The first Democrat debate of 10-13-15 proved ten–OK, there are certainly more–unmistakable realities:

(1) Republicans and Democrats debate for entirely different purposes and obtain entirely different results. Republican voters may favor a given candidate or candidates, but debates matter to them. A poor performance, or a particularly good performance, can and does change minds. Democrats anoint a messiah, and debates serve only as vehicles of mass adulation, means of displaying the glory and majesty of their messiah and of Democrat intellectual and moral superiority over the drooling masses.

(2) Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee. She was going to be the nominee before she took the stage. She could beat an elderly nun to death with a baseball bat, steal the cookies of a troop of 5-year old Girl Scouts and throttle a litter of cuddly puppies on live TV and Democrats would blame George W. Bush, Republicans in general, cry “vast right-wing conspiracy,” and call it all a distraction. If she is indicted and convicted, she will be the nominee. If the National Enquirer is right and she dies between now and the election, the Democrats will prop up her corpse on a wheeled cart—it will be impossible to tell the difference between her appearance now and then–and she will be the nominee.

Remember: she said Republicans were her enemies. A presidential candidate branded at least half of the electorate her enemy. If the Republicans don’t run ads with that video clip from now until November, 2016, they’re even more deserving of the appellation: the stupid party.

(3) Bernie Sanders can win most, even all of the early states, but that won’t matter. Hillary Clinton will be the nominee.

(4) The other Democrat candidates—such as they are—fear and abhor the Clintons, but will do absolutely nothing to anger them.

(5) If Hillary Clinton is elected, it will not only be a third Obama term, it will be worse, far, far worse.

(6) Republicans, when allowed to speak on a topic other than Donald Trump, actually try to discuss the issues. Democrats—all Democrats without exception, viciously attack Republicans, and try to outdo each other in promising free stuff and turning America into a socialist worker’s paradise, while avoiding discussing the substance of any truly contentious issue.

(7) Hillary Clinton is a holy warrior for the middle class and will improve their lives immeasurably, even though she was an integral co-architect of the policies that have cut their income and all but destroyed the American economy.

(8) Joe Biden is superfluous. The only way he can possibly win the nomination is if Barack Obama fully unleashes the DOJ on Clinton and she is actually, successfully prosecuted for her crimes. Even then, it probably wouldn’t be enough.

(9) Black lives matter. Screw Whitey, and Asians, Hispanics and everybody else.

(10) The Democrat Party is now, officially, entirely and publically socialist. Socialism, according to the cardboard cutouts on the Las Vegas stage, is all about big government, massive income redistribution, huge tax increases, particularly on the wealthy, blowing trillions on climate change, giving illegal immigrants entitlements and perks that natural born Americans can’t receive, and social justice, but is simultaneously for the middle class and small business. One need not be a genius to see that when those mutually exclusive principles clash, big government will win.



Hillary Clinton: “ I never took a position on Keystone until I took a position on Keystone.”




Bernie Sanders: “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your [Clinton’s] damned e-mails.”


Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Democrat (I know; I repeat myself) Punditocracy: Clinton. Most vocal Democrat Grassroots: Sanders. The other three are so awful, even Hillary and Bernie look nearly competent by comparision.

It was truly a bizarre and painful spectacle. I won’t subject you, gentle readers, to the agony I endured, so I’ll keep my comments as brief as possible. In truth, it’s not hard to summarize the content. The candidates fell all over each other to promise more and more free stuff, and higher taxes, particularly on the wealthy, while simultaneously portraying themselves as the best friends small business and the middle class ever had. That the middle class will end up taking it in the neck in tax increases to pay for all the free stuff is obvious to anyone with any economic sense. None of them were onstage in Las Vegas Tuesday night.

What are they for? Free Obamacare and in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants. Bankrupting the world to fight climate change, which most of them think to be the most serious national security threat we face. Fighting income inequality; they didn’t say exactly how they’d do that, but again, huge tax increases, government regulation, etc. is the only possible way to fund their profligacy.   Mandatory paid family and parental leave, and an anti-gun agenda that would put all previous efforts to shame, including banning “assault weapons,” “background check” schemes, closing the non-existent “gun show loophole,” and in general brutalizing the law abiding. Oh yes, they want America to follow the lead of Denmark, Sweden and Norway in economics. None of them seem to know that those small nations have been backing away from socialism as fast as they can in recent years, because the reality of socialism has finally caught up with them.

Hillary Clinton:

Did you know she’s the granddaughter of a factory worker? She’s just like us! She made sure to tell us several times. Her hair, makeup and wardrobe people aren’t paid enough and should be working in Hollywood on sci-fi films. She almost looked lifelike and her newly acquired smile program didn’t reveal massive wrinkles or cracks. Her hideous cackling laugh did make an appearance later in the debate. The Clinton IT people have a lot of work to do on that code. In her opening statement, she spoke of the “opportunity posed by climate change to raise wages.” So the government taxing me to death to support greenie cronies of Democrats will raise my wages? Please Hillary, tell me more of this magic!

