RAMclr-090115-mtdebt-IBD-COLOR-FINAL-FINAL.gif.cms_As a prelude to his “historic”–if you don’t believe it, ask the media–trip to Alaska, Mr. Obama, by executive fiat, renamed Mt. McKinley. Mr. Obama has as little lawful authority to do that as he had in issuing most of his lawless executive orders, as The New York Sun observes: 

It’s a mystery to us where President Obama or his interior secretary, Sally Jewell, gets the authority to rename in Alaska a mountain whose name was ratified by Congress a century ago as McKinley. We can understand the Democratic Party’s interest, in that McKinley, a Republican, was a particularly fine President. He was, moreover, one of four presidents felled by an assassin. We can understand, too, the sentiments of Alaska, whose legislature has wanted to change the name. Where, though, does the president come off doing this by fiat?

Mr. Obama knows virtually nothing about history–he’s proved that whenever he tries to use a historical reference–but he knows, at least instinctively, that the power to name a thing defines a thing. It’s a power far beyond merely changing designations on a map.

The question begs for an answer in light of the fact that legislation has been before Congress to change the name, but the Congress has decided not to do so. If the Supreme Court has been clear about anything it has been that the failure of Congress to act doesn’t amount to license for the other branches to act. Congress, the law supposes, had its own good reasons for not acting. One of them no doubt is that McKinley was from Ohio, which, given that Mount McKinley National Park is the locale of said mountain, has its own standing.

If Mr. Obama can change the names of mountains with the scribble of a pen, what is beyond his reach? Perhaps Chicago would best be renamed “Barack Hussein Obama City?” Wouldn’t “Obamaville” be a snappier name for New York City, or perhaps one of the names in the various eastern Indian languages would make more sense? And why not christen Pike’s Peak “Michelle’s Peak?” For that matter, why can’t he rename any one of us or our children or pets to better harmonize with environmental or ethnic correctness? He has no less authority than he had to rename Mt. McKinley.

President McKinley credit: whitehouse.gov

President McKinley
credit: whitehouse.gov

In any event, let us raise a salute to Wm. McKinley. From his front porch in 1896, he ran one of the most remarkable campaigns in American history, defeating the Democrat, William Jennings Bryan, who ran for the free coinage of silver — a campaign of inflation — by attacking the Jews. It was one of the few anti-Semitic campaigns in American history. McKinley defeated it handily and gained passage in 1900 of the Gold Standard Act, which set the stage for the great boom of the 20th century. It’s a monument as majestic as the peak of Denali.

The act, of course, is an abuse of power, a raw and ugly glorification of his majesty, Barack Hussein Obama who may work his whims as he wills. Who will stop him? It’s an insolent, gleeful and jeering kick in the testicles before witnesses–the American people–to the Congress, whose leaders he knows as weaklings and fools who, though in the majority, can’t work up the manhood or political will to accomplish anything of significance for the conservatives that gave them that majority, and who, with barely a whimper of protest, allow Mr. Obama to urinate on the separation of powers, rendering Congress impotent and useless, a body of con men, swindlers, flatterers and whiners.

And then there are the Democrats, most of whom engage in, as Shakespeare noted in Julius Caesar, “base spaniel fawning,” as they put Mr. Obama’s horrific Iran deal, his foreign policy legacy over the national security of America and our allies. There aren’t words that adequately express the disgust and revulsion of patriotic Americans for such people.

Then there are Vladimir Putin, the Chinese, the Cubans, the North Koreans, and the mad mullahs of Iran. They have Mr. Obama’s number and know him for a weakling and fool. They beat him like a rented mule and know he’ll beg for more and praise himself for his brilliance in doing their will.

Compared to the damage Mr. Obama has done, and will do before leaving office, renaming Mt. McKinley is a small thing. Like many landmarks, it was commonly known by more than one name. But it is the symbolism of the act, Mr. Obama’s towering contempt for America, Americans, and the rule of law, and the resultant destruction, that we’ll not soon forget–or even begin to repair.