credit: reuters

credit: reuters

A picture is worth a thousand words. Read their expressions and body language. Barack Obama believes he’s Putin’s moral and intellectual superior. He’s fully prepared to lecture about the moral arc of history and tell Mr. Putin that his actions are unsustainable and bound to fail. Vladimir Putin knows Mr. Obama is a helpless narcissist and weakling, and is fully prepared to taunt him publically and do whatever he pleases, secure in the knowledge that Mr. Obama is all about rhetoric and incapable of meaningful action on behalf of America, civilization and America’s allies.

Mr. Obama wants to “transition” Syria’s Assad out of Syria and establish a utopian Syrian Government. Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria have no such intention. Who will win? Dear, dear, who will win? It’s so puzzling.

One day, an adult, an adult that loves America and takes seriously his—or her–obligation to defend her and freedom, will occupy the Oval Office. We will then, yet again, learn the horrible and bloody cost of defending liberty when it has been ignored for so long, when its enemies have been allowed to become confident and strong. We will have no choice.  But this time, we may lose millions in a single strike.

They that will not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.