Chafee on the right. He didn't look better later. credit:

O’Malley left, Chafee on the right. Chafee didn’t look better later.

Lincoln Chafee:

I felt sorry for him. He had a horrible, Halloween pumpkin grin plastered on his face, and opened by attacking Bush/Cheney, bowing at the alter of climate change, and observing, as he would many times, that he had no scandals in his long political career. That might have been taken as a glancing attack at Hillary, but there was no direct connection and he didn’t back it up. Based on his performance, I have no idea why he is in the race. His poll numbers would seem to agree with me. Oh yes: he’s granite. He said so many times.

Martin O’Malley:

O’Malley assured us he was a lifelong Democrat, and praised Barack Obama’s economic policies that have done so much to so many. He was big on “marriage equality” (give the gays whatever they want and praise them for being so brave), raising the minimum wage, fighting “economic injustice (massive income redistribution and tax increases), and, of course, fighting climate change. As with Chafee, I have no idea why he’s in the race, and he is doing even worse than Chafee in the polls.

No, he didn't loosen up later. credit:

No, he didn’t loosen up later.

Jim Webb:

Whenever I’m seen him, he has seemed stiff and humorless. At least he was consistent in that last night. His delivery was halting and slow, and at times, he almost seemed drugged. He was all about social justice, “economic fairness” (redistribution/taxes), and portrayed himself as a friend of working people. You know, gentle readers, little people like us.

Bernie Sanders:

Somebody’s stereotypical crazy uncle. He spent most of the night frowning, or at least trying to radiate passion, and yelled a great deal. He absolutely hates the “Citizens United” decision because it lets people spend money as they please to support politicians. Of course, he didn’t mention that as long as rich folks support only Dems, it’s just fine. Climate change; CLIMATE CHANGE; CLIMATE CHAAAAAANGGGGE! He’d also like to free criminals from prison and take back government from a “handful of billionaires.” Like George Soros, Bill Gates and Tom Steyer, Bernie?



Sheryl Crow:

She sang an acapella version of the national anthem, but chose a key easily a third too high. Her higher register was thin and strained, which was a fitting prelude to much of what passed for a substantive debate to follow. Nice nostrils and shiny teeth, though.

SNIPPETS FROM THE CARNAGE: All depicted themself as saviors of the middle class, while shamelessly ignoring the reality that it is precisely Democrat policies that have badly damaged the middle class. But of course, progressives believe that when their flawless policies fail, it can only be because they haven’t been imposed long enough, hard enough, or not enough money has been spent. This crew wants to give it to us good and long and hard and then we’ll really see what progressivism can do!

Hillary: She’s a progressive who likes to get things done. Confronted by Anderson Cooper with her many flip flops, she adamantly insisted she was not a flip flopper and stands on her values and principles…which she didn’t enumerate…

Bernie: He’s a Democratic Socialist, which is apparently a guy who loves screwing the rich and redistributing income, just like the Scandinavians. When asked if he was a capitalist, he couldn’t bring himself to directly answer.

Hillary: Portrayed herself as the absolute salvation of small business, but she’s going to “reign in the excesses of capitalism.” You know, like Barack Obama who said that at some point we’ve made enough money. Hillary wants to tell us where that point is.

O’Malley: When Anderson Cooper used Marilyn Mosby to attack his record in Maryland, he sounded almost Republican in his pride over establishing law and order in Baltimore. Not so much anymore…

Bernie: He bragged about an NRA D- rating, and pretty much wants to ban and regulate everything–except criminals, and wants anyone to be able to sue gun companies for criminal misuse of their lawful products. Hillary, the same, but attacked Bernie nastily on this one. Bernie, you see, is too soft on guns. As threads of this issue ran through the rest of the debate, Bernie, upon occasion, almost sounded rational, and was attacked by all for that unforgivable sin.

O’Malley: Bragged about passing gun laws and did an Obama with a set of prop parents in the audience. It was the couple whose daughter was killed in the Aurora theater massacre. They sued an Internet ammunition dealer, and lost fair and square under the law and were hit with reasonable attorney’s fees, which is somehow a travesty because GUNS!

Webb: Focused on the mental illness aspect of the issue, actually argued for the right to self-defense, and nearly sounded rational. In a very real sense, he’s a representative of a Democrat party that hasn’t actually existed for years.

Chafee: NRA EVIL! That’s why we can’t pass gun laws all Americans want!



Clinton: She observed that she and her pals got “a lot of business done with Russia.” Yes. She sold Putin half of America’s uranium. I suspect the FBI is finding out about more of that “business” as I write this. She would stand up to Putin and applauded Obama because he talks to Putin. Democrats always think that the mere act of talking with deadly enemies is a magnificent, historic accomplishment in and of itself. She would absolutely tell Putin that his actions in Syria are unacceptable. That oughta do it.

Bernie: War bad. No troops. No war. But coalitions good! No unilateral actions in the world by the U.S. Unilateral bad.

O’Malley: Bush lied. No WMD in Iraq (others repeated that one as holy writ). Obama good.

