It’s time once again to award yet another Louis Renault Award. Louis Renault, for those new to SMM, is the French police captain in the classic film Casa Blanca. Visiting Humphrey Bogart’s Rick’s Cafe, he claims to be “shocked, shocked!” that gambling is going on at Rick’s. Seconds after he expresses his shock, one of Rick’s employees hands him his gambling winnings, which he happily tucks away.

Today’s winners are those anti-liberty, gun grabbers who are shocked, shocked! to learn from 

Study Finds That Chicago Criminals Get Guns From Friends, Family

But how can this be? Everyone knows that we must have laws that require background checks at gun shows (we do) and during private gun transactions! If we don’t, there will be mass murder and chaos! Yeah. Not so much:

A survey conducted by researchers from Duke University and the University of Chicago found that Chicago criminals obtained their firearms almost exclusively from friends and family.

Chicago these days is pretty much the murder capital of America. Criminals have turned some portions of the city into an active war zone, and this despite some of the most draconian gun laws in the nation, a virtual paradise-like wish list of gun grabber legislation. Concealed carry by law-abiding citizens is all but impossible, yet criminals somehow, inexplicably, unexpectedly, manage to obtain and carry guns.

The survey, funded by the Joyce Foundation and set to be published in the October edition of Preventive Medicine, consisted of interviews with 99 inmates at Chicago’s Cook County Jail who had illegally possessed a gun within six months of their incarceration. It found that most criminals only acquired guns from people they knew and trusted.

‘It is rare for offenders to buy from licensed dealers, and also rare for them to steal their guns,’ the study says. ‘Rather, the predominant sources of guns to offenders are family, acquaintances, fellow gang members—which is to say, members of their social network.’

The study found that due to fears of encountering undercover police officers attempting sting operations, a large majority of the criminals surveyed would only make illegal gun purchases from people they knew. ‘In discussing the underground gun market in their neighborhoods, most respondents emphasized the importance of connections—prior relationships that could create sufficient trust to reassure the seller that the transaction would not create an unacceptable legal risk,’ the survey says. ‘A majority of the primary guns (40 of the 48 for which we have detailed information on the source) were obtained from family, fellow gang members, or other social connections; the fraction is still higher for secondary guns.’

‘Only 2 of the 70 primary guns (3%) and no secondary guns were reported as purchased directly from a gun store.

For those that have been paying attention, those with experience, and those willing to be convinced by the truth as opposed to faith in progressive orthodoxy, none of this is surprising. My police experience exactly reflects the survey results. But what about evil “assault weapons,” which everyone knows are the favored weapons of criminals, and in widespread use everywhere?

Tavor semiautomatic rifle credit:

Tavor semiautomatic rifle

The survey also found that criminals preferred handguns by a wide margin. Rifles, shotguns, and firearms that would be classified as ‘assault weapons’ under Illinois law made up a small percentage of the guns criminals reported they had owned. Additionally, the survey found that criminals kept their firearms for only a short period of time and had little knowledge of firearms.

Long guns of all kinds are used in only a tiny portion of all crimes, a fact that has been true for as long as competent statistics have been kept. Actual assault rifles have no place in these statistics, but so-called “assault weapons,” which are commonly black, military-looking semi-automatic rifles, are implicated in only a fraction of the tiny portion of long guns involved in crime.

The researchers noted that the findings may challenge what many believe about how criminals obtain firearms.

Really? I’m shocked, shocked!

Some of the pathways people are concerned about don’t seem so dominant,’ Harold Pollack, co-director of the University of Chicago’s Crime Lab and co-author of the survey, told the Chicago Sun-Times.

By that, Pollack means that criminals, being criminals and all, very seldom obtain firearms through lawful means. They don’t patronize gun shows, and they don’t buy them from people they don’t know and trust, meaning they buy them only from other criminals who also obtain their weapons in illegal ways. This is what one might expect of criminals because they’re criminals and that’s what criminals do because they’re criminals who do criminal things, like commit crimes in criminal ways with other criminals.

Of course, that’s not the point for progressive gun grabbers. They don’t find such information convincing. In fact, to them, it’s irrelevant. There is more than sufficient proof of this apart from this study, but gun control, or “common sense gun safety,” or whatever they’re calling it today, has nothing to do with safety or with common sense, and certainly nothing to do with making life difficult for criminals.

Gun control, always, is about controlling the law-abiding. It’s about power over others. It is tyranny and nothing less. That’s what should be shocking.