirby on Tuesday put out a statement condemning ‘in the strongest terms today’s terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.’

He said the U.S. stresses the importance of ‘condemning violence and combating incitement” and is in ‘regular contact’ with both governments. ‘We remain deeply concerned about escalating tensions and urge all sides to take affirmative steps to restore calm and prevent actions that would further escalate tensions,’ he said.

Concerned, to be sure, but not so concerned as to bring real pressure to bear on the people entirely responsible for the lack of peace. “Oh, but those Israelis are oppressing the poor Palestinians!” Right. That would be the Palestinians the Israelis supply every day with electricity, water and sewer services? The Palestinians that, when they are wounded by Israelis practicing self-defense, are admitted—for free—to Israeli hospitals for treatment?

There is one very simple thought experiment that clarifies the situation: If the Palestinians lay down their arms and murderous intentions, the result? Peace. If the Israelis lay down their arms? Genocide.

It’s unclear what the U.S. message involves beyond those appeals.

Pressed repeatedly at Tuesday’s briefing on what U.S. officials are doing and saying about the crisis, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Kerry is urging both sides to condemn violence and combat incitement. But he would not elaborate beyond saying that the U.S. is delivering the same message to the Israelis and Palestinians. The only specific item he mentioned was that Kerry is stressing the ‘importance of upholding the status quo in word and in deed at Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount.

Unclear? Drawing moral equivalence between the Palestinian murderers and the Israelis makes the “U.S. Message” more than clear. The Israelis are inciting no one and are committing no violence. And it is the Israelis that are upholding the status quo. It is Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that is screaming that Jews should not defile the Temple Mount with their “filthy feet,” as the Israelis have noted:

Israeli Cabinet minister Yuval Steinitz said the current conflict had less to do with political differences and more with anti-Semitic incitement to create a religious war. He quoted Abbas’ recent statement where he blessed ‘every drop of blood spilled for Allah’ and said Jews desecrated a Jerusalem holy site with their ‘filthy feet.

Of course, what more can we expect of an American administration that cannot even identify our Islamist terrorist enemies, that has banished the means to identify them–the very words–from our military training and briefings, that calls Islamist terrorist attacks “workplace violence,” and that works with Iran to ensure they’ll get nuclear weapons?

I’m sure Mr. Kerry will handle this situation with the skill, brilliance and acumen he has so manifestly demonstrated with the Iran deal, in Libya, Yemen, Syria and the rest of the world. How many more will die before January, 2017 due to the criminal stupidity and arrogance of the Obamites?

NOTE: You might also want to read Andrew McCarthy’s take on this at National Review Online. John Hinderaker at Powerline also has worthy information on the idiotic State Department spokesman’s John Kirby’s blatherings. It’s oh-so-nuanced.