n oAs a young man, Barack Obama was a heavy drug user–a stoner–whose mentors were communists, race hustlers and people whose hatred of America was exceeded only by their hatred of Israel. He became a community organizer, a “job” he admitted he could not define for even his friends.

As a young man, Benjamin Netanyahu was a commando, fighting for liberty, democracy and the very survival of his nation and people. He has served his people and those ideals in equally important ways since.

Jerrold Nadler credit: buzzquotes.com

Jerrold Nadler
credit: buzzquotes.com

Mr. Obama recently wrote a letter to Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D, NY), a letter which Nadler–who certainly wanted to vote as Obama demanded–obviously felt provided sufficient political cover. Some excerpts from the letter:

The JCPOA, moreover, does not remove any of our options when it comes to preventing Iran from acquitting a nuclear weapon. As I have repeatedly emphasized, my Administration will take whatever means are necessary to achieve that goal, including military means. Should Iran seek to dash toward a nuclear weapon, all of the options available to the United States–including the military option–will remain available through the life of the deal and beyond. [skip]

I know that you and your colleagues have taken considerable time to think about these critical issues in the context of the JCPOA, and I think you for taking the time to so thoughtfully and comprehensively engage with me and members of my Administration on these matters of grave importance to U.S. national security. My team is fully prepared to continue this conversation in greater depth, and I look forward to our future discussions and thank your again for the support of the United States Congress in ensuring that our regional relationships are stronger than ever as we peacefully prevent Iran from Obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Anyone paying attention to the portions of the deal already revealed know that Mr. Obama was lying to Rep. Nadler, which raises the question of whether Rep. Nadler is a fool, or whether he is content to be deceived, thinking Mr. Obama can somehow protect him from the consequences of that vote.

How do we know Mr. Obama is lying? The portions of the deal that have been made public make clear that it obligates the United States to help Iran avoid sabotage, including physical and cyber attempts. If use of the American military were ever “on the table,” why would Mr. Obama agree to help Iran neutralize our own military and intelligence agencies? If America is now allied with Iran to protect its nuclear program, against whom is that alliance directed? The one nation in the region that could significantly set back, even destroy, Iran’s designs: Israel.

Israel’s Dilemma

Keep in mind gentle readers, that we do not know every facet of the deal, to say nothing of the two (at least) secret “side” deals between Iran and the IAEA. It would not be unreasonable to believe those “secret” deals, which are supposedly secret even from Mr. Obama, put the US even more in Iran’s corner. Certainly, Israel, if it has not already obtained the secret information, would have to believe the worst.

Trying to placate Barack Obama, Israel has been forced to allow the window where Iran’s nuclear program could be stopped by conventional weapons to close. It is now clear to Israel, rational congressmen and senators, and realistic Americans that Mr. Obama is not Israel’s friend, and will do nothing to stop Iran’s nuclear schemes. It has long been known that Mr. Obama has, in the past, threatened to order American airmen to attack Israel warplanes should they attack Iran, and Mr. Obama’s virulent, unhinged hatred for Mr. Netanyahu is no secret at all. In addition, Israel knows that if it launched a conventional attack against Iran, Iran’s Hezbollah proxies would begin a rain of rockets and missiles on Israel, which the Iron Dome system could not hope to stop. In such a case, Mr. Obama would cut off military supplies to Israel, resulting in thousands of deaths of Israelis, and forcing Israel to resort to nuclear weapons.

The Iranians have had more than enough time to dig their facilities underground and into mountains, such that even America’s most powerful bunker-busting bombs could not harm them. Israel has lesser conventional capabilities. However, the pre-emptive use of a limited number of nuclear weapons against Iran–and probably Hezbollah–could set back Iran’s nuclear weapon program for years, and could so damage its military capabilities as to avoid an actual war. It is the kind of fast, surgical strike at which Israel excels.

Mr. Obama and the United Nations would, of course, go berserk, but the Israelis surely have come to the understanding that Mr. Obama is a far more destructive ally than enemy. His foreign policy legacy destroyed, Mr. Obama would be certain to try to harm Israel any way he could, but Israel could weather that temporary storm if its most vicious and effective enemies were crippled for at least that long if not longer. This is, for Israel, a matter of survival, and Barack Obama will be out of office in less than two years. With its two most deadly enemies crippled, perhaps Israel’s neighbors would no longer feel the need to pursue nuclear weapons, and relations with America can be patched up when a president interested in upholding American interests and support America’s allies is in office.

John Bosma, writing in The American Thinker, explains the issue.  His background enables him to grasp technical details unavailable to the proprietor of this scruffy little blog.

By all means, read the entire article and consider the horror of it. Not the horror that an apocalyptic, genocidal, terrorist Iran–and its Hezbollah proxy–will be severely damaged and many innocent lives lost, but the horror that Barack Obama has knowingly pushed Israel into this nuclear corner with the choice of doing nothing or facing genocide.

Keep in mind too that Mr. Obama has been forcing competent, honorable officers out of the military for years. I suspect he has been doing his best to put the kind of people in positions of leadership he can count on to order their soldiers, airmen and Marines to attack Israel. I pray that most of those military members would refuse such orders, but some, out of the ingrained habit to follow orders, or because they are as corrupt as those that would issue such orders, will do it.

These, gentle readers, are the fruits of smart diplomacy.