Clinton: O’Malley a friend. She was often unbelievably loud. In fact, her mic was noticeably louder than the other candidates. Must be a coincidence. The Clinton News Network wouldn’t do a trick like that, would they? She was also very strident, and Cooper often had to repeatedly tell her to shut up when she ran overtime.

Dana Bash and some Hispanic guy named Lopez–I think–who speaks with a noticeable accent: Token blonde–sorta–white woman and Hispanic guy. They each got to ask two or three questions later in the debate. What were their names again…?

Webb: Sounded rational, which was like garlic to a vampire when he observed that China is a serious threat to our national security.

Bernie: In full crazy uncle mode, he said: “I think Putin is going to regret what he’s doing.” He also observed that he thinks Putin is regretting what he did in Crimea and Ukraine. I’m sure Vladimir, appreciating Mr. Obama’s flexibility, is wracked with regret on a daily basis. Poor guy probably hasn’t a good night’s sleep in ages. Seldom is such undisguised delusion on public display.

Clinton: Asked if she should have seen Benghazi coming, she observed that Obama was right, and in a bizarre comment in the “what difference, at this point, does it make” class, sagely observed that diplomats are always in “danger and risk.” Cooper, who asked some reasonably difficult questions, didn’t follow up at all. He let Clinton get away with murder throughout the night.

Clinton Again: Far into the debate, Cooper finally got around to the e-mails, and Clinton trotted out several programmed lines. She took responsibility (which for a Clinton, is never accompanied by consequences), she’s transparent, whatever she did was “allowed,” it’s all a vast right wing conspiracy–McCarthy [that idiot] said so, and it’s all a distraction, followed by her best evil robot laugh. I actually got chills. Not from her lies, but from the laugh. Scary.

O’Malley: Wants to make America 100% clean electric by 2050. We can do it! Oh, and shut up already about the e-mails and FBI and stuff.

Clinton: Barack Obama is a great moral leader on race, and she said it with a straight face. She has values and principles–and results–but didn’t enlighten the audience with what any of them might be.

All of Them: There is no immigration freebie, or outrage they don’t embrace. They want “comprehensive immigration reform,” which obviously would amount to throwing open the borders to anyone and utterly abandoning the rule of law. That, and giving away the treasury to illegal immigrants.

Hillary: She attacked Republicans for daring to enforce immigration law, and she vowed to go far beyond Obama’s executive edicts.

Webb: Poor guy. He tried for a bit of applause, but said he wouldn’t misuse executive orders and wanted to support the Constitution and work with Congress. He waited for an audience response. Not even crickets were chirping among this crowd. I guess he forgot that the Democrats are the folks that threw God off their platform. If God can’t get any respect, did he really think the Constitution and self-restraint would?

Hillary: She’s not an insider (I almost choked on my Caffeine-Free Coke Zero)! In fact, there can be “no better outsider than the first woman president of the United States,” which of course, produced raucous cheers. Well of course! Who is more foreign than more than 50% of the population?


I apologize, gentle readers. It was painful to write. I hope it was a bit less painful to read. I’ll be having nightmares, I’m sure…that horrible, robotic cackle and wild eyes…

Near the end, they were asked to identify their enemies. I’m sure Cooper wanted to give them a softball they could bat out of the park. It backfired, and could give Republicans marvelous ammunition against Hillary. I have little doubt, however, the stupid party will be too stupid to use it.

Chafee’s enemy? Coal. O’Mally’s? The NRA. Sanders? Drug companies. Webb? The Vietcong that nailed him with a grenade (but he got him, heh, heh, heh). Clinton: The NRA, drug and insurance companies, oh yes, and Republicans.

Hillary Clinton called about 50% of the nation’s population her enemy. That’s a gift that can, and should, keep on giving. Now we see if the stupid party can recognize it, and use it.

This debate demonstrated primarily that Chafee, Webb and O’Malley have less than no chance. They gained nothing, and probably lost a great deal. I can’t imagine how their funding sources won’t dry up rapidly within the next few weeks.

On the other hand, the supporters of Sanders and Clinton are doubtless very pleased, and none of them have changed their minds. If they liked either of them before the debate, they like them, perhaps with a bit more intensity, afterward.

The ultimate lesson of the debate was that the Democrat party is now farther to the left than at any time in American history. They want to transform America into some other nation, but don’t know enough about history, economics and contemporary international reality to know just want they’re trying to transmogrify us into. They absolutely cannot be trusted with national security and are going to nominate a woman whose attitude to our nation’s vital secrets is horrifyingly casual.

Say what you will about the Republican candidates, but they have a large number of serious, thoughtful, and trustworthy people. The Democrats have Hillary. What about Bernie? The Dems will string him along, but he hasn’t a prayer of getting the nomination. They’re serious about winning elections.

Biden? It’s probably too late. Perhaps he’s been around Obama so long that he too believes his own bullshit. Perhaps he thinks he can jump in whenever he likes and cruise to acclaim and victory. Perhaps he’s right, but at the moment, it’s hard to see how.

These are not good days for the republic.